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Kaddy Mar 2018
When you think and think and think
and yet find yourself rooted
to the same spot

(you’ve thought yourself into stagnation)

fight or flight has become fright

suspended between awake and asleep

life and living

hiding and revealing

(thinking… and some more thinking)
(when is too much too little?)
Kaddy Mar 2018
too timid to jump into the abyss of your slow touch
Kaddy Mar 2018
silent screamers  
once dreamers
pulling the weight
of a fat man's gait  
through party
Kaddy Mar 2018
dancing and screaming
and beating my chest

a survivor in need of some rest

I will get through this

I will reclaim you

and we will rejoice
as I feel your weight
where it belongs

in the depths of my being
Kaddy Mar 2018
the moon’s shine
embracing my
broken words
palpable yet so far away
I sometimes manage
to follow its sway

— The End —