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Nation needs you
Not because you are RARE
Because you belong HERE
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Better Human Project || A humane world
Note: Every chaos, every disaster, every pandemic brings back a real story to awaken the human emotions, and gives space of opportunity, either to share hands, touching lives in one way or another, or to watch helplessly and weep for the world. If you can watch the suffering without pain, then this is not for you. Else, be the agent of change, you can change the end of the story, you can change a new story from the beginning, you can change being a part of it. And during the whole process it will be your greatness if you stay behind the scene.

Change the story
A little more compassion
A little more generiosity
A little more response
A litle more listening
A little more sharing
A little more love
A little more of

If you have to
Fall in love

Fall in love
With everything
That doesn't
Your heart
Fall in love
With your dreams
A better tomorrow
Fall in love
With the morning sun
And the exquisite moon
Fall in love
With the path
Where you can spend
Rest of the life

Fall in love
What free your soul
Fall in love
Where falling is
Peace of mind
And rising

When ready
Genre: Observational
Theme: Bliss
Here it goes

The Sun
At day

And the Moon
At night

Life goes on
Genre: Observational
Theme: Just know this
Is nothing

At least
One needs
To have
Common sense
To understand
Theme: Everyday Wisdom || In the backgeound of COVID-19
Note: Why to lockdown?
When I have
More time
And less to do

I turn the pages
Of a dictionary
To know
There is
More to do
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Time Matters
And I like
All those people
Who knows
What coffee smells like
What coffee tastes like
Who harvests coffee
Who makes coffee
Who serves it
And use medium
To discuss it
At the mean time

Something more
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Coffee Connects
Besides you

Never search
A key
A secret
A source
A place
A person
To be happy
That way
Never will, you be

Think like a kid
Stop searching
Only then
You will
Embrace the harmony

Genre: Observational
Theme: Peace Of Mind
Note: Every positive emotions lead towards happiness. Searching happiness elsewhere is a waste of time.
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