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Douglas Williams Apr 2018
Is this the life you really want?
Meaningless meeting, awkward proceedings;
You cower behind your digital courage
In attempt to quench your thirst.

Is this the life you really want?
Bingeing a liquid just to prohibit:
Life, loneliness, and everything
From breaking down your door.


Where were you when he hit me?
Where were you when he touched me?
All these wounds they tear me down
And you insist to trust thee?

Overdoses, drugs, and ***
I'm comatose in my own skin
If you really are the vine,
Where has your lifeline been each time?

I'm reaching out into the darkness
Cause grasping sin is more than nothing
If you demand my love and trust,
Why are you so hesitant to show me something?
Douglas Williams Apr 2018
I've got flesh fueled desires
That don't fume under fire
They stay buried underneath my skin
Like dormant geysers;
Of sin and rejection
I'm busy with my complexion
While I'm rotting to the core with ignorant self-deception.
Douglas Williams Apr 2018
An error as my screen fades to darkness,
My life around me disappears.
But proof of my existence is harnessed
In the organs laid in my ears.
My drums are interesting instruments
They anchor to more than my brain
I would rather hear sound so dissonant
Than spectate a silent frame.

Rejoice! in my perspective so dreary,
For my consciousness has been saved.
Language and music my theory,
In life how love is portrayed.

— The End —