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Ethan W Feb 2018
There was a little man named Jim, who did nothing all day
He never walked, he never worked, he sat his life away
“Safe from life's true dangers,” thought he
“Safe from risk and strife”
But never once did that man think
He could have a better life
He could have climbed the tallest mountain
He could have pioneered to space
He could have been a deep sea diver
He could have won an Olympic race
He could have learned to fly a helicopter
He could have traveled to any place
All he had to do was try
Was that so hard at all
Yet on his deathbed the man, he sat
Waiting for the call
Wishing that he could have done
Anything at all
This poem is about laziness and how staying "safe" may not always be the best alternative for life. Life is very short and you should live it to the fullest.

— The End —