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Jul 31 · 28
You Are Not the World
Jack S Jul 31
I don't know how many plane rides I've been on. It's been a lot. I've been on planes my whole life, and I flew by myself for the first time when I was 9 years old. So, being on a plane, and 30,000 feet in the air, certainly isn't anything new to me. Still, everytime I'm on a plane I try to take a window seat and spend the rare minutes between my little naps obsessively snapping pictures of the sun, sky, and earth.

There is a beauty about being on the edge of something.
Off the ground.
In the sky.
Scratching the beyond.

It's only by taking a step back that allows us to see a clearer picture. What I see from a plane is far from the complete image, but it's a reminder that our planet is big and beautiful. It has so many peaks and valleys that no person could ever possibly cover them all.

This scale may spark fears of our own significance, or wonder at it's grandeur.
To me, it says:

"Look at me.
Look at my grandeur, my grace.
Look at all the folds and wrinkles of my skin.
Look at my tears as they flow to the sea.
Look at the clouds that clothe me, and bring life to every living thing.
Look at it all.
Be in awe.
I am so much bigger than you can begin to imagine.
I will always have more to show you.
And beyond me,
                              lies a whole universe
whose grandeur even I cannot comprehend.

So worry not little one.
You are not the world.
No planets or moons revolve around you.
No solar system depends on your gravitational pull.
You are not the world, but you are in it.
You are one of many lives that has crossed my surface, and as such you have changed me.
You walked my shores and my mountaintops.
My valleys and my plains.
And I learned what it meant to be loved.
This is why you are here.
Your skill is not making the mountains or carving the valleys.
You are here to love and be loved.
And in doing so,
I am forever different."
Jack S Apr 17
The earth has lines in it
Cut by divine cartographers
That point me to you
                                     And you to me

Unholy magnetism

As we orbit
Chasing one another

A cloud creates a shelf
And you dangle your toes
Fishing in the endless sea of soil
As spiderwebs sink to its surface
And the snake slithers on

High above the mountains
The wind blows west
And the water washes away
The salt from all my tears

You’re calling to me
From somewhere
                               Far, far away

Across the ocean
Or under the sea

Your voice ripples out
And the rain begins to fall

Soaking through the drought-worn earth
Through the roots
Through the clay
Through the rock

Divine Destruction

The earth crumbles
And falls away
And the little lines on its surface
Descend into darkness

Only you and I remain
Floating in ethereal mist
Surveyors of its undoing

No more lines
No more clouds
No more magnetism
No more dirt

We are the last things left
And will be
Until the sun sets
And we are lost among the stars
Mar 2020 · 83
Jack S Mar 2020
There are places where the earth sits like a sheet draped over humongous bodies
Apr 2019 · 133
Like We Used To Be
Jack S Apr 2019
Did I ever even hug you?
Did I ever even touch you?
What did I do when I was happy to see you?

Were we as close as I thought we had been?
Or further apart?
Was I there for you back when we were friends?

I know we don’t talk all that much.
I know we have our different lives.
But you keep me up at night with these crazy thoughts.
And if we had lived different lives.

What if you hadn’t left?
What if I hadn’t stayed?
Would things have been the same, if we hadn’t gone our separate ways?

Or would I still be at film school living a separate life?
And you a thousand miles away?

But I think you’ll keep me up at night
For as long as I will live
And should our paths come back together
Just one answer would you give?
Nov 2018 · 126
Jack S Nov 2018
Bowwowwow the horn rumbles out
Skreereeree it cries

I resound it and without a doubt
See cheer in my friends' eyes

Skeeweet I pitchedly yell
Oooooooooh it responds

And still I can seem to tell
That no one does yet yawn

But some soon grow annoyed
With my wonderful new fun

They no longer like my toy
and soon they say "be done"

But on I go my cheery song
I happily do play

Weeeweeeweee I play along
Reewoowchick I say
Jul 2018 · 1.2k
Jack S Jul 2018
My eyelids start to droop
The nicotine wearing off
And all i'm left with a a swaying feeling
Like i'm on the boat
A small boat
The small waves
And splash around my feet
I slip forwards
Into you and then i crash
Into sleep
Into you
Into death
I crash
And soon my eyelids crust over with the little goobers that i wipe from them every morning
Waiting for you to wipe it away
Until then i'll collect dust
May 2018 · 1.1k
Jack S May 2018
Hey it’s been a while

Yeah i know

How’ve you been

Im alright.
Actually I’m not

Whats wrong?

I think I’m sad

What do you mean you think you’re sad? You’re either sad or not sad

Its not that easy

Whats not that easy?

I dont know...
I think I’m just lonely
I hate being alone

Well you’re not alone. Right?
I mean you have me at lest

Yeah but its different

Hows it different?

