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Time Jul 2020
I suffer every moment
laying awake in the middle of the night
waiting for a response to all the love and care I limitlessly showered on you
reminiscing every glance
where our eyes met
hearts united
But it just me stuck to the illusion of you
thinking of those sweet words
uttered from your mouth
dipped in that temporary love that lasts only a few weeks
How crazy of me
that despite all the ******* you put me through
I still wait for my phone to light up with your name
Jul 2020 · 224
Never-ending story
Time Jul 2020
Time passes by just as quick as your goodbye

Pain engulfs the real you like grey clouds over the clear blue

Hope feels like the buried remains under the ocean veins
Time Sep 2019
I see you when I look at the moon.
I see you when I close my eyes.
I see you everywhere.
An angel with a halo brighter than the sun.
Sep 2019 · 606
The Third Realm
Time Sep 2019
The ghosts are depressed
Because their desires were suppressed
The angels are weeping
Because the human race is sleeping
The poets are suffering
Because the meaning of life is puzzling.
God is smiling
Because we are surviving.
Time Aug 2019
I write your name on every page of my heart.
The feelings of love scribble your name on every sunset.
Every moment ticks with the desire to see you.
In every blink,
in my waking,
in my sleeping,
in my dreaming,
you reside.
Meeting you,
It hit me what love really is.
Jul 2019 · 566
It wasn't meant to be.
Time Jul 2019
The two hearts broke
before they could unite.

The two hands let go
before their bond could grow.

Their destinies cursed each other
before fate could knit their lives together.

Little did they know,
angles encircled them.
Time Jul 2019
My eyes
even laugh in pain
for they could never meet yours ever again.
Jul 2019 · 618
Unrequited love
Time Jul 2019
They called my love for you
one-sided love
like the dot on an empty canvas
like a single flower petal on concrete ground
like the nameless atlas
like the moon at the crescent
like the one unused colour
like the one unopened Christmas present

If only you gave your hand in mine,
I would have promised to place the world in yours.
May 2019 · 431
Anecdote of your life
Time May 2019
I thought I was the story of your life.
Turns out,
I am only the anecdote in your life.
May 2019 · 370
Picture of me and you
Time May 2019
I close my eyes
and picture out my life with you
  how we would treat each other parents like our own
  how we would have mini arguments over what to make for dinner
  how we would plan how to raise our children
  how we would pray together before we start our day and head our
  separate ways
  how we would surprise each other with lunch dates
  how we would send posts that remind each other of us
just me and you creating our small world
like two puzzle pieces that fit perfectly
and just as I open my eyes
the picture dwindles into the dull reality of this miserable existence
where I do live
but without you.
May 2019 · 548
Long Nights
Time May 2019
This  night is filled with flowing strands of your hair
The moonlight is washed by the shine in your eyes
Is it the moon or your shine,
Is it the sky or your existence,
Is it the soft movement of the winds or the smell of you
Is the blowing of leaves or your sweet whispers
I know your no way near me
but my heart continues embracing your presence.
Surprisingly it is not the lonely nights that remind me of you
Apr 2019 · 260
Time Apr 2019
You have come into my life
like the blossoming of flowers in spring.
You are residing in my eyes
like a thousand dreams.
I welcome you with all my soul, heart, body and mind.
Apr 2019 · 641
Dove Love
Time Apr 2019
My love is true for you
But you desire something else.
This feels like deja vu.
Like the last time you played,
And called it love,
but really it was just the death of a dove.
Time Feb 2019
Unexpected early morning,
It struck a town in Syria,
Rebel-held area turned into a toxic zone,
Shaking the entire government from its root.
85 people - 20 children-
                                          D   E   A   D
Some writhing,
Some C-h-o-k-i-n-g,

Sarin a deadly chemical gas pervaded the streets of Syria
Like grey clouds take over the blue sky.
Mouths inhaled the ethereal gas
As death grabbed a hold of their souls.
One boy was filmed suffocating on the ground,
His chest heaving like an ocean full of harsh waves,
His mouth opening and closing like a fish out of water.
Faces blue and yellow,
As their lungs cried for air.

The smell of death lingered in the streets
Dead children lined up in
on the floor,
Piled in heaps in the back of a vehicle,
Lying motionless in the mud,
Clothes ripped as rescuers tried to separate the chemical from their bodies
Imprisoned in the unpredictable terror of WAR!

