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I wonder
If I can
Say those
5 letters to
I look
And you continue to
Look about
I wonder
I have the
Of speaking
To someone
I so dearly
Wish to know
You have so
Many things that
Make me think
Are you from?
Why do I
Look at at you?
I wonder too
I just can't speak
It pulls me down
Even as I try
To swim back up.
I look and
Just think
If only
I could
I think
I can
So I say it
And that's
How the story goes

When you try it just might work. You never know, my friend.
next to this real terror
there was a real door
that has an error
with a number four

she tried to hang it on it
and ignore its lore
there was a single sore
within its living bore

it hate to lie
but he liked it before
when he was sure that
it is an angelic core.

he will never have more
of number four
even when its rejection towards her
is so poor
but it still can find the inner shore.
within her gore.
wish work
doors dark
alive in some
edge planet
lost culture
night surgery theatre of the blind
Not what i had planned
not that i mind
chewing my way 'round some crow
tasting all of the words again

now swift
now fleet
what it takes,
spirit move
the weight
of my soul
without its room
without its tiny vehicle

mudpie memoir
die unless you get there
through the night
strange pilgrims bending it;
like light
like water
like love
with a little luck
push will come to
going as i see fit
working the inside
wonder as purpose
nearer my self to thee
dreamfuel merepond

relaxed as i near
my path becomes me
color and sound
and bright tastings

follow my fingertips
as they trace
their own ways
through spirit
wandering smile
stardrift and space

eyes wide twinkling
with admired images
of those things loved and loving
their own recreation
in my singular
and most individual mindlight
I fear that I'll make old mistakes again,
or maybe new ones that ride the waves of my mind.

That whilst fearing I've already done it.

but it's ok
I'm ok
I am not my thoughts
I am not who I fear to become
and these thoughts are a testament to that.
exams nooooooooo
Back and forth flickered his net
with a shimmer, and whirring stems
stirring and whispering in the haze.
But little did the lepidopterist know
there were lions in the long grass;
lithe numbers, labeled days.
Torpid though low nightly torments stay,
how lucky I am; to miss and bathe in dreams

Of absence through the dawn and into day.
From my far flung ship; I shall watch old islands

Sliding past while sadly silver streams-
from Heaven; fall in silence.
I felt it
The cute we held on to
The little box of secrets
You stashed away

I felt it
The lies that would drive me mad
The pain I took away
When I looked in your eyes

I felt it
All the good
And the underlying bad

I felt it
And still I could not turn
my congenital heart defect

~for C.E.H.~

’tis true, my heart long damaged by repeated resuscitations,
the endless revivals invasive + new favorite hits, now so enlarged,
the doctors say, no más, no más, mr. boss, don’t let your guard down

too small to accept more standbys, ones needy most, the beseechers,
the ones who only know a single equation, love = pain, are witnesses,
no theorem proofs required, the ****** expressions unholy sufficient

a few invitees rush the red velvet ropes, inside, they hunker down,
finding a cozy artistic artery hangout, filtering my blood-streaming,
eyes for new artists, new poems, new strangers to take in, shelter...

much caring for the living, strains existence, a heart has limitations,
every human has capacity constraints for loving, but they bring their
friends, coequals in pain/heartaches/false positives, no rinse cycle

it is like calcium layering on you bones, additive, addictive, andieting
is a precursor to exhilarating dying, when love and pain passes
the point of no return, once, then, there is no expiation, no forgiveness

for the trail of your damaged acts requires admittance, recompense,
3 in 1 motor oil de minimus, you want to love equally, but impossible
task, yo, won’t last, but stretch flex skin to squeeze one more in, SMH

the puzzled doctors find my weakness DNA genetic, my lexicon has
no word in any language for barricade, fence, restraints, keep out, the hearts, smelling my blood, open cells, pile in, no blame attached

lender of first resort, giving my organs, what an exceptional way
to hasten my inevitable and total fulfillment, stretching my limits
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