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July Gray Jun 15
Staring in a mirror. Again
It makes me feel worse just to see

I braided my hair so neatly
Now it's falling apart at the seams

There's a comparison there
Let's not look into it

If I stick pins in
Tie up all the loose ends again

It'll look neater, sure
As long as you don't look too close

Cause there's a glittering metal barricade
Of a halfhearted hairstyle I tried to save
This has been sitting in my drafts for a bit now
July Gray Jun 12
from wanted to worthless
she didn't ask for this
they wanted a princess
she wanted the crown

they said they loved me
they said i was wanted
please if you please
she was Pretty in pink

now she's broken and beaten
and tossed to the side
America's golden girl,
wasted with pride

sometimes you win
and sometimes you lose
so defines life
you don't get to choose

she painted her face
with colors of the sky
got called a disgrace
whenever she walked by

Flowers can change
as flowers grow
people can do it too
I didn't mean to leave you

they said they loved me
they said i was wanted
please if you please
can i be Pretty without pink?

the world is trying to beat you,
to throw you aside,
but you've made it so far
hold your head up with pride
happy pride month losers!
yes. i am still active. sometimes. not often.
this is from a song im writing! i took out a few of the choruses bc the ratio of chorus:verse needs to be fixed and i think it makes more sense as a poem this way? idk lmk what you think <3
  Mar 11 July Gray
I've been losing sleep
I think I'm in way too deep
Pull me out
And when I scream it doesn't make a sound
Dear anyone
How can I love you and not love myself?
The fire burns but I still love the smell
Would you hate me if I went to hell?
Dear anyone
July Gray Mar 11
You told me you'd never
flirted with a guy
I laughed
I told you my tricks

You smiled and I froze
because I suppose
I figured you'd realise
I've used them all on you
a short one.
be brave and maybe ask people out. flirting is just talking, but really nice. it's hella confusing.
July Gray Jan 20
I hit my peak so long ago
I was six, on top of the world
On top of the jungle gym,
Not that it was different.
But since then,
rolling downhill
um so I'm not gonna post that often anymore (not like I ever did, but) I got a ukelele and it inspired me to finally put music to the poems I write (which usually I have a tune in my head when I write them) I've been meaning to start writing music for a while, and I'm finally doing it :)
July Gray Dec 2020
when I look in the mirror
i'm startled to see

I scrub off the pen lines
odd bits of makeup
all that's left is me

I stand there
bare and trembling
these are the pieces of me
and maybe I'm starving

but at least
I can feel myself smiling
these are the marks of my survival
so this how I've gotten this far
July Gray Dec 2020
when the face in the mirror isn't who I want it to be

and those thoughts,
those ******* disgusting worms crawling out of my brain,
to simply drive me insane

I think it's subconscious,
I never quite think it,
before the thought is reaching my hand

A little mascara
brush through my hair

(I want to feel pretty

A dusting of powder
touch up my chapstick

(this face

It's ok to be.

Switch up the perspective:

I Will fix my issues,
one brush at a time

A swipe of lipstick
layer eyeshadow

Please don't clump, mascara
Add some concealer


Some brow gel
Some eyeliner.

Top it off
With a

[[I hear voices say,
voices far away
"say cheese!" click]]

I'll be O.K.
and hey, you made it this far, smile! :)
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