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4d · 81
NA Lied
Zoe Mae 4d
Disappointed disillusioned
and disheartened
This ain't what they said
it would be
They promised one day at a time and you're free
Free to hurt
Free to suffer
Free to die of doldrum days
Free to wither away
And watch all you love decay
I get to feel
Forced to face what's real
Instead of melting in a
citrus peel
And I have to do it everyday
No reprieve
No relief
Just more errands and grief
I want to quit being clean
Start to fray at the seam
There's a corner out there
I've seen it in dreams
Only addicts will know what
I mean
May 16 · 109
Broken Forevermore
Zoe Mae May 16
I'm writing this in invisible ink because no one gives a **** what I think
Only special people can read this
They have to like bad poetry and have time to ****
Since there's so few of you
Tell you what I'll do
I'll sum me up from a couple of views
I'm a crazy ***** who's insecure
I'm a lonely soul who longs for more
A spine that drapes
A heart that aches
Broken forevermore
Apr 23 · 186
Zoe Mae Apr 23
Tired of hiding
I'm sick from the drafts
Time to go outside
Taste sunshine and laugh
Had enough of erasing
I keep murdering words
Time to release them
So they'll soar with the birds
And if no earthling likes them
If no one shows love
It's their apathy that's the problem
Not what I'm made of
My past may not be pretty
My future unseen
Because I come from where I'm going
And I'm lost somewhere between
Apr 3 · 479
Zoe Mae Apr 3
I can't find inspiration anymore
Even when I look up
The Moon, the stars, the universe
None of it's enough
It's not the things I'm looking at
but the lens through which I see
I found a black and blue kaleidoscope
Now all I see is
Feb 24 · 788
just the Moon
Zoe Mae Feb 24
Sometimes the Moon is just
the Moon
Stars simply stars
They're just reliable objects
They just are
And birds are just birds
They're pretty
They fly
Often words are just words
They're witty
They lie
And colors are just granted
Sort of like you and I
Until each pretty petal
just withers and dies
Feb 7 · 776
Faster than you
Zoe Mae Feb 7
I will get nowhere faster than you
Just look at the yellow lights I'm blowing through
Yes, for a moment it seems you have the edge
But you drive with your heart instead of your head
I saw that no u-turn coming for miles
You cut me off, and I was all smiles
In reality we both have nowhere to get to
But I'm gonna get there faster than you
Feb 6 · 1.0k
Love Trance
Zoe Mae Feb 6
Or spotlight
Let's dance
This night

Or maestro
We can

Cha Cha?
Oh, na na
I'd rather

Slow dance?
Oh, no chance
It's simply
A love trance
Realize Hello Poetry made this public before I wanted it to. Anyone who has to see it again, just ignore it like most people do.
Feb 2 · 179
Pretty things
Zoe Mae Feb 2
Pretty things fare well
Everyone loves pretty things
Pretty flowers, pretty houses, pretty faces
We don't visit ugly places
The under belly, the blood, the snot
Perhaps ugly things are best forgot
Pretty, it fades if we see it each day
Fresh eyes wouldn't focus on the magnitude of decay
But the slight beauty that grows around
Well, that would be found right away
Feb 2 · 214
Stolen Light
Zoe Mae Feb 2
The Moon has had her fill this night
Her belly swollen with stolen light
Seems as though she's swallowed the Sun
Her descent into madness merely begun
Now we have neither night nor day
Just a never-ending melancholy cycle of gray
Feb 1 · 129
Maybe I'm Wrong
Zoe Mae Feb 1
I don't write right
I must not think right
Therefore I don't feel right
Which means I don't act right
That's why I don't live right
Maybe I'm wrong
Jan 31 · 155
Mad Libs
Zoe Mae Jan 31
I've been living too much to write
Instead of writing too much to live
Now I know why I hid in plain sight
Amongst frilly words and mad libs
Jan 31 · 67
The forest never tells
Zoe Mae Jan 31
Purple skies  
Crystal earth
This place smells like fresh dug dirt
A shallow pond stuck to dead oak leaves
Tracks that lead to deer ****
Muddy prints from a beat up bear
A nut hatch pirouettes on air
Rotting trunks offer homes to beetles
Who'll dine on entrails served with needles
A human footprint deep in the snow
They wear size 10 and are missing a toe
And where'd their other foot happen to go
The forest never tells
Jan 30 · 163
Your Zombie
Zoe Mae Jan 30
This must be what it feels like to be a zombie
Vacant eyes
Rigored legs
An awkward gate

