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Part 8

What are we
A puff of smoke
A breath of air
A beat of heart

What are we
Is what we make
Of ourselves
That sets us apart

I push through the crowds
Elbowing my way
Going past
Going fast

To where nothingness
Is all that there is
Finding life
In death
A reincarnation
And rebirth of that old soul

M. N. R.
15 JULY 2019

We have the power
To destroy
And the power
To self destruct
If we chose

Of course a power not used
Is no power at all
And the power used to self destruct
Is still power indeed

And that is where
Power of self control is paramount
Where the power of self awareness matters
(Are you aware)

Have you ever used your power
To self destruct
Have you ever used the power
Of self control

It matters still
In matters great and small
When you use that power
To control others
And then the revolt follows
And the power used to control others
Swings back at you
Like a snake

M. N. R.
15 MAY 2019

It is the beginning of the end
Where dreams come crashing
All those brave facades
When they start to crumble

And I do a double take
At the ashes left behind me
The storm has just started
I see the dark clouds that rumble

No it is not mine
A death by a thousand cuts
It is called life, full of surprises
It is so called life, that makes one humble

No, I do not seek
The punishment or take vengeance
I keep my smile and I know
When a tree falls, or a castle will tumble

Yes there are signs in my voices
There are signs in my words
There are signs that I see
Each time I stumble

M. N. R.
26 MARCH 2019

1 Kings 18:22

Pretty sure you won't believe
If I say that I care
At a certain level I do
At a certain level you fail me
You don't want to listen

I warn
I beg and plead
It's a trap I made myself
And I know
You know that

I have no easy choices
You break your vows
You ask for punishment as promised
You were told

You know I am a liar
When I say I am being nice
I know you are a liar as well
And the game is constant

In my dark hours
When you are closer to me than my own skin
And I see the blood pour out from your every pore
And we are one agian

I want to help
And you won't ask
No promises
No safe words
No commitment
No gain
I wait
Your call

M. N. R.
06 MARCH 2019

In the clouds above
I see no silver lining
There is no moon
And no stars are shining

It is such a dread
Feeling forsaken
Night after night
My dreams are taken
By the spirts that posses me
And the demons unbounded
Thoughts that swirl
The feelings unfounded

I tell the story
Of all that is hidden
All that is known is
All that's forbidden

M. N. R.
05 JANUARY 2019

How did we get here
How did it ever come to this
I no longer wait for your calls
No, I no longer even miss

The touch of your skin
The smell of your hair
You decided to go your own way
And I didn't even care

We spend all our lives
Always playing the odds
Trying to get our own way
By praying to gods

The words that we speak
Have lost any meanings
Moment by moment
I lost any feelings

It is all superficial
We don't need to go deep
"How can you break promises
That you never meant to keep"

(M. N. R.)
01 DECEMBER 2018

It is not what I want
No it is not that
What I wanted
But here I am
I go through the motions
Stumbling through this life
Like I were blind

These are just thoughts
Without any emotions
Feelings that one goes through
Are sometimes unkind
Life takes us up
And sometimes down
It's like a rollercoaster
That has lost its mind

Its that crossroads
In the middle of nowhere
Nowhere to go
And no one to run from
Nowhere to hide
And nothing to find

M. N. R.
14 NOVEMBER 2018
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