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I never knew a gentle touch
A warm caress
Until you
And you are my favorite touch
You are what the birds sing about
What beauty is truly made of
When I look at you
I see dimension
I see my future
I see my life
I have nothing to write about
By that I mean
I have no feelings
How can you have feelings
If pills smoke them out
My tears have stopped flowing
And my smiles have stopped shining
I’m just in between
And it’s not calming like they promise
It scares me more than ever
Knowing that I can’t feel
That when my girlfriend says sweet things
I can’t grin and make similar remarks
But I love her
I know I do
Deep down
Where the pills haven’t touched
I’m playing with her hair
Giggling at her jokes
And for a moment
I feel
4 letters
equivalent to 6
they say beauty is pain
but never vice versa
when i cry
butterflies aren't born
when i scream
baby birds don't take flight
when i hurt
there is nothing
besides the 6 letters
i am not constantly falling apart
i was never restored
i already fell
now i am just being crushed
stepped on like an unwanted bug
my life essence oozing out of my sides
my bad
did i stain your carpet
ruin your home?
well you invaded mine
why didn't you leave me alone?
Love is a secret
One you must hide
For once others know of it
Your love will surely die
They’ll rip you apart
Hem after hem
Then put you back together
Just to do it all again
You stare at me
Like a deer
I am attracted it your blinding light
I stare into your promise of death
And I welcome it
I see death
But it is covered by beauty
Your light beckons me
Shows me promise
That while I may die
At least for the first time
I wouldn’t be surprised
Roses must have water
At least that is according to high school biology
They must also have sunlight
Carbon Dioxide
And about a million other things
In order to stay healthy and alive
But what if the water chooses the dandelions
What if the water ignores the roses
Just so that it could help out another
What if the sunlight shies away
And hides
Acting as if the rose is poison
Does it just wither and die?
Can something beautiful just die because of something else?
Can the fate of a beautiful
Kind soul
Rest in the hands of the sun
The water
And the carbon dioxide
Apparently it can
And apparently it does
But what if the rose is picked?
Loved even
What if some child loved the rose so much
That he made it a gift for a loving mom
He only had good intentions
But the rose just withered and died
The rose fell apart
Does that mean that love can ****?
But, the opposite kills too?
That’s what they don’t teach you
They just send you home to pick more flowers
Violet Moretti Sep 2018
You say you like the sun
And then you hate it
And then you like it again
And then you hate it
And then you like the moon
But soon you’d rather the sun than it
Maybe it’s because of the sun’s vibrance
It’s spontaneity even
Or maybe the moon just turned out worse
Maybe you don’t like how it’s surrounded by darkness
How it never looks the same five days in a row
How it’s light shifts frequently
How sometimes there seems to be no light
And maybe you like the sun because it’s the center
Always the center
And who doesn’t like a popular figure
Who doesn’t like a bright and happy figure
But why did you lead the moon on?
Let the moon think it was lovely
Think it was beautiful
Why did you tell the moon that the sun was no better
If you left the moon for the sun
Doesn’t that mean you think the sun is better?
You assured that the moon would always have a place in your heart
But you ignore it
You act like it’s not there
You pretend you never knew it
That you didn’t stay up all night talking to it
All while the stars twinkled brightly
You fall asleep early
You’re inside while the moon waits for you
While it sits above you
You act like nothing is there
You wake up early
You’re outside when the sun waits for you
While it sits above you
You act like it is the queen of everything you value
Which sounds better
The name that belongs to the thing that burns you
Harms your being
All while you don’t notice a thing
Or the name that belongs to the thing that was your shoulder
And allowed you to cry
All while you were busy falling in love with it’s opposite
I’ll give you a hint
It’s not the latter
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