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A broken ALTAR, Lord, thy servant rears,
Made of a heart and cemented with tears;
      Whose parts are as thy hand did frame;
      No workman’s tool hath touch’d the same.
            A HEART alone
            Is such a stone,
            As nothing but
            Thy pow’r doth cut.
            Wherefore each part
            Of my hard heart
            Meets in this frame
            To praise thy name.
      That if I chance to hold my peace,
      These stones to praise thee may not cease.
Oh, let thy blessed SACRIFICE be mine,
And sanctify this ALTAR to be thine.
I. Within
progeny of The Stars

cosmic void
regal seething bordellos
of eloping holy light
in its sinewy grasp

darling, we dwell in a
beautiful place
where the paper-thin veneer on
what is, what has been, and what is to be
has cracked and peeled away
divulging the secret cosmos
until matter is no longer matter,
silence, no longer silence

cosmic cold
permanent light
permanent darkness
similarly, simultaneously

out of the ether,
out of the nothingness
compounded within nothingness,
exploded forth energy, time, space

and so was physics,
the story of how our makeshift universe
came to be

II. Coalescent
with physics came energy,
and with energy, entropy—
there was a fundamental need
to form and exist as a whole

from the broiling chaos
coalesced a semblance of order

a thimbleful of electrons and photons
pooling and burbling
abstracted and reified

and so was chemistry,
the story of atoms and
the quantum waltz

III. Altered
ionize the corona
a faint breath of life
found its way

idealize time:
a walk of six billion years
idly made its way into our present

life-forms emerged,
alive as the sprawling acanthus
springing from the grave

furiously clawing at the barren,
fruitless earth
we suckled the heaving ***** of mother nature,
greedily drinking her life-giving milk;
fragments of her being embroidered into cristae
generation after generation

we evolved

and so was biology,
the story of these life-forms
and how they kept

IV. Value & Definition
a thimbleful of love to encourage modesty
since you can't make deals with the universe
accept what you are made of

during your life
the gates of darkness open and lock your soul in order to test you
are you brave enough?
do you dare?

if not, simply lay down your bruised body
kneel on your scraped knees
and pray
you're not inhuman if you have strayed
if your soul has been played by pain

nothing is absolute: not a poem
neither a castle, riches, nor human power
in the smallest of intervals~
we are golden urns pouring out of the sun
momentary shadows
decaying naked as we came, in short-lived grandeur

the perfect constellation of the universe:
deus ex machina et machina ex deus

and so was history,
the ongoing story of us
and our cultures

V. Acknowledge
neither absolute nor relative
it simply is, as is, as has been, as will be
god doesn't need to be proven
just think about the way insects recognize humans

just tell yourself this is just physics
tell yourself that chemistry, biology, history
could even begin to define infinity

suspiria de profundis
iridescent harmony of the spheres
in the quiet black, hear those arias of nirvana
inspired by my former science teacher's numerous lectures on the poetry of our universe. this one's for you, ms. m. simply beautiful. ty for stopping by.

"and in the salt chuckle of rocks
with their sea pools, there was the sound
like a rumor without any echo

of History, really beginning."

-Excerpt from Derek Walcott's "The Sea Is History"

Thank you so much, Mikey, for asking me to do a collaboration with you. It's an honor to have done my first HePo collab with a poet as gifted and eloquent as you. Much love, ~Reignier <3

Apologies, know that this note is awfully long. This is my first post in a while and I just want to say thank you to all of you who've been with me since the beginning. Your love and thanks means so much to me. I found what I've been seeking, and I can honestly tell you that I'm back (if school permits lol). Please put any suggested tags in the comments so I can add them.