Please point me in the home direction
I can't move very fast, ya know
And I'll follow the scent of your sweet *******
Wherever it is you go
Jan 29 · 287
Zoe Mae Jan 29
It's snowing sideways
Let's play horizontal too
Love that side of you
Zoe Mae Jan 28
A glossy Glock
Loaded cocked and ready to rock
Tick tock tick tock
I would run
Not walk
Jan 27 · 180
The next Poe
Zoe Mae Jan 27
What if the best poem ever written has never been read
The best soliloquy in history never once said
What if the best song ever played had never been danced to
Simply because we weren't given the chance to
Save every draft and treasure your trash
One day they may be discerned from the ash
You could be the next Emily, I the next Poe
And like most famished artists
we'll never know
Jan 27 · 122
Increments of shit
Zoe Mae Jan 27
We witnessed cataclysmic events not take place, and instead accepted little increments of ****.
That's what life is.
Little increments of ****. Sometimes it's decent ****.
Most often it *****.
But it's always little ****, and it always adds up.
Jan 17 · 101
Gum on my stilettos
Zoe Mae Jan 17
I surrounded you with feathers in a steel furnace
I singed my wistful wings trying to save us
I gave up
I spread my willow wings trying to save me
The only power I have, I gave me
I'm not worshiping your phallus anymore
I'm no longer a *****
I outpaced that kind of fun
It was a long distance run
You're remnants from that prism
Stilettos dipped in gum
Don't leave any cash on the table
Give it to the Sun
Jan 3 · 145
Just because...
Zoe Mae Jan 3
Some people miss who I once thought of as me
Others long for who they thought I was
A few miss loving who they wanted me to be
But no one misses me simply because
Jan 2 · 364
Goose chase
Zoe Mae Jan 2
So glad I found you babe
Had me on a wild goose chase
Laying rotten egg after rotten egg
****** yolk streaming down your scrawny legs

So glad I have you babe
Had me on a golden goose chase
Laying charcoal and pyrite eggs
Everytime you spread your legs
Now yolk is streaming down your face
Yet it's me who's the disgrace
Dec 2021 · 198
I live on the Moon now
Zoe Mae Dec 2021
I built a tower of tears
It burst straight through the atmosphere
Landed on the Moon
Won't be back soon
It's surprisingly warmer up here
Dec 2021 · 415
Unintentional lies
Zoe Mae Dec 2021
Pigs cascade from the
The Earth's core solidly
If I crossed my heart I'll
We both left that window
wide open
We swore to flourish at each other's side
Who knew vows were born to be broken
Let àll records show we
once tried
Our words lies before they were spoken
Dec 2021 · 151
A day at the Beach
Zoe Mae Dec 2021
The ocean is foaming
The Sun ruthless this noon
She rages at us, while consulting the Moon

The waves smash louder, as the waters quickly rise
Titans themselves couldn't surf these tides

The sky opens up, the atmosphere wants in
She lobs frozen tears and seashells into the wind

Some people protest, a few run and hide
Most are just ****** that the weatherman lied

(So everyone stayed and left trash while taking selfies)
The end
Dec 2021 · 189
ABS plastic
Zoe Mae Dec 2021
So, I have some bad news
I never truly loved you
I just landed here, at your bedside by default
My own fault
But never my intention
Now I must go
I've found another, in the drawer at my bedside is my new lover
This one's got potential
Dec 2021 · 691
One day she'll orbit
Zoe Mae Dec 2021
One day she turned where there was no bend in the concrete
Skipping in bare feet
It looked triumphant, but it was retreat
Far far back to the days before poetry
And gaudy words for all to see
She skipped into a past where she could keep it all in
Afraid to mutter a word
Not wanting to burden the wind
So she built herself a rocket out of satin and tears
She'll be orbiting Earth for the rest of her years
Dec 2021 · 196
The Grosbeak
Zoe Mae Dec 2021
Born beautiful, dies the same
She's too free to be bound by the shackles of time
She follows the sunshine
She's too ambiguous to have a name
And she'll certainly never ask for mine
****! There she goes with the wind
Leaving me with nothing but a melancholy grin
Dec 2021 · 77
Peripheral vision
Zoe Mae Dec 2021
You don't see the forest or the trees
You wallow in your own image  
without any reflection
To catch a glimpse risks rejection
I thought you were just short-sighted
You also lack peripheral vision
Luckily history is less one-sided
And even less forgiving
Dec 2021 · 136
Clutching Sand
Zoe Mae Dec 2021
I still cling for life
To what died by my own hands
Dreams reduced to sand
Dec 2021 · 211
Zoe Mae Dec 2021
Shivering maples
Paint the heavens shades of grim
Wistful is the wind
Dec 2021 · 757
Rise from the ash
Zoe Mae Dec 2021
Rub elbows with the Moon
Run free as weeds in October
Race to what makes your heart bloom
Rise from the ash, and simply fly over
Dec 2021 · 507
Urban Dusk
Zoe Mae Dec 2021
Brick nudges the clouds
Pink hues rain down like starlight
Suits dash without sight
Nov 2021 · 151
Zoe Mae Nov 2021
Here it's gold and warm
Always smells of summer storms
This place is peaceful
Nov 2021 · 541
Zoe Mae Nov 2021
I want to go to my grave unafraid,
at peace with choices I've made
I want to go to my deathbed
not regretting every word I said that day, with clouds in my eyes and raindrops on your face
If it comes down to forgive or never live, I'm unafraid
Because I can do both today
I will do both today
Nov 2021 · 293
Her new life...
Zoe Mae Nov 2021
She knew she'd never truly be ready
No way she'd ever show up prepared
A speeding freight train couldn't stop her
Though she'd never been more scared
Nov 2021 · 235
Fate's a Bitch
Zoe Mae Nov 2021
Let your hopes rise
now watch them drop
Aim for the stars
only to flop
Check with fate
at every stop
She revels in being a *****

