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I don quixote an unfair world
Where the demons of evil
Plans and conspires
To rule humans like slaves
I am still alive and fighting forward
Across all the continents
Against these giants of darkness!
I am the legendary knight
My name is synonymous with struggle
Always with the right  cause
Beyond my fifty thousand years
I admit my face is sad
Because there is so much injustice
Wise ones can understand    
Nobody could be joyful in a such case
Faced with what is happening here down
I'm still alive and forward to the fight
Riding my imaginary rosinante
With or without my faithful Sancho Pansa
With all the braves our faith is up
Always believe that the light
Will overcome the darkness
The truth always conquers the lie
Fight is eternal proof that we live
Only the deads accept despotism and failure  
I am the great torch of resistance
Symbol of everyday life
The light is fighting every day
Against the dark shadows of the evil plot
Under other lights of sun and skies
I am known as Don Quixote
I can get out in any soul fighter
So i was in south africa& North Africa
Where i made my pilgrimage
Long before the birth of children
I fought in latin america
Where i had an another birth
And even in Vietnam next to General Giap
I'm always  on the side of oppressed people
i absolutly  believe that men are born free
The dominants are always the oppressors
Now i am the global fighter
Finally I am the soul of any fighter
who fight for freedom and justice
He never had a gun
like James Bond has one
German made
named walther Just like
In a black and white movie
A gun ! But why?
Let's say to break the dream
Who is in the child's head
Or else it will **** him
Watch out, Jim will **** the dream he had
He told her, please love me
Or he'll **** this lovely kid dream
Of course like a child he is kidding
Killing is a dangerous game
But in an American movie it's the norm
Now he feels so lonely tonight
It is as cold here as death!
Even Marcello the cat left the house
He felt sadness in his soul
And he said nobody loves me
except my father but my father is dead
No one knew he was his pretty dream
Selma's eyes were her savior
Now all he needed was love
have a dream like his father's
a dream that is true as on a screen
where light is the material of the dream
White like the smile of a movie star
Stop the rain that is a romantic face!
No more drink, a smile is enough for the ride
When he sees her white smile
before the hero kisses her
it's just the moment when
the music is going crescendo to this end
the light was important for the movie
as the dream was vital for his life !
in our dark nights shine,
accompany our dreams,
respond to songs
secrets of hearts ....
our cries are hiding
behind the waves
to immense noises
the poets cry
in their silences ...
the years go by
under the silent existence
our days are silent
an i love you is felt
by the look of an exploding heart
in the echo of the universe ...
in the spectacular party
billions of galaxies ...
mysterious mute is the note
traveler and pleasant
of the symphony of our life.
I dream and everything goes
Like in a movie
in my awakening
Or maybe  i am sleepping,
On the sreen of that dream
A beautiful and rebellious woman
With harmonious magique curves
That magique round show
My eyes  and soul are in delight
While  my heart  beats
And goes the drums
The music is rejoycing my being
Those vibrations move
Through the blood  veins
The dream sails  it boat
On waves of tenderness
That bohemian sea of love
My friend i should say it
I love you  and more  
And besides the love
the desire is stronger
Near my fleshly soul
My friend is a wonderful source
Where I will quench my thirst
My dream is a sweet feast
where I'll drown
My ultimate hunger
Goddess you remain
Always wonderful
Your dazzling charm
Writes the words in my head
I only fill  the blanc
With my  fingers hands
To say loudly the prodigious
Your face is like a sun
or equal in bright
I can only love you
Your light fascinates my eyes
I only want to dream
Those Cascading words for
The beautifull with double LL
That give wings to my soul
I fly on the clouds my kinder kingdom
I admire life here down the edge
Of the ****** land that awaits
The vapors of the blue sea
Heaven and his abondant rain
Which waters and fertilizes  
Only Words and still images
In the eyes of Southern kids
Who dream to see the generous sea
Which offers its condensed heat
a rain for the goddess of love!

I will wait for your ultimate light
Oh please ! Wonderful lighthouse
I am a lost sailor on my little boat
In the sea of ‚Äč‚Äčlove and desire
I ask for your help master light
Please save my lonely soul
All i am doing is I loving you
I have  a madly desire for your light
Wonderful Savior, master of light
He Never got his gun
like Bond got one
Of German made
Walther named
A gun ! what for?
Let say to stop the dream
He is inside my head
Or it shall kills him
Beware Jim's going ****
The dream he made
He told her, just love me
Or he will **** the dream
Like a kid i am just kidding
To **** is a dangerous game
But in a Us movie it is the norme
Now he feels so lonely tonight
It's cold like death, here
Even the cat left home
He felt the sadness inside me
Nobody loves me but my Dad died
They all know i was his nice dream
Selma's eyes were his saviour
All he needs is love to make
A dream come really true or so
On that white light like your smile
To stop the rain on my face !
No drugs just a smile for the ride
When i see your white smile
He will sing till the end of the dream!
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