My utterings deserve accolades
every syllable till culmination
My air is refined,your curses ricochet
They only consolidate, say what money can't buy,
Even sadness is polished, even priceless is a price,
Lofty is my state, all my needs are met,
Lavish from head to toe,from surface to core,
This is how life was meant to be,come take teachings from me.
Remote and scattered thoughts
Pestilence that poisons my poetic mind
Wanting to write but having nothing to say
Holding a pen full of ink with words escaping on the other end
My linguistic harvest is exhausted
The creative mind is daunted
To be frank my pages are blank.
Take me back to the glorious days,when the sun would always shine,
Pain was unknown, we loved playing in the rain,
Our heart knew no hate and we didn't care about fate,
Asking all the questions you had and think you had the  strongest dad,
Hunt for mobile games,ride in the shopping carts,
Wonder where babies came from and being amazed by airplanes,
Ask who made *** and wonder why stars don't fall,
If only such days never met their end.
Decisions tailor our destiny,they are ingredients to life's recipe,
They sew each individuals fabric and do their awesome magic,
Fine choices bring rejoice,bad choices leaves regret,
It's all up to a person, the power lies on their hands,
Some are well versed in this deed,some make the worst,
Whatever is done,consequences will apply to everyone.
Waynepatrick Dec 6
Sick of being on my knees,sick of missing the right key,
Of blaming the world and always deflecting the blame from me,
Not doing what I should have done,not allowing myself to have fun,
Being irresponsible and not practising what I preach,
Allowing myself to be ignorant and listening to the people who say I can't,
Tired of being this way,tired of feeling sorry for myself,
I promise to be better,I'll do my duties to the latter,
Not stutter in my deeds,not falling for these traps,
Disappointing those who believe in me,lying to those who trust me,
Being a coward when I should be brave,not giving what I should have gave,
Allowing distraction to occupy me,not abiding by my principles,
For all these I am to blame,I've learnt enough already,
I'm ready to make a change then up my game,
Whatever's at stake,I will take the steps,
However small or minute,I will no longer scream like a broken thing,
I am a brand new me.
Waynepatrick Dec 6
Come and see,come take a read,
The words my heart say,the sounds it plays,
The clarity of it's tune and simplicity of its rules,
The rhymes it exudes and the romance it includes,
Systematic beats,whispering anthems sweet,
Open are the gates,come feel great.
Waynepatrick Dec 6
This isn't how I envisioned life would be,
Drowning in C's,and D's stalking me,
The workload is twice fold,this  isn't what I was told,
I expected to be more free,I'm not yet tuned to this,
I thought it would be bliss,but seems I was wrong,
Favour is granted to the strong,since there isn't a choice,
And few people to listen to my voice,I will get used to it.
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