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Njira Oct 2019
This is a short story
Of how I chose to challenge myself
I posed a challenge of happiness
To wake up with a smile and keep it for the rest of the day
To be positive
To believe in myself first before anyone else
To believe in my capability
Because I'm destined for greater things
I walk tall because I am me
And I was happy to know me
Happy to be me
And I was proud of me
Because above all , I was me
#fighting self hate
Njira Jun 2019
Passing thoughts
Hidden feelings
Broken times...
Stolen moments
Never true before
Its the broken pen
Writing a forgotten story
Njira Mar 2018
Is there something wrong with me
I'm not like everybody else
I hide in my shell
And when I choose to come out
Fear pushes me back
Fear that I'll never be the same
That I'll mess up and lose my way
That no one will accept me for who I am
I have too much to lose
I've come this far
I can't risk my future
But it hurts to be the awkward duck
To be left alone
When everyone has a life
When  everyone has a way
And I have to struggle to find mine
But I'm not complaining
I'm just sad.
Njira Feb 2018
She was like a seasonal bird
She settled and made roots 
But she wouldn't let them grow 
She'd uproot her life
With all it's roots and move to
What she called greener pastures 
So when she didn't show 
They thought she was gone 
'To better things'
As she always said
Truth is, she was stuck 
She had gone too far unreachable
She had tested her limits and reached the edge
And no one was around to bring her back.
Njira Feb 2018
There he is
He is the best thing you've ever seen
He makes your heart race
And beat so powerfully you can't breathe
You look at him
He looks at you
You quickly look away
You give it a few seconds before you look again
You pretend like he wasn't even there
Like you haven't thought about your first date
Like you haven't planned your wedding
And when you look at him again
Ah, there is that smile
Just perfect
If only he were smiling at you
A shy smile to a shy smile
But something is wrong
He is smiling at her
They must be having a moment
A moment you wished was yours
Then they hug
she doesn't let go
Yeah, you wouldn't either
You'd hold on to him
Show the world that he is yours
And he walks away
He doesn't even turn back
Well he is too good for you anyway
No way he'd go for someone like you
'She is perfect. If only she'd let me show her'. He thinks.
Njira Jan 2018
Call it what it is
Don't say it's not
Don't even say it's not true
I see what you are trying to hide
I have them too you know
And every other day you choose to ignore
I hurt
I wish you'd see there is more
If it walks like a duck
Quacks like a duck
Then my dear
It is a duck
Ours is love.
Njira Jan 2018
Eyes are windows with no curtains
They show pain hidden behind smiles
Frustration and sadness
And when you look into them
They tell you the unsaid truth
Don't leave me
I'm nervous
I'm not strong enough
And every time you choose to look away
You miss what I really mean
What I silently say
And you walk away angry
Because I'm just not who you thought I was.
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