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Kenzie Cox Jul 2018
Love the people you’re around.
You never know when they’ll just disappear.
Cherish the moments you’re’ll never know when they’ll become memories.
Kenzie Cox Jul 2018
Over generations we’ve become a broken society
In the 50’s we had Elvis and Poodle Skirts
In the 60’s we had Grease and Viewfinders
In the 70’s we had Dancing Queen and Jumpsuits
In the 80’s we had Billie Jean and Leg Warmers
In the 90’s we had Beanie Babies and Gameboys
Now we have people who run into fountains while on their phones
Now we have people scared for their life because of gangs and guns
Now we have people being shamed for their bodies and the number of suicides are awful
Now we have a society that expects us to be perfect...when really we just need to go back to the times where people got along better and have fun
Kenzie Cox Jun 2018
When you said I love you
I heard I won’t leave
When you said you’re too clingy
I heard I don’t need you right now
When you said you didn’t want me
I heard my heart breaking
When you said you needed time
I heard Goodbye.
Kenzie Cox Jun 2018
you’re locked inside my head
i’ve lost the key
the thought of you goes through my mind everyday
I wish you would show me you care
so that I won’t feel guilty for having you in my thoughts and my mind
With the thought of you.
Kenzie Cox May 2018
So many meanings for one word
I’ve been left
So many times
You’re gonna leave me too.
Do it
It’s not the first time I’ve ever been
Kenzie Cox May 2018
I’ll always be here.  To talk.  To vent to.  Anything. I’m here.
If you desert me, want to **** me, even if I want to **** you.  
I’ll be there.  
I’ll be
Kenzie Cox May 2018
I miss us texting.
I miss us talking like we used to.
I miss you looking at me with those wonderstruck eyes filled with awe.
I miss the way you would let me use your arm to lay my head on in the car.
I miss when we would listen to music and just stare into each other’s eyes.
I miss us.
I miss you.
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