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Waynepatrick Dec 2018
The year is new and my plans are far
from few,
Love all those dear, hopefully face my fears,
Learn to say thank you,cause I know what it can do,
Bring more smiles,make my presence worth the while, make better choices,avoiding mistakes and doing all what it takes,
Distance from the fakes, find new chances and get in shape,
Listen more to what people say,carefully plan making the best of each day,
If I'm ready,find love and get on her best nerve,
Learn to be more open,make new friends again and again,
Finally be more mature cause after all it's my final year in my teens.
Welcome 2019.
Waynepatrick Apr 2019
If calamities make it a habit their visitations
That my bones should  creak and be weak
And from my seat I be kicked and cast to dust
When my jungle  becomes my zoo
Then be strong my heart don't be blue,
Fond of my state I'll grow, boldly i will welcome the blows
Forwards I shall proceed  strength is all I need,
For every low will come an high
I shall be fine through the passing of nights
It's always darkest before the dawn
But I will survive the fall.
Waynepatrick Nov 2018
No need for my name,simple is the game,
I can fulfill your dreams,all your mind can think of,
Power none can tame,riches that never wane,
Life with ceaseless smiles,jets that can go miles,
The world is so cold,I promise eternal heat,
Servants at your feet and all the food you can eat,
Pleasure at it's best,your heart will know rest,
But there is a catch,with something you must lose touch,
Your soul is all I need,from your grip it must fall,
For everything has a tag,so don't be mad,
The devil I've been called,come dive into my pond.
Waynepatrick Jul 2018
A single time composure besets my soul.
As if it  perceives it's complex lore,
But most of the times it is feigned,
Control of it I'm yet to gain.

Caprice then strikes,
My composure is thrown yonder,
Anxiety quickly kicks in,
As daffodils are heralds of spring,
So is sweat flowing on my skin as anxiety shows itself.
Indicating just what I'm in,
Bravery I once cannot yield,
I'm afraid my fate has been sealed,
One day I believe,all shall be well,
And of that day I will live to tell.
Waynepatrick Nov 2018
Never sacrifice comfort for someone's approval,
You can't appease all,by their validation you only rise to fall,
The gratification is short, furthermore nothing is got,
Be you,be true,do something new,
Don't let them tie your laces,don't be scared by their gazes,
By their sweet words you'll be held captive,and you be left with despair,
That's when you realise you shouldn't have cared.
Waynepatrick Oct 2018
He takes you for granted,
talks about how he almost wed his ex,
dares even to show you the threads,
you realize hes not who you expect,
i'm saying i could do better.

He asks but doesn't listen,
flirts with any girl that comes his way,
sometimes declines to pay,
one time he raised his hand,
then asks for forgiveness hoping you will understand,
i could do better.

He's not always there for you,
when the sad times you are going through,
he treats you like an object,
expects you not to object,
know that i wish you the best,
All i'm saying id that i could do better.
Waynepatrick Dec 2018
Remote and scattered thoughts
Pestilence that poisons my poetic mind
Wanting to write but having nothing to say
Holding a pen full of ink with words escaping on the other end
My linguistic harvest is exhausted
The creative mind is daunted
To be frank my pages are blank.
Waynepatrick Aug 2018
I heard they mocked that you are blind,
And claimed you were born with less of a mind,
If they despise you so much,why do they want to be you.

In their gardens strolling, they can't help but notice,
The blooming rose,jasmine,lily of the valley and the chocolate cosmos.
The frangipani and how it's fragrance intensifies at night attracting moth pollinators.
They do this with their eyes closed.

The kiss,a symbol of one's love for another,
Be it a mother, father, close friend or lover,
To feel it's utmost power,
Most do it with their eyes closed.

I see them in the dead of night,at the peak of passionate love making,
Aha!guess how their eyes are,
Definitely not open.

And the dreams, the dreams they have,
Be it a nightmare or not,
Both demand to have the eyes closed,
Surely this can't go opposed.

But perhaps the most compelling one of all,
Is how they pray to The Almighty,
Supplications poured unto Him,
With knees humbly fallen,
And eyes closed in their chants.

