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Marinazinya Apr 2020
The truth is I’m dishonest. I’m scared to love too deep, what if you can’t reach my depth of love ? If you find out everything about me would you still love me ? Truth is I get jealous easily, I have a hot temper, I don’t listen, I’m mean, I’m cruel and I’m such a ***** . Truth is I don’t know what good rekindles in me is left , that I’ll be able to share with you , how I wish I had so much good to share with you. Truth is I’m insecure, I lie , I’m sensitive , I’m selfish and my superwoman mask is falling off everyday. Truth is I have an ego I can’t keep up with , im not even sure I want to be her anymore. Truth is it’s exhausting being ****** especially if you can’t share it with someone who appreciate it and values it. Truth is I’m lost , and I keep getting myself in vague  relationships to  make myself feel better, so i I don’t end up being alone. Truth is I love Men attention, I crave it , I ***** for it and I harbor it . Truth is I need someone who matches my understanding and my spirituality. Truth is I want to be alone, but will anyone understand that?Truth is I met someone else.
Marinazinya Jan 2020
Love is patient and kind. Love is not jealous. It does not brag, does not get puffed up,  does not behave indecently, does not look for its own interests, does not become provoked. It does not keep account of the injury.   It does not rejoice over unrighteousness, but rejoices with the truth. It bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never fails.
Marinazinya Jun 2019
No communication on a daily basis, no phone calls, no video calls, no cute text messages. No love shown, no love given. No expressions needed because they’ve built a cold bridge between them without even noticing . No reminders on how they feel about each other because  saying it once is enough. No actions needed to prove what they mean to each other. No appreciation needed because they feel that  it’s not necessary to do it, because he works , she’s on a tight schedule with her exams , he has a lot on his plate, she’s stressed about a lot of things so much going on with him and her but they can’t speak up, share how they feel because that makes them feel vulnerable and weak. So they play along. Now they are  freezing in a place where they once called a relationship. No hugs, no kisses , no ***** , no emotions,  no love , no heat to rekindle them because neither of them notices how they have grown apart apparently  because that’s how they get along, pretending everything is crystal clear . No white flags needed , they just waiting to freeze below 0 degrees to  break each other and go separate ways to *******.I.N.G  M.O.V.E.  O.N
Marinazinya Apr 2019
…She takes a deep breath, blood rushing to her pelvic area as her body becomes warm. She keeps gulping down her saliva making it seem like she’s famished , her breath keeps getting deeper, as she holds on to the sheets. . Her body trembles in the most delicate way she ever felt, Goosebumps litter her body, kisses puncture her back and the agonizing tension overwhelms her inhibitions. He preys from behind her, appreciating her external beauty and tenderness of what lays before his eyes.  She has learnt her position so well,  he walked behind her Since his a teaser he tapped his **** on her ***** , She starts to wine her waist so she could get a memory on how it feels like to be wined .She tries to turn around and a big hand forces her head back into the bed with a voice saying... “you going to pay for that”. She was placed exactly where his **** would meet the flower, no need to stretch on his tip toes or scrunch down. He felt her back with his two hands rubbing her *** cheeks as he went. Her flower was sodden and ready willing to take him inside.
He threw one of his ties around her neck for later then grabbed his shaft and split her flower open. With just his head sitting  tip-in her flower oozed juices and she started shaking. And then as she started to come down he shoved his full shaft inside ******* her non stop, feeling his ***** slap her **** over and over.
He was pounding her Relentlessly he grabbed her hips and pulled her onto his **** as he jabbed in with his body
Marinazinya Mar 2019
She’s tenacious with the people She loves so She decided to tie herself to him on this new journey and not let go. He has a strong essence that tenses up her body when he embraces her and She doesn’t behave when she sees him, it’s as simple as that. Her cheeks turn into a scarlet when he calls her Queen. They both been hurt, left in the cold, being so fragile  at hearts they began wilting . Little did they know that broken hearts mend beautifully together, they mend stronger. Some changes were made to make her bloom and so  Spring came along like a vermilion flower , a creation that he made that makes her come alive and unfold her full beauty . She became his sunset when they melt and he became her sunrise when he smiled. At night He turns up some smooth Jazz and gave the stars a show that will make them blush . She couldn’t have hoped for a better love story then that Of Him & Her .
Marinazinya Jan 2019
So this what
Starting over
Feels like ...
Marinazinya Jan 2019
Your face groaned when you found out,but I was dull I didn’t pay attention to it.We would prattle about so much about us.You knew all along that I was starting over,that I was trying to create a bond that will not be dismantled.I was not desperate,I was trying to put back the pieces i left on the mud,I was nurturing me,showing me that I will be by my side no matter what.We were friends I remember,friends that where fond of each other. I don’t know what came over you. You became so cruel,heartless and vindictive. You fed me to my worst nightmares ,you ripped out my soul and filled it with your darkness. Now I’m here writing these hoping you read it.
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