Is this the result of a six year war?
Hours after the attack began,
Regime warplanes circled back over the area,
Purposefully dropping bombs on clinic treating survivors.
Death crushed the hope of many
Shutting the door to freedom

13 year old boy,
Drowned in the tsunami of grief,
As lonely as a dog without its master:
“Three of my family members died in front of my eyes.
I don’t even know it the rest are alive or not. ”
A horrendous scene for any human being,
Indeed an AFFRONT to humanity!
War stole the right for a 13 year old to feel loved, protected and precious.

Eyelids closed against the dim light of dawn,
As an airstrike hit their veranda,
Leaping from his bed with the hope of saving his family,
He hugged his nine month old twins tightly.
Handing the twins to his wife,
Yosuf went outside,
To see people staggering
And falling on to the ground like petals of a flower.
He came back to his house to see....
His brothers dead,
His nephew dead,
His niece dead,
His mother dead,
His wife dead,
His twins dead.
Yosuf was trapped in the cage of sorrow forever,
“My wife, Ahmed and Aya, my twins they were all martyred.
What was their fault?
My entire family is gone.”
Holding the dead bodies of the twins in each arm
Stroking their hair,
As their laughter echoed in his ears,
He choked back tears,
And mumbled goodbye.
A six year civil war stole the hope from hearts full of light,
Treaded over relationships full of love,
And strangled a life full of freedom.
Oct 2018 · 259
Have I become your lover?
Time Oct 2018
I can live by your name
I can die by your name
For your life, I can do anything
What have you done?
Have I become your lover?
The rage of your love has become uncontrollable
Your magic has declared its victory on my heart and mind
Have I become your lover?
Your touch has become a perpetual habit
I roam, careless and hopeful, in the streets filled with the dream of our souls uniting
This is your love’s choice
This is god’s choice
Have I become your lover?
The veil dropped
Your eyes locked with mine
The sky danced with joy
The whole world around us blurred out
The one above us all pranced knowing it was all its choice and magic
We intertwined our fingers unknowingly of the future
Not a single word
Yet you spoke your heart out to me
I have become your lover.
May 2018 · 375
Time May 2018
Did you hear that?
That was the sound of them falling from society’s high expectations.
You don’t know society?
The one that’s taking over nations.
And built on a foundation of regret, fame and obligations

Society tells you be yourself and accept your flaws
But even for that there are laws
A Makeup look is a must  
No one should see the real you
No matter if you get late to school
Having abs embossed in your body
Is more important than food for everybody

Working hard and going to gym
Expectations another synonym
Feeding your body with compliments  
Draining your body with supplements
Dreaming of a Barrel chest and muscled biceps
Long soft shiny hair
Shape compared to an hourglass or a pear
Bulging hip bones are key
With gap in thighs and bony knees

We die slowly from chemicals and social norms
As society squeezes us with its arms
Until we are buried under the ground
Because when society claimed that she was not beautiful or that he was not charmful
They agreed.
Society succeeds
As if a world of individuals can be judged by the same means
But all are different flavours like jelly beans

But the biggest problem with society is that it’s not them
It is us and will be for the time to come
There isn’t a single person who isn’t pulled apart by these expectations
After all we are just a generation brain-washed by society
Worrying about our own anxieties
Our brains are sick but that’s okay
Because what matters more
Are our grades and scores  

But its time we understand.
We all are more than our coloration or body types
Because you and I,
We are all alike.
May 2018 · 1.7k
Rain & Sunshine
Time May 2018
It poured and poured,
The clouds were relieved,
trapped for so long,
Felt burden less as it splatted,
Creating a ripple
as it landed on the water
or landing softly,
On the green grass,
Making it moist,
Or crashing on to the compacted concrete,
Forming the pitter-patter sound,
Petrichor smell spreading everywhere,
It fell and fell,
Until the clouds realized,
That after the rain,
There was always sunshine,
And that was how her story began,
With a bit of sunshine,
And a bit of rain,
But she was the rainbow that was created,
In that beautiful combination.
May 2018 · 997
I Hate You
Time May 2018
I hate you,
For when the morning rises,
After a night full of your absence,
Your memories still hover in my mind,
I hate you,
For when I see you,
I seem to go completely numb,
My lips feel like they had been sealed together,
As no sound comes out,
And slowly and unknowingly,
A smile creeps on to my face,
I hate you,
For no matter how much I drink,
Your eyes are still what I see,
In the bottles of alcohol,
I smell your presence in someone else’s arms,
In the drug of forgive and forget,
I hate you,
For saying you will come back,
Only for you to never even look over your shoulder,
To see if I was fine,
Because you knew there was something wrong,
Yet still you left me,
But I hate myself more,
For never being capable of you,
I never deserved you,
I hate myself,
For having to say I hate you,
When I actually love you.

— The End —