So tell me who is really blind,
The most beautiful moments are felt with the eyes closed,
And as for you,The Almighty deserved that you feel beauty to it's extreme,
Thus closed your eyes for eternity,
That,you,may be consumed in eternal beauty
Waynepatrick Dec 2018
You're all I need to make true this bliss
Population of two
You and I
With our gentle touch and burning match
We shall build a castle by the sea
Lay the foundation and cement it with our love
Then we shall seal it with a kiss
The moon will  shine for us
As we watch time pass
As we grow old together, with you beside me and I beside you
Our love be unfathomable to everyone except us
All I need is for you to take my hand
Let me lead you to bliss.
Waynepatrick Dec 2018
Sick of being on my knees,sick of missing the right key,
Of blaming the world and always deflecting the blame from me,
Not doing what I should have done,not allowing myself to have fun,
Being irresponsible and not practising what I preach,
Allowing myself to be ignorant and listening to the people who say I can't,
Tired of being this way,tired of feeling sorry for myself,
I promise to be better,I'll do my duties to the latter,
Not stutter in my deeds,not falling for these traps,
Disappointing those who believe in me,lying to those who trust me,
Being a coward when I should be brave,not giving what I should have gave,
Allowing distraction to occupy me,not abiding by my principles,
For all these I am to blame,I've learnt enough already,
I'm ready to make a change then up my game,
Whatever's at stake,I will take the steps,
However small or minute,I will no longer scream like a broken thing,
I am a brand new me.
Waynepatrick Dec 2018
Take me back to the glorious days,when the sun would always shine,
Pain was unknown, we loved playing in the rain,
Our heart knew no hate and we didn't care about fate,
Asking all the questions you had and think you had the  strongest dad,
Hunt for mobile games,ride in the shopping carts,
Wonder where babies came from and being amazed by airplanes,
Ask who made God and wonder why stars don't fall,
If only such days never met their end.
Waynepatrick Dec 2018
Decisions tailor our destiny,they are ingredients to life's recipe,
They sew each individuals fabric and do their awesome magic,
Fine choices bring rejoice,bad choices leaves regret,
It's all up to a person, the power lies on their hands,
Some are well versed in this deed,some make the worst,
Whatever is done,consequences will apply to everyone.
Waynepatrick Feb 2019
Come let us revel in our partaking, as we drift into the night love making,
The folds are drawn and the candles shimmer till dawn,
Owls cheers us on as you submit to my covetous hands,
Meshes no longer harbour my passion, lush thighs and lovely eyes,still I rise,
Whet the romance,let me break the chains,
Unending is the pace,splendid is the pleasure,
The measure is expanse, all you need is to come.
Waynepatrick Sep 2018
Once,thought I,it never can come to pass,
All this now I consider past,
Control of my life I continuously seize,
Though the going harden like stalactites,
My might,never can it bow,
Cease henceforth cease thoughts of despair,
Mine soul once could not bear,
Mild in manner I may be,
But from this fight I can never flee,
For whatever is silenced will be clammered to be heard,
No longer will I be a caged bird,
I am taking control of my life,
It is mine to define, it must adorn my adjectives,
In the obscureness of night my control does shine
Waynepatrick Nov 2018
If the sky had a face it would resemble you,
I'd crane my neck every time to glance and send a clue,
Of my ripe love and how it towers above to you,
I'd paint myself red at rise and set,
Blue at daytime would be my state,
I would wish a bird to be,
Eagerly I would wait for the rain as a token of my love,
But if you were the sky,the closer I'd want to come the further you would seem to run.
Waynepatrick Mar 2019
Now that you're gone and left
our soles torn,what are we to do,
it's not the same without you,you were fond of the sea,it's expanse and
how  fish were free,if I must keep you,
alive I'll tell the hills,for so long as they exist so will you,but you
don't know any of these,
our hearts were
strong but you
needed proof
may peace
engage you,
grief shall
Us in
our days.
Waynepatrick May 2018
Duchess of Cambridge's hair,
That makes everyone glare,
Cara Delevingne's face,
That all men seem to chase,
Emma Watson's hips,
And Kylie Jenner's lips,
Almost all girls want this.

