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Waynepatrick May 14
As I inhale your perfume and scan the mischief in your eyes,
I think of the moon and wish I could fly,
Soar above the clouds and kiss the sky,
Never doubt I love you everything in me shows,
Of you I forever will crave more,
Take my word and I shall take your hand,
Through the bad we will stand and through the good  rejoice,
Once more bless my ears with your voice,
Once more make my soul enjoy
Waynepatrick Apr 29
If calamities make it a habit their visitations
That my bones should  creak and be weak
And from my seat I be kicked and cast to dust
When my jungle  becomes my zoo
Then be strong my heart don't be blue,
Fond of my state I'll grow, boldly i will welcome the blows
Forwards I shall proceed  strength is all I need,
For every low will come an high
I shall be fine through the passing of nights
It's always darkest before the dawn
But I will survive the fall.
Waynepatrick Apr 4
You subject  wills to your rule,you dictate all the do's
Ink other's books,number the pages and decide what ensues,
You sculpt lives then structure lies all to satisfy your needs,
Ignoring those who bleed,making a mockery of their claims,
Right is yours to define, certain as can be,defiance births fines,
How corrupt you are,
Sanctioning the little good you posses while in the streets transparency you profess,
Betraying a fragile ego,selfishness and greed beyond degree,
Would that we knew,our expectations wouldn't have fallen on something new,
But only few know and many are blind to the core,
One day they many will see and on that day all your fears will come to be.
One day all will change
Waynepatrick Mar 24
My eyes met a maiden of the sea and the thought of what we could be made my heart skip a beat,

Her face was flushed and before she spoke the winds hushed and waves crashed no more,
My ears were blessed to hear a voice so splendid and whatever she said they would heed,for it was past that of the vocalist and angelic choirs ,nothing else did it require,

She wasn't bothered that she wore a robe in the sea,much she didn't care of who could see and in the moment I thought love had come to me

I showered in her flames of beauty, breathed her scented air as if it was a duty then garnered the courage and approached where she had been

But before I could speak,before I told her what I had come to seek,she went out of sight and trying with all my might couldn't locate her even though her presence was bright

My heart sank,I felt drunk ,I couldn't believe the happenings,there then I started weeping,for losing her even though a stranger left me in pain,

So everyday at noon I sing a song to the sea,asking where she could be ,but the sea never  answers me,and ever since my heart has never been free.
Waynepatrick Mar 23
In a world that was blunt he felt too much,
He loves from a distance and stays true to the man he is,
Takes people in small doses,stores sightings in mental cabinets
Always  holds his sway,
Gives a thousands scores,doesn't hesitate  to let go,
Austerity beloved to him ,delights in  the best of attributes,
When called to peace *****, his being rests at ease.
Waynepatrick Mar 13
Her deeds are awash with love,
She gives past that which she has,
Lays no claim to the extra she does,
When she kissed where it hurt,
Always present upon the hour of need,

Never busy for your call not to heed,
Golden soul,love that forever shows,
Perceives no wrong to your ways,
Always take you back no matter what,

Ensured you were fed,
Carried you from the couch to the bed,
Corrected you when you're wrong,
In her heart she remains strong,
Forever you will sing her song,

To my mom and all mothers out there
To my mom and all mothers out there
Waynepatrick Mar 4
Now that you're gone and left
our soles torn,what are we to do,
it's not the same without you,you were fond of the sea,it's expanse and
how  fish were free,if I must keep you,
alive I'll tell the hills,for so long as they exist so will you,but you
don't know any of these,
our hearts were
strong but you
needed proof
may peace
engage you,
grief shall
Us in
our days.
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