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Time Jul 2020
I suffer every moment
laying awake in the middle of the night
waiting for a response to all the love and care I limitlessly showered on you
reminiscing every glance
where our eyes met
hearts united
But it just me stuck to the illusion of you
thinking of those sweet words
uttered from your mouth
dipped in that temporary love that lasts only a few weeks
How crazy of me
that despite all the ******* you put me through
I still wait for my phone to light up with your name
Time Jul 2020
Time passes by just as quick as your goodbye

Pain engulfs the real you like grey clouds over the clear blue

Hope feels like the buried remains under the ocean veins
Time Sep 2019
I see you when I look at the moon.
I see you when I close my eyes.
I see you everywhere.
An angel with a halo brighter than the sun.
Time Sep 2019
The ghosts are depressed
Because their desires were suppressed
The angels are weeping
Because the human race is sleeping
The poets are suffering
Because the meaning of life is puzzling.
God is smiling
Because we are surviving.
Time Aug 2019
I write your name on every page of my heart.
The feelings of love scribble your name on every sunset.
Every moment ticks with the desire to see you.
In every blink,
in my waking,
in my sleeping,
in my dreaming,
you reside.
Meeting you,
It hit me what love really is.
Time Jul 2019
The two hearts broke
before they could unite.

The two hands let go
before their bond could grow.

Their destinies cursed each other
before fate could knit their lives together.

Little did they know,
angles encircled them.
Time Jul 2019
My eyes
even laugh in pain
for they could never meet yours ever again.
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