This is the perception of beauty that most hold,
And into that,they are mould,
Misfits often termed unattractive,
A socially constructed notion taken as truth,
Especially by the youth.

But there is a side they do not tell you,
The pain,the needles,the depression they go through,
So please be happy as you are,
You are beautiful and like a star you shine,
Flaws make you unique,
You will find the happiness you seek.
Waynepatrick Oct 2018
A compound love makes my heart pound,
Light as hydrogen,it is sky bound,
Strong as titanium,difficulties don't weigh down,
Elastic as silicone,it finds its way back,
Reactive as francium,inhibitors can't make it crack,
Radioactive like uranium,it continuously goes on,
But most importantly, it beats for you alone,
This is our love's chemistry.
Waynepatrick Sep 2018
I am told by them that know,
Deep in the crust there rests the elixir of life,
It beholds great worth and lures wealth,
It beckons with it's Sweet toned and sustained voice ,
Often an experienced bargainer leaving no choice.
At it's bidding lives have been lost,
Ironic considering it life's elixir,
Many economies hinging on it's back,
No country can afford to lack,
Demanding and dictating it's presence,
Turmoil resides in it's absence,
Here's a dedication to petroleum,
The elixir of life
Waynepatrick Oct 2018
Here lays our love,
for all with beginnings have an end,
from a lover to a distant friend,
late night calls, through every rise and fall,
but now you are gone,
and I'm  left staring at my phone,
we made our debut and painted the sky with our hues,
we no longer have paint,every minute your image grows faint,
fare the well love,it was the one thing we could not have.
Waynepatrick Dec 2018
Single matches make explosions,let them choke on their lies,
You are not theirs to define,
You can't be undermined,not on your watch,
Insults can't ****,it's not a big deal,
Don't take everything to heart,you don't want to get hurt,
You are smart,you shall overcome,maintain your calm,
Never forget,you are who you profess.
Waynepatrick Nov 2018
Your eyes have the seeming of an angel,
Beaming with it's colour brown,
I wish I could hold you stare,but I wouldn't dare,
Lest I get lost in them,and I be left in the happiest frame,
They have a sort of pull,so hot then so cool,
If they are windows to your soul,I'd like to be the first to get that far,
To dissever such beauty and embrace it's entails,
Diligent of the least of details,
You have the loveliest of eyes,higher than the highest highs.
Waynepatrick Sep 2018
Silent giggles,subtle stares and occasional laughs,
All that because of a single flaw,
And I swear each reaction feels like a fatal blow,
Not all of them can be blamed,I heard someone say,
Some flaws are just too flawed not to look at,
How it is knowing that each day,
Comes with it's rebirth of fresh laughter,
And always it will be like that from cradle to grave,
I pretend to embrace them but Heaven knows how much I abhor this so called flaw.
Waynepatrick Dec 2018
Come take a stroll in my garden,along the dewy grass and winding paths,
Let's scale it's breadth,and admire it's beauty still,
I liken it to paradise,worthy of your bestowal of praise,
It's allure is great, come see it's state,
Better than the common run of gardens, it has the finest of flowers and fruits,
Walk by my side,let nature be our guide.
Waynepatrick Oct 2018
Gentle ladies admiration bring forth,
Pride,greed or lust they have not,
Mildness in their manners they manifest,
Always strive to be at their best.

Gentle ladies know better than to get used,
Tolerant they are not in those that abuse,
Like the birds,freedom they enjoy,
None musters the audacity to toy.

Gentle ladies already have goals,
In their achievements they stand tall,
Respect they ooze from pole to pole,
Without these they have naught.
Waynepatrick Apr 2019
You subject  wills to your rule,you dictate all the do's
Ink other's books,number the pages and decide what ensues,
You sculpt lives then structure lies all to satisfy your needs,
Ignoring those who bleed,making a mockery of their claims,
Right is yours to define, certain as can be,defiance births fines,
How corrupt you are,
Sanctioning the little good you posses while in the streets transparency you profess,
Betraying a fragile ego,selfishness and greed beyond degree,
Would that we knew,our expectations wouldn't have fallen on something new,
But only few know and many are blind to the core,
One day they many will see and on that day all your fears will come to be.
One day all will change
Waynepatrick Sep 2018
The teacher says:
Perhaps when I graduate,
Four years isn't long enough not to wait,
Find a well paying job,
Climb the ranks to the top,
Then maybe I will be happy.

