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Meghan Nov 2020
I give second chances
I look for the good in people
I examine the minor details
Yet I’m always searching
For the right decision
For the right feeling
For the right path
I’m always searching
For the right moment
For the right person
For the right life
I’m always searching
Yet what am I searching for
Nothing is right
Nothing is perfect
We live to please everyone
Yet all we should do
Is be happy within ourselves
Meghan Aug 2019
Be strong
There is no reason to fret
It won’t be long
Everyone deserves what they get
We look at the future
We wait for the impossible to unfold
We are never quite sure
How our stories are meant to be told
Meghan Jun 2019
Nobody understands what you go through
The pain surging within you
The wounds
The screams
The breaking of every wall
The scars left behind
Toughen up
You’re fine
Quit faking it
You’re just trying to get attention
It can be hard to cope
Heal your wounds
Silent the screams
build up your own walls
Go out and make yourself proud
Stop waiting for someone to come along
Nobody is going to sit by you and tell you all those scars make you beautiful
If so They’re lying
People will use you for every cent you have
Don’t sit around
Go out there and
Make your life worth living
Meghan Aug 2018
Your text makes me smile
Your kiss makes my heart race a mile
You show me I mean the world
For you my hair I curled
But you threw me away
As if we'd only talked for a day
You found your dream girl
You tell me she is a pearl
But then things go wrong
You give me this big song
Saying she didn't mean a thing  
But your every word has a sting
I cry myself to sleep
My mind begins to creep
All I want is you
But I'm not your Juliet to rescue
Meghan Jun 2018
I want to be the one
your one
I want to be the reason you dress up and the one you try to impress
I want to be the one you come home for every night and the reason you live your life to the fullest
I want to bring an elephant stampede through your heart and butterflies through your soul
I want to be your princess, baby girl, and your world
But more importantly I want to be enough
Enough to be the one
Your one
Meghan Apr 2018
It's that little smile
The tipping of the hat
It's that cute little message
The late night chat
It's that moment of chivalry
The extra thought
It's that feeling they make
The hint they caught
It's how much they love you
The little thought
Meghan Mar 2018
When we were young
Hurtful words stung
Life was so simple
Our worry was a pimple
when things fell short
We were given support
We were yet to find out
We needed to look out
Life had another side
It swept us like the tide
We were treated different
Support became vociferous
We were told to be flawless
Without much solace
Without being able to reflect
practice makes perfect
we need to know who we are
Then shoot past the bar
We need to be fantastic
Our bodies becoming plastic
As we’re becoming altered
To fit to this impossible standard
Our childhood begins to cease
We are taught to only please
We then know what we want to be
And we begin our journey
We leave our simple life behind
And walk through a new world blind
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