So many meanings for one word
I’ve been left
So many times
You’re gonna leave me too.
Do it
It’s not the first time I’ve ever been
I’ll always be here.  To talk.  To vent to.  Anything. I’m here.
If you desert me, want to kill me, even if I want to kill you.  
I’ll be there.  
I’ll be
Kenzie Cox May 15
I miss us texting.
I miss us talking like we used to.
I miss you looking at me with those wonderstruck eyes filled with awe.
I miss the way you would let me use your arm to lay my head on in the car.
I miss when we would listen to music and just stare into each other’s eyes.
I miss us.
I miss you.
Kenzie Cox Apr 23
I like you
a lot
I fell for you
I want you
so much
You told me your feelings
I guess you didn't know your own
I tried to be what you wanted
But you liked her
You still do
Even after what she did to you
You're hooked on her
I can't have you
like I wanted..
Kenzie Cox Apr 17
When I'm with you I'm so happy
I get butterflies when i'm around you
When I see your face I get happy
I stutter my words
I walk sideways always bumping into you
I love the way your voice sounds
The way you dress
The way you stand up for what you want and believe in
I'm not yours
Kenzie Cox Apr 17
I want him to know...
I can’t get him out of my head
Maybe he feels the same...
Maybe not.  
I can’t tell him...
He has someone
But maybe
Just maybe
He feels the same...
Maybe not.
Kenzie Cox Apr 14
"She won't make it"
The doctors looking over you
I hope you got right with the man upstairs
I hope you made amends with the people you love
I hope you know what you're about to go through
Might go to the place everyone loves and thinks about
Might go to the place of fire and what everyone calls
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