Find a beautiful wife,
Mom says everyone needs a companion,
Children too,she says,attract happiness,
Whether one is in the east or west,
Maybe then I will be happy.

Partying, binge drinking, having fun without end,
"This is the formula" insists all of my friends,
I am reminded I only live once,
So while the tunes last,dance,
You never know,the next day,you could be no more.

Dad leans with the teacher on this one,
The preacher says to pray as often as I can,
Uncle says all that matters is family,
Another friend says all I need is money.

I didn't know happiness was this relative,
All I know is mine comes from poems.
Waynepatrick Jul 2018
There is nothing I could ever say or do,
To let you know how much I cherish you,
Millions of starts light up the sky,
One shines brighter I cannot deny,
A precious gift that nothing could buy,
I hope you are here to stay,
I'll carry your love through the days,
Together is the best way.

You are my waking thought,my sweet dream,
And everything in between,
I know I may be weird sometimes,
But what is life without those times.

This is the way I express myself fully,
See how I undress my heart hope you'll do the same,
So that we may swim in the deep blues,
So that I may become one with you.
Physical connection, well I crave more than just that,
I crave depth,
I yearn to know every inch of you beyond the surface.
This is definitely my purpose.
Waynepatrick May 2018
I said I'd never lose hope,
At  least that's what I thought until now.
I'm sullen with discomfort that all this I allow,

And I try to stem this tide without success,
A strange blend of heightened consciousness and dramatic
I can never plumb it's depth fully,
The steady drumrolls of stress I discount,hoping it goes away .
But I'm sure of one thing,
My hope is just but a lonely sentinel,
Keeping watch over the vast stretch of sterile land that it once
Thus I've found myself here,
I wouldn't wish for anyone to be there.
Waynepatrick May 2018
If you are to be mine,
And we are to be in sync,
Make all our troubles sink.
My loneliness by your sweetness quench,
My wrath by your meekness drench,
Then I promise on the wide world end,
That my love on you will descend,
Be together forever,
And leave each other  we'll never
Waynepatrick Jul 2018
While one with the despondent order of thought,
tossed in the billows of sorrow fraught,
When life shoots arrows tipped with grief,
and you can't find relief,
I'll be there.

When you cast adrip all hope,
beclouded by multitudes of difficulty,
When you can't see the diamonds in the rough,
and the going gets too tough,
I'll be there.

When the climb gets steep,
leaving you devoid of sleep,
When you can't help but reminisce of your best past,
and you can't endure any more vicissitudes,
I'll be there.

I'll always be there,
I may not banish the pain but I will mitigate it,
Pain is a transient guest,it must submit,
The dark cloud drifts away and unalloyed happiness once again overrides frontiers,
Forge this into the cosmos if you must,
I will be there.
Waynepatrick Apr 2018
I ,have come to realise that I love being indoors
It's not that I'm antisocial but rather that I have fears
Fears that hinder me from getting near
For long it has irked me that I should have it
What of the knowledge I gained,what of it,
Couldn't I use it to combat the fear
Then as I was sitting and thinking
I realized I was sinking in a quicksand of selfdoubt
It was not that I was afraid as such
And it turns out I could do much
It was the fear of being corrupted that I feared most
The fear of subscribing to a narrow view of intelligence
Think me not as boastful as I say this
I feared seeing through their warped lenses and their debased standards
That arrogance of theirs
So I hid myself in hope that I would be fine
And perhaps lay waiting for the appropriate time
Wisdom nevertheless reasserted itself and I changed my mind
Waynepatrick Jan 2019
The future fashions my thoughts and ways,
I am its fugitive night and day,
I conceit not to present nor past,
My spirit only on the future is cast,
The mind is clothed in its discourse,
Fancy set upon making it bright,
It bodes well for me,
Uncertainty troubles my thoughts only to a certain degree,
Generations of the horizon will accommodate themselves in the halls of peace,
Through my hands their lives will become bliss,
Up to then,I prepare to live,
For I do not live,I only exist.
Waynepatrick May 2018
Just like iron and clay,baby,we can never mix,
And I know it can't be fixed,
You do this,and I do that.
And I think we should ****,
For us there can never be bliss,
So you go your way,
And alone let me stray.
Waynepatrick Oct 2018
Bubbling of streams,swaying of trees,chirps of birds,all divine sounds heard.
Dense woods tall as can be,lianas swing from tree to tree,animals going on with glee.
Unparalleled fragrance,soothing aromas,pleasant smells and sweetish scents.
Smooth lotus leaves,rough alligator skin,slippery eels and soapy cobra's spit.
Cheerful,merry,ecstatic, thrilled,feelings of general peace.