Along with YOU
Your family lives in my heart
And you enshrine within my soul
I - a bonded slave of YOUR LOVE
Who Livez perpetually at your lotus feet
Adoring and worshipping your inner beauty

I chanted your praise
For 1.59 billion milli-second
Such is the evidence of my LOVE
Since our LOVE happened
Only you feel and felt my LOVE

Being in your LOVE since 5 years
Freed me from the bond of life
I enjoy the highest bliss of EGO-lessness
No being can ever experience

LOVE is the ultimate victory of
Good over evil, LOVE over life
YOU over me

Your LOVE feed me from life's contingencies
Now I know for sure
I'll always be re-born from your LOVE

I know I need not LOVE anyone else
Loving YOU alone gives me cosmic bliss

YOUR illumination entered my being
Therefore every future second
Has been my birth within YOU
I see the world with your eyes

With every word I speak
Those are hymns in your praise
YOU made me free from that
Ugly chase of life's purpose
Money, fame, power & success

Now I cannot wish or desire
To adore, worship or LOVE anyone
Except YOU my BELOVEDz

YOU make me experience LOVE
Beyond dark and light
Beyond right and wrong
Beyond shallow and deep
Beyond knowledge and ignorance
Beyond day and night
Beyond sun and moon
Beyond all relationships
This honor can only be conferred
To a LOVERz by a BELOVEDz like YOU

YOUR protection destroys
All bad omens around me
YOU've been my angelic darling
My lucky charm of life

My LOVE will bring you
All the fame in your life
That will make you radiate
The cosmic blues with rainbow lights

You've never let my LOVE down
Whenever I've come with my desire
Sometimes even though late
YOU've also granted me LOVE

YOU made my life easy
YOU made me rise above mundane-ness of life
YOU made me enjoy your LOVE
That's why I trust you so much
That's why I believe and have faith in YOU

No wonder I think speak, write and act
All in praise of your LOVELY soul
Where no one is found sincere in the world
I show the trust in YOU - that no one does

My breathing recites your names
I'm not joking, it heals and cures me
I feel at peace in your LOVE
All the ghost, demons and evil
Are kept away from me
With the assurance that
YOU'll always be there for me
Protecting me with your LOVE

As if YOUR LOVE alone is made for me
And YOU alone will carry the birth
And death of my soul-love-connect
From here to eternity…

Who wants anything else
Once you are with me?
All comforts of life
Are found within your *****
All luxuries of life
Are found within your womb

That is why I enjoy all the
Divine pleasures you bestow on me
That is why I feel fearless
To convey my LOVE for you
To the whole wide world

It is only you who have allowed me
To enter within your home
Without permission
Know that –
Now I am going to die
Within YOUR LOVE being

With your grace and glance
All difficulties in my life
Are put at rest

After seeing you, feeling you
There is hardly any wonder left
That nature can offer to my curiosity

Your LOVE gave me the courage
To tell you "I LOVE YOU"
I could have climbed Mount Everest
And even jumped into the Ocean Pacific

Nature and history
Guards our LOVE from
All corners of the world

No saint, seer, fakir or poet
Can ever render in words
The expression of our LOVE-songs

No wonder everyone says that
The whole Natural worlds
Stands up to sing the praise
Of those who LOVEz

It is me who proclaims eternally
"YOU are as dear to me as God/dess!"

YOU are my life-saving herb
YOU always bring me back to life
When I am on brink of death

With full authority bestowed by
Blessings of your LOVE
I surrender only to you
In a diminutive form of
Only a LOVERz you can

YOU are the only one
Who listens to my rants
My heart-beat stories
Narratives and blabbers
Of your names –
I breathe as "chants"

Belovedz in YOU I find
Repository of wisdom
Un-Learning beyond knowledge
Virtuosity beyond ethics, morals & integrity

Your eyes carry the light
That makes all LOVERz win
When they fall in your LOVE

I gape at your golden body
And the sparkling diamond heart within
The spirit of your soul that shines
Through your sparkling eyes

Just your presence dispels
All the negative energies of my life

YOU are the divine messenger of LOVE

YOU illuminate all the worlds of mine
My outer, inner and spiritual world

Fully aware of my deficiency of life
I became aware to drop my EGO
By the intoxicating influence of your LOVE

It was YOU -
Who cleaned the mirror Of my life
It is YOU
Who bit the apple of LOVE
Along with me

It was YOU
Who did your Karma of LOVE
Of being born as my BELOVEDZ
Now I live your Karmic dues…

Why 39 Hymns?
There is a significance
LOVERz-BELOVEDz birth-dates adds up to 3 and 9 respectively
That's why...
Whitman printed 795 copies of the first edition of Leaves of Grass, but the book did not sell particularly well. About 200 copies of the 1855 edition are known to survive today.Apr 6, 2011
From How+many+copies+of+Leaves+of+Grass+were+sold on Google.

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