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Only the daring triumph
Death like love,
Is to dare

Failure is your unlikely lover
Her words craft visions of,
Moonlit nights alongside love's shore

Whose waters caress your youthful ambition
A vessel of hope
To sail joyfully into the abyss
Between his eyes rests a slumbering red eyed beast
Unremarkable in stature, weak in the eyes of a proud society
Most fierce of men, a unshakable force,immune to the disease of life.

Death at his heels haunting him, as he feasts
A feast of fear, the seeds of anxiety
A smile on his face, a soul in strife

In his heart the suffering of man ceased
His golden heart, has gained society's notoriety
In the eyes of the wise, his love is rife
Free me from earthy desires
Light fires where icy winds blow
So that i may soar, unbounded by binding briars
Amongst the stars, where dreams burn with a heavenly glow

Surrender yourself to the stars,
They burn with cautious vigor.
A blinding light seen by none,
Whose radiance spreads through the fearless.

No longer does the fog,
Hide your raging soul.

You have seen God, he stood before you
His flame burns within you, eternally.

A light to shine beyond death.
Transfixed, by your searing gaze
Paralyzed, I shine with a hellish glaze.
Perfection envies the gold that taints your scars,
A golden light placing you among the stars.

Day and night seamlessly blend,
It is to walk on the Sun , untouched,
Warmth to amend, icy ends.

Lifeless eyes lend you life
My tears oceans to the afterlife

Darkness's embrace, warms me to death.
Love dies hard.
In the still of night
It stole life from the land
Put death in its place

Once lands of sustenance
Now the silence of hunger fills the air
Rivers once flush with life.
Now rest the corpses of the helpless
From the noise of life,
To the silence of death

The smell of death, swept through the land
The pain of the people
Brought tears to the clouds
And the once barren lands
Were once again covered in green
And the noise of life returned
Pain is temporary , every story has a sunrise.
Swaying in the winds of isolation
From black soils it grows
Cradled by a stem of diamond
From which fearsome thorns grow
Atop the fa├žade, rests a treasure
The Pink Rose

Passion drives me forward
Trampling the black soil beneath me
The pain of its thorns
Drowned out by its beauty
Taken from its home
It is no longer alone

The soil is now alone
The rose now, is free
The red of my blood
Tarnishes the ground
Its purity lost and forgotten
The rose's true beauty revealed
This a poem I wrote for someone, but was never able to give it to them, hopefully she will see it now.
Hopeful hands, gracefully lend it life
Lonely soil, caresses it
The fire of love is rife

The green of life, rears its head
Winds now blow and the rains shall fall
Filling it with dread

The wind and rain, now forces of growth
Fear now lost in the ever changing sea of ignorance
Forces of change, keep it afloat

It is a fish, within a school
To shine in the darkness,
Its search is turbulent as a whirlpool

The seasons of fire and ice
Forge flowers of resilience
In hopes of fruit at the roll of the dice

Fruit from these flowers grew
Seeds for the future
From stale lands it withdrew
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