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  May 29 Waynepatrick
Ben Palomino
My humans haunt
The dreams I escape to
They are tethered to me
As I am to them
I will torment
And let chaos reign
Until I’m freed from these
Unearthly chains
Our demons hate us too
  May 26 Waynepatrick
Maddie M
The sun is alone too

But it still shines all by itself.
  May 26 Waynepatrick
I’d rather you throw words at me like rocks than use your tongue to forge chains
Waynepatrick May 21
Words like waves are immune to death,splendid to the eye breath they also take,
Adhering to the mind calmly they resonate,
the arc of expectations is fully paid,
embracing lengths of the brain new ideas and thoughts flood in,

Immortality in your words reside,
generations past and to come abide,
This I know,I shall pass and go down below,
but death shan't have consumed me whole for up and up my words will go,
and with that wherever my soul is,
Knowing this I shall know bliss,
As moments and days go by,ensure a  note  is made,
Then easy shall you lie assured of your immortality.
Waynepatrick May 17
The master has me on her leash
She leaves my head with ache and guilt
I lack any kind of peace
In seconds she brings down all I built
She teases with her departure and  lets me think I'm free,
But comes back never letting me be,
Then rewards me with pints of joy never to the brim,
She's sure to leave some to the dreams,
Like glue she sticks to my thoughts,
Grins at instances I fought and leaves me there to rot,
The master knows she's strong ,got me humming to her songs,
Her weakness is my hope,the scissors to her rope,
One day she knows I'll get up and forever go.
Waynepatrick May 16
Whence do others get theirs,
that I may go up and claim part,
all have but I lack simply it's unfair,
I not being first or last realise this journey must start,
My mind labours your prepositions to process,
Your pace is strenuous to keep,
Now you say I am a lost sheep,
like a child deserted in the wild,
Speak sense into my mind,
Hence let my heart rejoice if what it seeks it does find.
Waynepatrick May 14
As I inhale your perfume and scan the mischief in your eyes,
I think of the moon and wish I could fly,
Soar above the clouds and kiss the sky,
Never doubt I love you everything in me shows,
Of you I forever will crave more,
Take my word and I shall take your hand,
Through the bad we will stand and through the good  rejoice,
Once more bless my ears with your voice,
Once more make my soul enjoy
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