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Nov 18 · 31
of Grapefruit & Gods
Scarlett Nov 18
peach pits and rotting herbs
you ravage my garden
but you water hers
for all I've grown I still let you cut me down to size
Nov 18 · 40
Pity for the insects!
Scarlett Nov 18
I empathize for the bugs of damnation
spiders, ants & roaches as frantic as I
flinching away from the gangly limbs of civilization
a world of fleshy foul things perched high.
Spray,   squash,  slap,   scorn,
how we scamper from the polished hand of misery
hath you no mercy for the unwillingly born?
hath you a reason to cause such injury?
perhaps I am like the cockroach who weaves between the shadows, perhaps I've romanticized insect-like alienation
Nov 14 · 46
Scarlett Nov 14
Eyes stare at me from within flowers
engulfing me in a fever-dream of light
storms rage then twist to limp showers
sprites sense the menace and take flight
In such beauty I find paradoxical peril
grabbed by the weeded floor of the ravine
suffocating on this gleaming world turned feral
I succumb to my death of melancholy green
based upon the painting by John Everett Millais
Nov 5 · 60
lover & leech
Scarlett Nov 5
Reach in and rob my greedy body
these retched pieces are no longer mine
giving up this flesh is an endless hobby
serve his ego by tearing out my spine

What say I the human doormat?
dare I bear the weight of your soul
I am both the mouse and the house cat
whilst you drink the milk from my bowl
I give him my world and bear the weight of his hell, oh what a mess we've made, only I can clean this retched stain
Oct 24 · 57
The widow & her words
Scarlett Oct 24
My words are but shells of emotion
poorly imitating my thoughts
so why return to poetic devotion
and warmly embrace all I've fought

How do you decipher the incomprehensible
the unfathomable side effects of existence
what god resides here must think me dispensable
may it fear my thrashing and resistance  

these stoic shells have returned presently
and like death they stubbornly prevail
when I fade into the unknown pleasantly
these words shall live on past my last exhale
writing for the first time in a long time... sometimes words do not meet our tragedies, nor do they our triumphs. but they are all we have in a world of sin and insanity
May 2 · 120
Scarlett May 2
I only write sad poetry
and never say much else
I'm used to articulating my feelings
my therapist says it helps
I'm not used to being ok
instead, I'm just uncomfortable
waiting for the other shoe to drop
my tear ducts are insufferable
unusually ok
Scarlett Apr 14
he who lays down upon a cross
to draw an insatiable crowd
what a devilish smile you wear
when your women weep so loud
Apr 14 · 232
Scarlett Apr 14
greedy fingers
stolen flesh
beneath fingernails
wounds still fresh
missing entrails
I know you took it
bloodied hands and all
I'll take your limbs
you better learn to crawl

give back my heart.
he who consumes excessive amounts of female flesh, what a sinner indeed.
Apr 12 · 192
Scarlett Apr 12
I speak curtains
around myself
strangers hear the agony
and go deaf
they ignore the
screams of a banshee
applause rings out
at my last breath
Apr 12 · 234
Scarlett Apr 12
hollowed out is
the carcass I wear
empty bones
surrounding my decay
stuff myself with
liquid despair
golden whiskey
bleaches my body grey
Apr 12 · 245
Scarlett Apr 12
let me purge
away my sins
gluttony is an
endured stench
if I peel away
this being of mine
would you feel
my heart clench?
to love, a little too much. to fear it all far too often.
Apr 9 · 133
Scarlett Apr 9
creeps up on you
like a cold
in the midst of spring
like a rock
inside your shoe
til it starts to sting
Apr 1 · 192
Scarlett Apr 1
days droop like my tired eyes
hope starts tasting like weak tea
just a hint of salty wind before capsize
heart aching like my bruised knees

I'm haunted by intertwined hands
in brave roots of daring trees
the crack in the sidewalk silently understands
being hollow yet infested with weeds

arms dislocated from reaching so far
grabbing for a man to sew up my heart
even if they leave a gruesome scar
I'd love him till he tears me apart
god give me an angel
Apr 1 · 62
hello, are you there?
Scarlett Apr 1
I know her innocent gaze
her ghost gracing the hallways
news hits harder every day
posters on poles state the phrase

I fear her dainty bones
lay nestled in a field of green
among nameless headstones

I know her heart-shaped face
but not her current location
I know the details of her case
but no other information

Scarlett Mar 25
I obsess over what it must feel like
to have the earth's veins beneath your feet
roots flowing like a lightning strike
your soil is mother nature's meat

do blades of grass encase your feet
when taking your slice of heaven for granted
pretending the honey doesn't taste as sweet
as the sprouts from the seeds love planted

you wouldn't like the place I dwell
melting skin and bloodied hands
my head is every circle of hell
purgatory hath no sympathy for lambs
have you ever felt so distant you're not on earth itself?
welcome to my mind, the limbo between heaven and hell.
Mar 24 · 90
Scarlett Mar 24
listen to my blood stained breath
feel the thing that lives in my throat
can't you smell my restless death
my sanity took my last lifeboat

I warn of the wasteland inside me
rotting from my outsides in
how is your stare so carefree
you don't know where I've been

