Haris May 10
"I can hear you, billow out, your broken past, while you rock back and forth, wearily clutching these sheets. I care not for stories of me, in your sleep, but for all the stories no one dared to care about. Whisper smoke in this bedroom air, we share, and I will listen, patiently, still, for this slow smoulder to shout, in flames, around us. I'll wrap this blanket of skin around every last inch, of you, when the first sparks and crackles sound. I'll let this furnace, of you, burn deep into the very marrow of my bones; your scars, now, mine."
Haris May 8
"Why do you always weep
before i fall asleep?"
she asked me, in gentle
cradles and lullabies.

"In the hope
the salt
in my stream of tears
seeps into every crevice,
of your soul,
and melts every frozen path,
in your dreams,
so you can make your way
back to me,
every morning,"
i replied, bloodshot-eyed.

With that she weeped, too,
and I knew
we would never wake
to another morning apart,
so long as these streams
flowed free
into our sea.
Haris May 6
"There lives poetry in song, poetry in notes, poetry in vibrations, escaping, through this air, we breathe. We must catch these deep pockets of air, and fill them, with this love, we create. We shall not let our lungs lull and waver even when, it feels like, the weight of it all, pockets bulging, will bury this symphony we create; let this composition overspill, overfill, into you and i, until our bodies tremor and levitate, in joyous harmony. Let all, of us, flow out in chaos, and let it be said, we loved, until there was no sound, of us, left to give."
Haris Apr 13
Can I open you?
Can I close myself in you?
I crave your treasure.
You say, 'Give me a moment, all in good measure.'
I want to douse me in you; just give me a clue.
What was it you said when I was lying in your bed?
That everything unsaid with eyes are lies disguised in threads;
woven into words in some 3rd world sweat shop
that I purchase in good faith leading to a strop,
when it comes undone at the seams after one wash
and I inspect the label for the second time
where it's printed, 'Made in Her Mind,'
exposing the yarn of words we both shared,
realising wearing it is funding a labour of love that is tethered and teared.
A materialistic part of the mind soaking in last night's wine;
you don't need either but it cost you a heart to just feed it to a moth
and intoxication blurs the words enough so love is mistaken for loss.
Don't you ever feel like you're in a war veteran's skin that's thin atop,
showing scars tied taut like a sailor's knot?

Can I open you?
Can I close myself in you?
I still crave your treasure.
Haris Apr 8
‘It’s tradition,’ her eyes said, flooding, in tones of love’s blue,  
like I was the sky, reflecting, on broken sea.
I landlocked her body around me, kissing every stained hue,
and whispered proposals of hot breeze, evaporating her heart’s plea:

‘Neither wedding rings nor signed paper vows
penned by other hands, sheen and ink fading due south,
would truly be enough to marry our pieces and all;
Rather, I’ll gaze, “I dos.” on loop, into your eyes,
and only your eyes, so your caved soul
grants me entry and closes every inch of me in,
spending our honeymoons savouring:
the very last sunset
in every sky, space and time,
entwining our hallowed limbs
bracing amid the cosmos’ wind,
flickering out the sun like a votive candle.’

This is my proposal to you
and I sincerely hope you reply, ‘I do.’
Haris Apr 3
Her eyelashes were like sunrays
And her pupils: the sun itself
The first time I gazed into her soul
I was blinded
And it's been a beautiful vision
Ever since
Haris Mar 31
The waves filled with love and mirth
Crashing into us, spawning birth,
We are all the sea and the sea is us
Gleefully running from the surf,
For memories are sediments and the water itself:
A flume of emotions, much dispelled,  
The shoreline shan’t be strewn with our steps
For longer than our strides: it must be swept.

I watch the blue tits aloft and think:
How it would feel to fly over the brink?
But then I glide down when our skin sticks
In salt and wet, we kiss, which does the trick.
Audio link: https://clyp.it/f3ovh42t
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