Daytra Mar 29
Sensational with every
Over and over
Inch after inch
Sensational with every
Movements unheard of
Sensational with every
Grabbing and pulling
On my
I am
Sensational with every
Emotion created
This session
Leaves me
In disbelief
From here to there
Sensational with every
Daytra Mar 17
**** i hope this ain’t how a real
relationship is supposed to be
Happy you were to see me
At one point
Now bitter it seems
Almost hate
I don’t understand
You complain
Complain instead of helping me
Fix it
This is HARD
Hopefully this is a test
I’m trying to past
This is extremely hard
I’m trying to bear
I pray
I wish
I hope
I imagine
I dream
Soulmates are what we supposed to be
These steps are so rough and rigid
My feet are hard and hurting
My heart is heavy and aching
My mind is tired and confused
One day it will get better
One day we will be back to normal
Seems I do nothing right
I think I’m good
You think I’m bad
You think your right
I have my questions about it
This is hard
Hopefully this is a test
I pray
I wish
I hope
I imagine
I dream
I Love You
Daytra Feb 6
I want to die
Than be with our you
I feel a pain in my body
I need to release it bad
This aching pain
Is deep down in my soul
My mind is going far
Eyes watering
Mouth dry
Hands sweaty
Slowly I am dying
Joy I once felt
Stranger to me now
Daytra Feb 6
I can’t take this anymore
I don’t want to take this anymore
What the ****
What the ****
Why can’t we ever stay on a good note
What the ****
I need to cry
I need to scream
I am in pain
I’m afraid
This is suppose to be just us
Everyone is trying to come thru
I’m separating from this feeling
I feel lost
I feel alone
I feel hurt
I feel incomplete
I need to find me again...
Looking for me
Have you seen me
Daytra Feb 5
I am rich beyond measures because you love me unconditionally and you have allowed yourself to open up for me to love you unconditionally... please remember me and how much I love you beyond the furtherest stars seen by man... from the beginning you were a thief have stolen my heart... but I am your willing victim and I will gladly let you keep it... I have found out how to truly love ... I used to think that true loves kiss in fairy tales were a load of **** but you my Prince Charming have found me .... I am excited that I will have true loves kiss for the rest of my life... our hearts are repairing each other as we learn the real meaning of love... we aren’t broken anymore.... I am the reflection of you and you are the true definition of a good man...
Daytra Jan 21
Beautiful illusions
as moist mouths mount
in anticipation
teeth grind
ragged breaths hushed
honey dipped *******
caress her breast
her breed
Desire quench
lips licked
Daytra Jan 20
Oceans of waves
of pleasure wash over me as
my body shakes with spasm
after spasm of ******
Finally I can relax
as I take command,
I only need to obey
Not think, just obey
Listening to my sweet,
oh so sweet moans
Like the whimpers of an angel
my throat becomes dry
I'm exposed
open but I trust you fully
It feels so good,
like pure sweet ecstasy
My whole body
just wants to fall into
tiny pieces
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