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Scarlett May 2
I only write sad poetry
and never say much else
I'm used to articulating my feelings
my therapist says it helps
I'm not used to being ok
instead, I'm just uncomfortable
waiting for the other shoe to drop
my tear ducts are insufferable
unusually ok
Scarlett Apr 14
he who lays down upon a cross
to draw an insatiable crowd
what a devilish smile you wear
when your women weep so loud
Scarlett Apr 14
greedy fingers
stolen flesh
beneath fingernails
wounds still fresh
missing entrails
I know you took it
bloodied hands and all
I'll take your limbs
you better learn to crawl

give back my heart.
he who consumes excessive amounts of female flesh, what a sinner indeed.
Scarlett Apr 12
I speak curtains
around myself
strangers hear the agony
and go deaf
they ignore the
screams of a banshee
applause rings out
at my last breath
Scarlett Apr 12
hollowed out is
the carcass I wear
empty bones
surrounding my decay
stuff myself with
liquid despair
golden whiskey
bleaches my body grey
Scarlett Apr 12
let me purge
away my sins
gluttony is an
endured stench
if I peel away
this being of mine
would you feel
my heart clench?
to love, a little too much. to fear it all far too often.
Scarlett Apr 9
creeps up on you
like a cold
in the midst of spring
like a rock
inside your shoe
til it starts to sting
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