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BrooklynSpeaks Apr 2020
The weight of me
Sinking into the hardwood floors Covered in 3 years of dust and debris
The thought of you
Keeping me held here
Keeping my head underwater
Keeps giving my oxygen the opportunity for escape
The thought of me
Ever considering the weight of this
The wait of this
Waiting for the pain to end
My stomach a battleship
Sinking further into my hands
Slipping like silk from between my fingers
Time is a relentless process
Unobtainable through words and noise
Makes clocks to keep the ticking at bay
At rest
At rest
At rest
Rest doesnt come easily to this body anymore
Stretch marks write the prologue to the road I walk
Or run
Or stand on
God knows I am not strong enough to stand on my own
Holding giants in a holding cell
Pinning the weight of a giants foot to the ground
As if the giant were little more than an axis
Turning point if you will
Jolly and green
Not jolly at all
Waiting for the power to move
The power to dig myself out of the hole I so willingly climbed down into
They dont call me "Rabbit" for nothing
I burned my own ladder
It took me a moment to realise that the warmth from the fire only lasts as long as the fire does
Took me a moment to realise rock is harder to carve away at than dirt
Took me a moment to realise that weight had nothing to do with the fighting in the first place
Took me a moment
A moment too long
Time is a big challenge
Waiting to be folded and put into somebody's pocket
Waiting to be asked about
Waiting for the answer after the questions died on the lips of the seeker
Rabbit hole
My hole
My space
My area
My arena
Another colosseum
Another day, another fight
Another year to be cut in half
Another period of time to be whispered at
Another floorboard to sink in to
And another me, weighting for the wait to dissapear.
BrooklynSpeaks Sep 2018
so yeah, teacher dude.
i will go and change my shirt but
take this to note.
im not going to throw a fit or a fuss
about it
im not going to fight it. im not here to fight
about whether a male student could see my
shoulders or not. i came here for an education.
and if
you faculty are so worried about a
guy looking at a little of my arm, maybe you should stop
teaching us girls the dress
and start teaching the boys not to look.
i mean you are authority, right?
so do me a favor,
and carry some handcuffs for
the next time that
you want to yell at me for showing
BrooklynSpeaks Mar 2018
What it's like to be cold
Or how many times a punch to the gut will actually hurt.
Or what about a hamburger? How it tastes and feels.
Or french fries loaded with cheese and bacon bits.
What a summer sun can do to pale white skin or how bad a sunburn can peel. Watching a baseball game with two handfuls of popcorn you payed 50 bucks for.
What it feels like to be left alone in the minivan while your mom was in the store shopping for tampons.
What its like to hold the hand of somebody that you once loved. what it tastes like when you eat our first bowl of chicken noodle soup and how the broth feels creamy and warm running down the back of your throat.
Watching somebody escape a near death on a 3 way pile up when your father was pulling into the driveway after another one of his "nightly experiences".
This in reigns the question.....

What do angels dream about?

— The End —