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Diane K Nov 2019
She asked for closure so that she might begin to heal.

Instead he told her
he loved her.

And it hurt more.
Diane K Sep 2019
My house was built on sand.

When the high tides came
it was washed away.

Caught up in a riptide.
Struggling to stay afloat.
Further and further out into despair.

Black flags wave with no breeze.
Salty tears sting my eyes, blur my reality.

I'm drowning in sadness.

The surf crashes onto the shore leaving in its wake my tangled & twisted memories.
Constantly, endlessly, relentlessly, churning.
I've grown tired of fighting its pull.

You keep me submerged in the black cold waters.
Desperately clinging to what I once thought was true.
The love that once buoyed me now keeps me floundering.
I can no longer touch. I've become frightened.

Panicking to cling to something real, something tangible, something to hold.
We were real.
I think

Release me.

Maybe then I can find the strength to head toward shore.
Diane K Jul 2019
ripe for the picking.

She takes the bite, He closes his eyes to savor.
Tears stream down her face as her juices run down his.

He spits her out.

Diane K Jan 2019
the shadowy pusher shares much with the elusive lover

stays in the shadows using night as his cover

sweet things balled in his fist
promises of ecstasy
I jonesed for the tryst

his words are heady
his hands are steady
you lay ready
your hands are sweaty

like a needle in an addict's track
we spelled disaster
no looking back

a swallow, a hit, maybe some smoke
he doesn't deal with the whole

only the broke.
Diane K Jan 2019
I've never felt more alone
than I do inside my very own home.

If the goal was to break me
Why couldn't you have done it much more quickly?
Diane K Jan 2019
Keep looking you might find something that will leave you unsettled.
A text, a photo, perhaps even a letter.

False promises, empty proclamations,  a hollow vow to do better
Lies, craziness, a truly pointless endeavor.

Keep convincing me of what I already know. We're broken, we shattered and I don't much care whose at fault.
He's in my heart, she's in your vault.

"We'd be better friends than partners." You've  often exclaimed.
You offer to share equally yet its me holding the majority of blame.

That's really not true, its not how I feel.
You ruined us.
You're the one who broke the deal.
Flattened the wheel
Flat tired the heel
Threw up the Happy Meal
Slipped on the banana peel
Tangled the fishing reel
Ripped apart  the seal
Ordered the Veal

I'm at a standstill
I need to get off of the treadmill
My world has gone downhill
I'm an actress in my own life
see the playbill.
I play the role of an imbecile

You lay on our bed, sharing photos of your ****
honestly, I don't care you've become quite the *****.
You're really quite sick
No flame, no wick
No tock for my tick
You think your slick?
It's actually quite pathetic
tragic, chaotic
It's become my epidemic.

I don't hear any music
I don't  feel very poetic
I just feel you're a brick
leaving me frantic
and even worse
so very very very heartsick.
  Jan 2019 Diane K
Jamison Bell
She’ll curl up in the arms of the moon and wistfully think of her heart’s desire. Hoping to jumpstart a dream she hopes to one day live.
The smoke swirls about like mixed paint in the crepuscular rays of a new day. Time spins around me like my life is a game of musical chairs. Except I can’t hear the music.
My thoughts claw their way back to you. My whiskey drowned eyes swim in shadows of your face. As you smile that “love in spite of” smile. Letting me know I’d found something unconditional.
Her honeyed tongue runs over my heart and it forgets its own scars. Helpless to her touch my spirit floats off and I forget myself.
Find me in the corner of a memory once cherished before my words lost me. Revisit that place and time with me and hold me tight. I’m in pieces. If you let go.
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