Oh my divine master of torment
I do not accept his purity
I refuse to lead him to your decent
I am the tornado to his Dorothy

he dares to stare into the eyes of death
smiling at my sadistic odyssey
the devil has claimed my hope but his halo shall not perish
Scarlett Mar 24
Oh god won't you tell me you love me
as vacant as the lord himself
I know you buried the church key
why'd you rip out the doorbell

don't summon me for worship
to put my praying on display
this cold can only worsen
as I wait in your doorway

you feed on my addiction
give me enough love to last a day
I loathe this crucifixion  
but you love the way I stay
I am a follower until you walk me into my cage
from which I shall never emerge
Mar 10 · 35
Scarlett Mar 10
numbers numbers
I think it shows
that calorie counting
is all I know

number numbers
make me shrink
I wither away
before you blink

number numbers
I'm falling apart
these brittle bones
my failing heart

numbers numbers
thats all I see
on back of packages
beneath my feet

numbers numbers
please let me be
I can't control
what you're feeding me
Mar 3 · 165
take back your touch
Scarlett Mar 3
insecurity sits
upon my windpipe
choking out
my loyal declaration
I've never been
the indulgent type
mistaking my desire
for desperation
don't want to fall for the only guy who I actually want to stay. love rips people apart. love is selfish.
Scarlett Feb 3
I'll melt down my fingerprints
smear my identity across your face
embedding lines of original blueprints
I'm there in the wrinkles of your disgrace

              ­         what
                                             ­ ----t-a-k-e-n---
a       w       a         y
melt and harden, disfigured like my soul
Feb 2 · 131
Scarlett Feb 2
I collect ill-fitting prescriptions
suffering from a hollowed out heart
morse code thoughts drowned in encryption
doctors pull my nervous system apart

they can't find a cure so they try true loves kiss
they package him in an orange pill bottle
bite-sized pieces of pure chemical bliss
I take a handful of shortlived lust and gobble

these synthetic feelings stuff me momentarily
I can't digest them so they absorb me instead
blood boiling until I'm filled with transparency
first I'm empty, then I'm bursting, then I'm dead.
they say love is the cure, yet every time I dig for that feeling I just find myself in a deeper hole.
Feb 1 · 130
smiling sea foam
Scarlett Feb 1
the cold swell of emptiness crashes hard over my naked soul
floating in the middle of a masochistic murky sea
I pray the tide shall sweep my aching body away
I grieve yet the waves laugh as they drown me
Scarlett Feb 1
don't you remember the way we used to talk
or was it only endless suggestive texting
was it my shy smile when we drank and walked
that made you pretend we were connecting
or did I mistake our time together for a bond
even though we hooked up most everytime we hung
I couldn't question your collection of leggy blondes
because you'd silence my words with your tongue
the hammer man and the lady with the heart of eggshells
Jan 31 · 199
Scarlett Jan 31
fixing my problems with dried out glue
don't want to feel this so I'll try something new
a pill, a drink, a meaningless ****
I want to cover myself in glue and forever be stuck
Jan 31 · 123
Scarlett Jan 31
my body, an unfinished puzzle
men pocketing my cherished pieces
chunks of my heart they like to smuggle
maybe they're feeding their demons,
maybe they get off on my struggle
Scarlett Jan 10
I live with a tumour of paranoia
haunting my social life
flaring up with small annoyance
in a world of violence and strife
my cautiousness turns to avoidance
and my irrational fear is rationalised
I fear my old demons and yet have a reason to.
Jan 7 · 312
Scarlett Jan 7
broken glass on my salted tongue
spit or swallow you pressured
one scars my heart the other my lungs
self-massacre to keep you pleasured
and now my wounded throat has no intention to scream
Dec 2018 · 202
sad poetry 4ever
Scarlett Dec 2018
every word
that spills from my broken brain
depresses and subdues

like my endless pain
I'm sorry I'm sad but I'd rather be truthful than smiling and lying
Dec 2018 · 101
Scarlett Dec 2018
his voice
a velvet black hole
"take off your exterior,
I'll eat dessert whole"
I slip out of my skin
present my inners and insecurities
chewing my rotted heart
his hunger trumps purity
you disregard my innocence and my self-hatred shall forever encourage it
Dec 2018 · 434
blind to my mind
Scarlett Dec 2018
I awaken with no eyes
empty sockets in a swollen head
I reach out in search of an angel
hands choking me instead
is it ****** if you ignore your own death
Dec 2018 · 123
Scarlett Dec 2018
she points ***** covered fingers in accusation
as her bones melt down the sink
her flesh stuck to my porcelain bowl
I still smell that chunky pink
if ***** had a voice
Dec 2018 · 97
Scarlett Dec 2018
my mind
is just a concept
never heard nor seen
its existence is questionable
fragile like my sanity
do I exist or am I a character in a strangers game?
Dec 2018 · 118
sting of the saviour
Scarlett Dec 2018
you slapped me once
whilst I removed my clothes
and then you degraded me
a cheek's a cheek I suppose

