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Kenzie Cox Mar 2019
All the stars
None of them shine anymore
I don’t have you
I don’t see you
I don’t feel your warmth
My whole world
A Bottomless pit
But everytime
as always
You save me
You heal me
You make me whole again
I’m warmed up
I see nothing but light
All the stars
Shine again
Kenzie Cox Mar 2019
We put our sadness off as “I’m tired” or “I just don’t feel good”.
We don’t let it out.
We don’t let anyone know how we really feel.
We hide.
Until one night, we sit alone.
In our bathroom floor, looking for a way out.
You fall asleep on your floor.
When something reaches out.
Some sweet voice tells us
“You’ll be okay”
“You don’t have to hide anymore.”
To wake up with the hand of that same sweet voice holding yours
Holding you
Telling you
“Everything’s okay”
You knew then.
It will be.
Kenzie Cox Mar 2019
love is an open book
waiting for you to write its ending
love is looking into their eyes full of wonder and getting lost
love is hearing their name and getting butterflies
love is hearing their voice and melting over and over again
love is never letting that spark die out
love is having to choose where to eat
love is wondering what adventure you'll take next
love is not being able to find enough words to tell how much you love them
love is an open book
wanting you to forget the ending and write a novel
Kenzie Cox Mar 2019
have you ever been lied to?
cheated on?
have you ever wanted to leave?
just get up, pack your bags, and leave?
But then... have you ever loved?
truly loved someone?
loved them to the point that no words can explain the extent?
have you ever looked into their eyes and got lost?
have you ever heard their name or voice and just, melted?
so many things to do
so many things to say
so many things to see
have you ever?
Kenzie Cox Feb 2019
I love you.
It will be okay.

I never loved you.  
It was never okay.  

Funny how those two sentences changed so quickly...  
Its all lies...
Kenzie Cox Oct 2018
Its sad how a daughter can tell if her dad is going to be mean that day or not.
By the way he stands.
Or talks.
Or eats.    
It's sad that she had to memorize the cycle of his good days and his bad so she could know when to make plans to get out of the house again.    
It's sad that she can't tell him she loves him on those days or she'll get yelled at. 
 It's sad
that her dad became the monster she didn't want to know.
Kenzie Cox Oct 2018
What happened?
What happened to the society we used to have?
What happened to lovers still being lovers til the end?
What happened to having fun without it being illegal?
What happened to the only hurt we had was falling down when running while playing hide and seek?
What happened to the smiles not being fake?
What happened to finger panting?
What happened to everyone getting to live who they want without being terrorized?
What happened to society loving everyone equally, not just to the extent of their race?
What happened to girls getting to love themselves before others?
What happened to girls being called beautiful and lovely, not ***** and ****?
What happened to boys being called handsome and sweet, not gay?
What happened to boys getting to be Mommas Boys without being called a loser?
What happened to the world we grew up in?
What happened to us wanting to grow up?
Oh yea...
Society changed the world, our perspective, and us.
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