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Nonna Jan 29
Like a pencil marking
You fade as I erase you from
My Mind
But your imprint will always remain
My always there ghost

You follow me
I analyze my every breath and movement,
You're the bomb
I'm the trigger

Your collar slowly becomes tighter.

I'm waiting.

My body grows heavy
but remains light for you
I'm hauled away from everything good.
Your shoulder hurts pressed up against my chest
I feel but I can't move
Imprisoned in myself
I lay
I lie

You lied
I thought you'd be gone
But I knew you weren't
I prayed
This is a nightmare
You were the worst I've ever had
But that's okay

I knew this inevitable kidnapping would eventually come.
I'm relieved
I'm shackled to you
There is now no me without you
This isn't my love being written for you
This is my fear

As it pours outside,
and my parents are looking for me
I'm with you
I hate this body of yours
I hate it when you crush it against mine
I want my nerves to fry

But waiting for this inevitable kidnapping was worse.
  Mar 2018 Nonna
grumpy thumb
They are bombing children
as their own
are hummed lullabies.
They are bombing children
as their own
are tucked into bed tonight.
They are bombing children
as their own are rocked to sleep.
They are bombing children
with rockets burying them
in rubble deep.
Nonna Mar 2018
Can I dream
A wonderful dream
One of fae
Two of heartbreak
Three of redemption
My many fantasies,
All left unspoken

Is it wrong
To live in a dream
Let the dream wrap around me like a comforter,
So I may go to sleep
I see it as the sun
My thoughts the revolving planets,
Starry details thread it together
My quilt of the solar system

Of course, I know it's wrong
The bickering in my ear is constant
From peers and blood,
I duct tape my mouth shut
Imagine ripping out my vocal chords like blue and red wires,
I've skinned my knees on rocky pavement
Unconsciously prostrating myself

"Let me dream. Let me breathe"
The girl won't stop begging
Her gasps are sloppy
Her voice is carrying
How troublesome
When will it become apparent to her
Dreams are weights attached to one's ankles
She's sinking
She's drowning

— The End —