Then an enclave,my heart,separate from all these.
Waynepatrick Nov 2018
The beauty you have and wisdom you lack,
You're not the first, they were many in the past,
Beauty is  fleeting,you'll know when rue  on your door comes beating,
Flowers wither,they decay to smithers,
You pretend not to know, you stoop so low,
Wait till it hits you like a blow,
As to power I don't have enough,I would have made you realise,
To flaunt is not so bad,but yours is becoming too much
Waynepatrick Feb 2019
Those shoes no longer appease,
Worn is their worth and so are the soles,
A lace is missing,the colour is faded and it's demeanour degraded,
Once they were new,once my delight in them no barrier knew,
But now nothing in them I see,never as they used to be,
In the homeliness not withstanding I found something I could  keep,
Material things soon rot away,your happiness should be somewhere safe,
Just as a rose is alive one day and the next it is dead,
So will your happiness be if from these things it is fed.
Waynepatrick Apr 2018
Dime a dozen ideas litter my mind
And peace I cannot find
But society expects me to be tough
And follow their rules as if I'm blind
I wish they could know that I zig when the world zags
I swim when the world sinks
I don't care that they think me different
I take my own strides with pride
I don't stand on the shoulders of anyone
So I fret not when you threaten me
I don't give a **** if you sting like a bee
I couldn't care less if you agreed
So next time you tell me how to live
Take a seat and think
Cause I'm a lost boy and boys like me are free
So please let me be
Waynepatrick Nov 2018
A seed in earth's depth,has radicals break through,then emergence of shoot, first leaves follow suit,
At much risk of disease it's put,just like you,
Harmless,helpless, energetic and healthy,
A toddler growing fonder of the world.

Time passes by,the bark gets thicker,
Flowers are produced, roots are wide spread,all over the forest they tread,
with you the same can be said,
You get used to the world,your bark thickens with experiences,
Merry and sorrow build you and eagerly you wait for every morrow.

Age creeps in,youth is gone,
The leaves are shed,each hour nears death,
The tree is home to many insects,a decaying image it reflects ,
Energy no longer in abundance, opposite holds true for wisdom,
We are frail,our healths fail,
Finally the body becomes too weak, and our soul out of it's vessel breaks free.
Waynepatrick Aug 2018
What is mankind's purpose on this terrestrial globe,
my mind is apt to probe,
Are we playthings of fate?
Being helpless in that state,
Is life a grocery list?
Ticking the checklist as you grow old and weary,
Seek diligently the meaning in your life,
Then be lost in perpetual contemplation of infinite bliss,
Careful not to  miss.
Waynepatrick May 2019
Whence do others get theirs,
that I may go up and claim part,
all have but I lack simply it's unfair,
I not being first or last realise this journey must start,
My mind labours your prepositions to process,
Your pace is strenuous to keep,
Now you say I am a lost sheep,
like a child deserted in the wild,
Speak sense into my mind,
Hence let my heart rejoice if what it seeks it does find.
Waynepatrick Feb 2019
This love seeps in my soul, it makes me whole,
Covers all the holes, from my head to my toes,
It lifts me up,it fills my cup,it fills all the gaps,
She's an angel,perfect from each angle,easy to handle
She swims in elegance,about her the air of heavenly fragrance, a mix of the Suns and moons radiance,
Gentle in her manners,royal in her steps,diligent in all she partakes,
Captivating words,far from things bad,nothing like you ever had,
Mine, forever mine, with her all is fine.
Waynepatrick Jun 2018
Is it love or is it lust?
Of course,she is a must have,
And I think I'm in love,
But then there is lust,
I'm not sure which of these to trust,
Is there someone with experience?
Help me tell the difference,
Love,I hope it is,
And let her say" I am his."
Waynepatrick Nov 2018
You torture me with your Luke warm love,
I'm confused as to the feelings I have,
One time I'm your world,the next I drive you mad,
One time you need me so bad,the next time all I do is make you sad,
I don't know how to react,you are unresponsive to my facts,
How should I know what you want,sometimes I want to quit but I'm afraid I can't,
You got me addicted to your love,my heart is eclipsed by yours and so are my desires.
Waynepatrick Sep 2018
I am laden with sorrow to be the bearer of such news,
Treat me not as a Persian messenger I implore,
The mighty Macbeth in death's snare is held no more,
His spirit wanders the earth seeking kings and queens,
Each set of sun,the future grows bleak,
For where there is Macbeth there can be no peace.