Plunge into love
find yourself washed ashore
Denounce all affection
while pleading for more
Check with fate
at every door
She relishes being a *****
Nov 2021 · 2.7k
Moon Faces
Zoe Mae Nov 2021
You mimic the Moon
Twelve foreseeable phases
Infinite faces
Nov 2021 · 359
Brainy Day
Zoe Mae Nov 2021
Brain brain, go away

Don't sabotage another day

I've stumbled much, yet I still try

Please let me live, before I die
My brain is my biggest enemy.
Nov 2021 · 347
Mona Lisa Moon
Zoe Mae Nov 2021
In the velvet sky
The Moon's smirk caught Leo's eye
Mona Lisa's muse
Nov 2021 · 218
Daylight Wasting
Zoe Mae Nov 2021
Never mind the time
We should listen to the sun
Abide by her shine
Nov 2021 · 223
Whispering from a well
Zoe Mae Nov 2021
I'm just scribbling in the wind
Babbling to dead trees
I wonder why I even begin
painting portraits no one sees

I'm just spitting into a void
Barely whispering from a well
I wonder if anyone hears my voice
It's becoming hard to tell
Nov 2021 · 205
Sex and Poetry
Zoe Mae Nov 2021
Don't mix *** with poetry
as similar as they may be
Within the folds of satin words
are ******* phrases best not heard
So be careful because just one chapter
Could close the book forever after
Nov 2021 · 135
The Rockies
Zoe Mae Nov 2021
Here it's soft and blue
Ever rains in purple hues
Crumpled mountain view
Nov 2021 · 189
Zoe Mae Nov 2021
Jewels ceil the sky
Mother nature's Christmas lights
Make merry year round
Nov 2021 · 431
Zoe Mae Nov 2021
The Moon's sick of us
We expect from her love beams
She has her own dreams
Nov 2021 · 112
Smile Wide
Zoe Mae Nov 2021
They said looks don't matter
but they lied
No one cares how ugly you are
on the inside
So be certain your scars
will easily hide
Then choke down the razors
and smile wide
Nov 2021 · 117
Butterfly Wishes
Zoe Mae Nov 2021
Crisp citrus sheets
Two pairs of feet
Butterfly kisses
and whispers sweet

Rose petal streams
Golden moon beams
Butterfly wishes
come true in dreams
Oct 2021 · 71
Not in Miami
Zoe Mae Oct 2021
How odd running into you, in Miami like this.
Should we exchange info, or steal that last kiss?
Your left bumper should be fine.
Not so sure about mine.
It may heal with time.
Boy, you look nice and smooth.
I play along too, like I'm cool as you.
Yep, nothing to see here.
Just a couple ex-lovers, squabbling over your rear.
But yeah, I do my own thing.
I write and brew coffee.
My lifelong dream!
God no. Not in Miami.
Oct 2021 · 183
Rain days
Zoe Mae Oct 2021
Drip drop, never stops
Puddles formed are now the norm
Splash splosh, day's a wash
Oct 2021 · 272
your sparkle
Zoe Mae Oct 2021
I just want to blend in with the other leaves
Not stand out like starlight
I just want to remain hidden among the trees
Not cast shadows like moonlight
You're the star of this show
You're the moon's satin glow
To steal a speck of your sparkle wouldn't be right
Oct 2021 · 535
Fleeting Moment
Zoe Mae Oct 2021
On a high-rise estate, what's eating away at your mind?
We could always debate, but why waste the time?
Lay here with me
Lose yourself in the sky
All we have is this moment
Before another flies by
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