Idk its weird

Trust me I already think you’re weird.
Tell me

I don’t know.
I want so badly to be loved or someone to love but everytime i get the chance i ruin it
I’m my own worst enemy

What do you mean?
I love you.
So does your mom
And your dad
Plenty of people love you

Yeah but its different


I want someone that I can hold.
Someone thats always there
Happy and sad
Thick and thin
Someone that I can just hug and it won’t be this weird semi-romantic/semi-friendly hug because its already clear that they’re the person I want to spend the rest of my life with

Dude you’re 17
You’ll get that someday
For now you just gotta wait and make the most of each moment
Have fun with your friends
Maybe have a few flings and just relax

But I want that now
I’m so ready to be in love

Don’t worry it’ll come eventually

I know
But it just ***** living right now
I’m so lonely
May 2018 · 465
And Yet?
Jack S May 2018
How come one can pass through a day believing that he has at least seen and achieved mediocre happiness to arrive home and realize his sadness?
A sadness of sorts. Not really sad. More lonely
Though he is self-driven (something his parents and piano teacher are quite proud of)
And yet?
Yet he cannot find fulfillment.
He brinks on the edge of smart individual to scaling the wall of genius
He attempts all things at his disposal and excels to the top of his pond only to look over the edge and see the vast ocean of bigger and better fish
His self-motivation pushes him to yearn for the ocean, the means for his fruition
Even if he was to reach the ocean, gain some weight and eventually become the biggest fish of his kind his satisfaction would not be present
The self-motivational man is plagued by eternal shortcomings in the fields of self-satisfaction and self-love
He holds no value for the compliments and praises that he receives from his loving parents
The love displayed toward him do not present an argument valid enough to convince his deductive mind that he is worthy of self-love
His scars become trophies and his trophies a pile of garbage.
His greatest sadness is that he sees a way to fulfillment
Just before him
He could reach-out-and-touch-it should he try
He wants nothing more than to stretch his hand forward and accept the path to love: the path to happiness: the path to satisfaction
And yet?
He cannot bring himself to grab it.
He reaches his hand forward again and again. The ethereal means within his grasp. And yet he cannot take hold.
He cannot hold it because this power before him is greater than him
Everything he has done so far has been done by him and now he must sit back and receive the ethereal grace?
He must surrender
He must not be driven by himself but instead a higher power and although he recognizes the authority of the higher power he does not submit to it
He yearns to be in its presence
And yet?
He cannot surrender for to surrender to it is to deny everything he has ever known.
To accept its grace he must be made new
He must be born again
Until he surrenders entirely (most likely in a long time for the self-driven man is stubborn) he shall experience the lonely dissatisfaction which already plagues him
Until he surrenders entirely his happiness will only be mediocre and fleeting
Disappearing as he walks through his front door and even more intense during the minutes of isolation that he showers each night
And so he passes through life master of nothing, poisoned, for he cannot deny who he is to accept an antidote which he knows is supreme.
Feb 2018 · 271
Jack S Feb 2018
Blackred blood creeps through my veins
Drawn by the blackred rose it crawls down my hand
                                                                                             my back
hardened with work
no longer feels the weight
nor the path which slithers down my spine
Feb 2018 · 190
Jack S Feb 2018
The velvet leaves
tickle my fingertips
as i transcend the heavens
and breathe in the blue
Feb 2018 · 425
Jack S Feb 2018
Te amo como un hermano
Te quiero con mi entrpierna
Y porque este yo sé que no te amo romántico
Si te quiero con mi cabeza y te amo con mi corazon
Entonces yo sé que te amo
Jan 2018 · 239
This is not a poem
Jack S Jan 2018
This is not a poem
This is a description
A feeling
An understanding

This is not a poem
This is the pure love that i feel for the people in my life

This is not a poem
This is how i say i love you
In the purest form
Jan 2018 · 366
Jack S Jan 2018
Her eyes were outstanding
**** brown and full of wonder
The rainbow a little brighter
The hopes a little higher
My eyes are green
For i envy her eyes
They see what i cannot
Foxes in broad daylight
Naked eskimos and free money
**** brown eyes are all i want
Holding out my own
Maybe i should ask her out
If only i had the stones
Jan 2018 · 193
Losing Sleep
Jack S Jan 2018
Id give it all
To close my eyes
And realize
What hides behind
Inside my mind
I'm terrified
To close my eyes
And lay behind
The sleep for which i was designed
My restless hours unproductive
And yet i cannot destroy the darkness i seek
I cannot destroy that which i hate
For in the moment i look up and realize
That which i hate i do
And that which i do i hate
I wont be late
I must be great
To fail that quest would fail my fate
And so my eyes lay wide open
Never shutting
Always hoping
Restless eyes which carry sorrow
Carry hope that has been boorowed
But most of all they carry longing
They long to sleep
Their ceaseless longing
But they stay open
Never shut
And long forever
Never enough
Jan 2018 · 205
Dark Eyes
Jack S Jan 2018
They say your colors shine so bright
And yet my darkness might
Overshadow you and bring you down
Should i even look inside
And see the darkness centralized
Shining deeply through my eyes
Oh i hope with all my skin
To keep all of my darkness in
And let your colors shine so bright
In every hope that you just might
Leap over the moon
Find the stars
For if you become all you are
Then i have played my part
By staying true to who i am
And not ruining your every plan
For my darkness shines a little too bright
And should it darken your sight
It would take your bright away
And i would be left guilty

— The End —