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Madeleine May 2022
I understand now

Looking at you
Only able to see you
Venturing for more
Even though I've given so much

You clearly don't want me But,
Only as a friend
Until I hope that one day you see
Madeleine May 2022
Make your move
Own all you do
Understanding is helpful
Never back down
Take your chances
Aim your arrow
Inhale and release
No hesitation
Seeing it through to the end
Madeleine May 2022
An astounding soul
So unique
Holding every precious moment close
Find the name (nickname)
Madeleine May 2022
Meeting my gaze
And staring with wonder
Details coming together
Every second
Like a puzzle forming
Every min of our future
In your stumbling of words
No on understood
Except for me
This poem spells a name. It's not hard but can you find the name
  May 2022 Madeleine
Thomas Wan
Love is like taxis
They're everywhere when you don't need it
But nowhere to be found when you do
Madeleine May 2022
You are poison

Yet your lips on mine
That taste so sweet
Your Hands running up and down my back
Slow enough to make me draw you closer

When instead
I should be pushing you away
Because you're killing me

As your kiss
Is paralyzing me
And your hands
So gentle
Yet fast enough
To bruise me
That I hurt

For I don't know how to decide
On who I love more
Or myself
Madeleine May 2022
If I had to choose
between Heaven and you
Does that make you Hell
You make me happy
So is Hell not so bad
As they make it out to be
Sometimes people are poison and other times they are our antidote
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