I wish I could soak up the sting
and feel your harsh hands once more
I'd rather feel your wrath
than be another forgotten *****
hurt me a little harder baby
Dec 2018 · 146
harm to self
Scarlett Dec 2018
my skin is littered with burns and boils
not one for the razor's edge
I like the sting that hangs around
the pain wakes me from the dead
Dec 2018 · 66
poetry publication
Scarlett Dec 2018
I let strangers pick
at my rotting brain
unfamiliar fingertips
grasping my darkest thoughts
I tried to bleed my emotions
but knicked a vein
presenting to you
my papercuts
and gunshots
its all for the wandering eyes of the cracks and corners of the internet
Dec 2018 · 81
ribcage rummaging
Scarlett Dec 2018
when you grasp her hand in yours
I feel you tear open my hollow chest
knuckles tightly bound to your knife
searching for a battered heart to digest
hope you enjoyed your meal you slimy ****
Dec 2018 · 183
you take my breath away
Scarlett Dec 2018
I still feel your ghost
haunting my weaken lungs
who can avoid each other the most
suffocating when I see you swapping tongues
that mouth used to be mine but now I pour my pain into rhymes
Dec 2018 · 233
death of the mind
Scarlett Dec 2018
I taste rusting windows and warm tequila
I smell permanent markers and rotting tomatoes
I see distorted faces and doctors turned dealers
I hear broken CDs and internal tornados

I am the bones in the reapers dead hands
I am the creature clawing at your back
I am the carnage you cause for a couple grams
I am the voice that haunts the insomniac

I am a black hole
Dec 2018 · 5.9k
teenage tendencies
Scarlett Dec 2018
I sold my soul
for those bony hands
and you stomped on it
for a couple grams
Dec 2018 · 156
Drunk Divorcees
Scarlett Dec 2018
TV static paints shadows upon your features
your infinite thirst pours one drink after another
you stare into the emptiness consumed by a vacant demon
an insecurity baring the face of my mother
Dec 2018 · 228
Carcass confectionary
Scarlett Dec 2018
body drenched in my sinning blood
lifeless hands fumbling to close my wounds
my body a cake, my inners the icing, my corpse is fuel to you
fingers tear me open and I hear him moan as my life concludes
a metaphor for a guy tearing me apart with his actions, even though he knows he's hurting me.
Nov 2018 · 558
Scarlett Nov 2018
doctor dearest
don't you know
I am only worth
the meat on my bones
boys bite chunks
of my empty flesh
I let one take my heart
now there's nothing left
Nov 2018 · 314
love will eat you alive
Scarlett Nov 2018
"I don't bite" he whispers into my plump flesh
he laid me on the table and spat stones over my eyes
distracting me from the consumption of my lower intestines
yea it's not meant to make sense
but the spitting stones over your eyes thing is a metaphor for his words blinding me
I hope you enjoy the visuals
Nov 2018 · 124
fluoxetine faith
Scarlett Nov 2018
how do you categorize pain
I can't describe my mood from 1-10
pump me full of chemicals doctor dearest
tell me who I'm supposed to be again
a        m       e        n
Nov 2018 · 127
Infantry expression
Scarlett Nov 2018
we are squeezed
into this crowded existence
snotty faces wailing for attention
when we grow into our bones
we lose our brave lungs
and our blotchy red cheeks
stretch into such long faces
full-grown features don't cry for help
we bite our meaty tounges
and taste the blood of our disgraces
what if every step we take, every shirt we wear and every word spoken is a prolonged scream from birth
Nov 2018 · 389
beeswax existence
Scarlett Nov 2018
my skin is candle wax
I burn my being in search of a purpose
my thoughts melt and liquify
feelings simmering until I'm a puddle person
I scrape away my entity in search of a core
charred flesh beneath my fingernails
addicted to the sting I'm the lighters *****
scoop myself empty and present my entrails
Nov 2018 · 120
the possession
Scarlett Nov 2018
eyes droop
heartbeat jumps
sweaty hands
viens pump
the paranoia
eats at my chest
spreads through my limbs
panic possessed
Nov 2018 · 1.6k
the lonely flesh
Scarlett Nov 2018
I force my feelings into my stomach
belly swelling and skin stretching
my body bursts open violently
guts, blood and emotion looking for a home
s   p   r   e   a   d   i   n   g
so basically I've been trying to communicate my emotions in a way that shows it's effect and damage, the gory imagery I'm presenting is created to rub you the wrong way, for me my feelings often feel detrimental to me physically and so that terrifying sinking feeling is what i am trying to portray
Nov 2018 · 290
Scarlett Nov 2018
my           therapy   is      poured    from    an                            
                                                                ­                        ïmmörtäl böttle  

I     gulp      g r e e d i l y     and     await     the   comfort    of

my       own       personal       death      without       commitment 

adore        my     missing   memories    and    w o r s h i p    the 

                 ­                                    e
                                                                ­        s
Nov 2018 · 179
salted wounds
Scarlett Nov 2018
I still taste the salt of the silent tears
that poured from my empty orbs
the sea spilled from my eyes
and burned holes into my soul
I bathe in my acid raindrops
and favour the torment
my heart drowned dead
a romantics ritual
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