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Britni Ann
21/F/Colorado    Poetry is an outlet in which I can escape reality.
Mono Chrome World
17/F/Stars    The stars are dust yet beautiful, you were dust and you were my star.
F/Ireland    Poetess, mum,lover, witch, nan, ponderer of life, love and all things puzzling... Read, comment and enjoy.. Blessed Be.)o(
Mae Hoek
16/Gender Fluid/South Chicago    I'm an audiophile and nyctophile Pisces who writes based on my own pain. Doar respira
14/F    Chocolate and coffee.
M/Texas    Finding inspiration from within and from the world around, from my past and the present and whatever the future may hold, from the art and ...
Ariana Bagley
Lovely Nobody
18/F/Everywhere    Just another poet bleeding into words her truest emotions
Ikimi Festus
24/M/Nigeria    I wanna write about mi fun or cool personalities yet the question eating deeply, purpose? Who, what, why am I?
Melinda Barrett
Ft. Lauderdale    I would describe myself as a lost soul trapped in the wrong era on a path of self discovery. I am merely an accumulation of ...
I got my vices, got my vice verses
15/F/Hell    I have a love for poems and music. They keep me going when I feel lost.
28/M    Over the years, hardened by life’s challenges I had become as emotionally cold as the logic that led me. A revelation and God have illuminated ...
Grace Spellman
18/F/outer space    free soul, wandering the earth...
14/sg    Instagram: @Poems_expressions_words_truth Romans 8:37 God, Family, Friends, Music © 2018 All rights reserved
20/F    I don't know what to do with those words, so here they are. :)
21/M/India    turning sadness into art **
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