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jess Jan 2019
i always feel as though i say the wrong thing.
i try to be funny but ruin the joke.
i try to speak but my words go up in smoke.
i try to be all that someone can ask for.
i try to cheer someone up and make them hurt more.
i try to fit in and always stand out.
i try to whisper but it turns to a shout.
i try to make sense but the words don't come out right.
i try to record stories but i don't know what to write.
i try to be needed but instead are driven away.
i try to listen but then no one gives me the time of day.
i try to speak and get cu off.
i try to be nice but in return get a scoff.
i try to sing but my voice comes out rough.
whatever i try, it never seems to be good enough.
jess Jan 2019
so i have chosen to take another path
one that not many others would travel with me
and i don't know how it's gonna turn out
but for right now it seems like the right choice.
and i know it's gonna help me find something
that i have been looking for for a while now
but i have never been able to find
because of the road that i have used.
so i have chosen now to change.
i may become better, maybe worse
but i cannot say yet.
i just know that i will be different then
than i am now.
and it's gonna be one heck of a ride.
to no one who cares
this one's for you
jess Jan 2019
don't you just love it when
the people you thought cared
don't seem to show it
and the people who you'd least expect
are the ones who check
to make sure you're not falling apart
and then you find out
that you've been wasting all this time
waiting for others
who were never planning to show up
from the beginning?
yeah me too
jess May 2018
i'm just telling you
that i've moved on
to someone who might actually give me a chance
not that you care
but i'm just putting it out there
that i have moved on
past you
and your ignorance
to something that might work out this time
instead of something
that i wasted my time
thinking about
that would never come true
it feels good to not have to worry about you anymore
jess Apr 2018
A shadow fell over us.
I felt his gaze
His face tight with worry
Fear in his eyes.
Hands clenched.
Eyes narrowed.
His determination ran deeper
Than his fear.
The words were so hard to find.
I shook my head
Unwilling to believe it.
I shivered all over
Even though I wasn't cold.
I rested my head in my hands.
I hate this.
But he had a task to complete
And I would help him.
lines from "Valiant" by sarah mcguire. this was a project from school that i was really proud of. enjoy!!
jess Apr 2018
sometimes i think
that pulling my eyelashes out
one by one
is less painful
than seeing him
and knowing
that he'll never be mine.
jess Apr 2018
do you ever think about
what your life would be like
if you took one big risk?
what if it paid off?
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