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Pat Jun 6
Soft heated breaths on my neck,
My chest against her breast,tight,
Ecstacy as she shifts between kisses and pecks,
Tonight we are pages and must write.

Feeling the yearn in her voice,
My touch on her  back is unyielding,
This is the embodiment of paradise,
Her sultry gazes meeting mine,
This is beyond cloud nine.

In this heightened sensation,
Our hearts in sync racing in pulse,
And I,resolved to keep the pace,
Leaves the tingling sensation flushing her,
The warm feeling overwhelms,
Her thick thighs convulse,
So profound it momentarily numbs,

Our souls trapped in a trance,
This is the carnal dance.
Pat Mar 21
Adieu,may joy be with you,
In this moment of parting,
My soul seeks something new,
Pleasures have proved transient,
Thus I start my departing.

Ease of mind is what I seek,
If you lend ear the despair appears in my speech,
And my thoughts are not spared as well,
For I have endured long but in this hell I can no longer dwell.

So sing the songs and sound the bells,
Whisper tunes to mark my farewell,
Our meeting again if chanced will yield hope,
But till then adieu,let me wander into the fields.

In this path that few have eyes for,
I shall tread lightly and tread hard,
With the little I lose I shall gain more.
Pat Sep 2019
Upon sight no more exists,
nothing worth anyone's while,
the caves of despair are hard to resist,
calm sweet waters now run rile.

The lonely soldier stages by,
drunk in gait empty rifle at hand,
the weak soul longs to die,
Nothing went as planned.

At dawn the enemy struck,
their retaliation proved vain,
like a dry spring so was their luck,
the lone survivor retreated bleeding in pain.

All is empty as he staggers by
All but hope engraved in his mind.
Pat Aug 2019
None but the lonely heart
Can share in my sorrow
Desolate  and vacant
Of delight till morrow

Daily, I witness people full of glee
Same can scarce be said of me
My ailments posses all but a cure
Oh what a state so impure

None but the lonely heart
Can share in my sorrow
Desolate and vacant
Of delight till morrow
Desolate and vacant
Of delight till morrow

My soul is frail
A might storm
Engulfs me
None but the lonely heart can now my sorrow
And be this hurt.
My version of none but the lonely heart

Original version was by Tchaikovsky
Pat Jul 2019
Shall I forsake my love for tribal sake,
That I may lose the one dearest to my heart,
Shall this matter our love quake,
Our souls be thrown farther apart,

Then let our kin be disappointed,
For in our love they saw the fault of tribe,
Judges of hearts no God nor man ever appointed,
By my lover's side I shall forever abide.

Traditions cannot define us,
If need be then we will be hated,
They may insult,push,shove and even curse,
But in the end our happiness is created,

Together we shall be masters of our craft,
We will swim and sail in the waters called love.
Pat Jun 2019
When you love a rose, you love it with its thorns,
You take its scent and ignores all flaws,
Caress its pastel petals while admiring the succulent stem,
As the dew drips subjecting to gravity's will,
It's beauty astounding still,  draws attention to it's form,
Elegance springs from its core but all can be done is to adore,
In all it's beauty I find time for the thorns.
Pat Jun 2019
I love the rain and the way the clouds vent,
Petrichor makes me insane plus the sound of droplets hitting the terrain,
The breeze that ensues as the clouds wash the earth,
The streams and rivulets that form and flow about,
Startling thunder that voices the sky and lightning that shines on the eyes,
Oh and the sleep during rain, it becomes deep,
Lullabies of the rain are enough to change the Insomniacs way's,
I love the rain only when I'm not in it,
It's pleasure is most at a distance, felt from afar.
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