The earth begs for Macduff,
Order bends to his will,he is able to restore,
The wine of life must be poured out,
Bloodshed must come to pass,
For the one guilty of every sin that has a name is not easy to rid.

Shake off sleep my fellow citizens,
If death is the price so let it be,
May the God that we all adore
alter all circumstances that our conquest blocks.
Waynepatrick Mar 2019
My eyes met a maiden of the sea and the thought of what we could be made my heart skip a beat,

Her face was flushed and before she spoke the winds hushed and waves crashed no more,
My ears were blessed to hear a voice so splendid and whatever she said they would heed,for it was past that of the vocalist and angelic choirs ,nothing else did it require,

She wasn't bothered that she wore a robe in the sea,much she didn't care of who could see and in the moment I thought love had come to me

I showered in her flames of beauty, breathed her scented air as if it was a duty then garnered the courage and approached where she had been

But before I could speak,before I told her what I had come to seek,she went out of sight and trying with all my might couldn't locate her even though her presence was bright

My heart sank,I felt drunk ,I couldn't believe the happenings,there then I started weeping,for losing her even though a stranger left me in pain,

So everyday at noon I sing a song to the sea,asking where she could be ,but the sea never  answers me,and ever since my heart has never been free.
Waynepatrick Dec 2018
Man's nature calls for approbation and censure,
Extreme in undeserved love,extreme in unsolicited hate,
That hand that provides is the hand that takes,
The person claiming piety sins most,
On whose shoulder is leaned on,sends them to where they're from,
The bomber hopes for a better life,lives are cast by his die,
The preacher preaches lies,people blindly follow by,
The species that invented the bulb is the same species that sometimes shuns light,
Man's nature is indeed unique.
Waynepatrick Feb 2019
Dismay is the accord of this lot,
As salt is to food,to them so is this mood,
Diligent practitioners of this way, only sleep relaxes the battles fought,
In it some derive pleasure,
Some a torment that dents,
Its embrace fills me, the presence alone thrills,
But with a fee it comes,any interaction steals glee,
Dear melancholic feel free, be all you can be.
Waynepatrick May 2019
With thoughts tuned to two frequencies I'm forced to play  both sides,
I attempt to  twist and turn  each  at my hand, It seems fun but they can  become intangible as sand,
One side wishes to be well known but not exposed,
The other  doctors itself and recommends it's own dose,
It seeks recognition in all that  sees,
One seeks fame while the other is concerned with titles in it's name,
Each of them has individual minds,
They can be loving and cooperative  but inevitably one must  fall behind,
For a captain is one and the deed must be done,
The strongest of them  shall yield the wheel,
For I am a victim of my own radical thoughts.
Waynepatrick Aug 2018
So many modern warriors we have don't you think,
Not really together but able to do so within a blink,
each behind a screen.

The weapon of choice,a keyboard and a mouse,
Armed with these plus some knowledge of a few words
which go deep,
You,ll be surprised at just what they can achieve,
Till all the problems they relieve,
Each steadfast in their beliefs.

No sense whatsoever in confronting problems physically,
As if doing so is some form of stupidity.
Who am I to judge anyway,
The last time i checked i was writing this behind a screen,
Guess we will continue using them till at last we feel their sting
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