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I have so much love to give

Like the sun gives to us

A light so bright, we can't even see the other side.

But pieces of my heart
Have burned
And flown away
From ash to dust.

There's a light
that still shines through
In my hopes of belief
That there could be a me and you

I empty myself out
And let the universe fill me
With her maternal love

Each breath of oxygen
Mother Earth fills our lungs.

So we must thank her
And never forget
Her love is what keeps us
What bounds us
What keeps our hearts beating
As one.
an oldie but a goodie.
Dear Nicotine

Why do I feel like I need you

Like the air that I breathe.

You feel as good as oxygen


You are slowly killing me
I hate that I love you
Shadows hiding our appearances to the core,
Crowd drifting the distance more,
Between us,
But not between our souls,
I bet I saw someone last night,
Not thinking about your rejection,
I just went towards your reflection,
And I embraced you,
It felt like a dream too good to be true,
Somehow you didn't pushed me away,
I expected the harsh words you didn't say,
The spell has broken,
My racing heart has calmed down,
Thank you for at least letting me do that,
I wish this wasn't the last time we met.
No matter how hard you try
your dreams can never be sweeter than mine
Because I dream about you.
Sinking to the ground,
With the surface turning wet,
I quickly found myself weeping,
Just moments before,
You questioned our compatibility,
You questioned how fragile our love is,
You suggested me finding someone better,
You suggested me to move on,
But it became clear,
You were questioning your strength,
You were questioning your heart,
You were questioning yourself for me,
I wiped off the tears,
Gathering all the strength,
Boosting up my trust for you,
I stood up,
Running towards you like crazy,
My eyes seeking your presence,
It is not over,
Not yet.
People will forget
what you said,
People will forget
what you did,
But people will never forget
how you made them feel.
-Maya Angelou
You remember the time at the beach,
I remember the long walk we took,
You remember the coffee we drank,
I remember you wiping off the smudge,
You remember the day we met,
I remember the way you saw me,
You remember the joke I made the other day,
I remember the way you laughed,
You remember the day you hold my hand for the first time,
I remember the warmth it spread,
You remember the the gift I gave you,
I remember the shine in your eyes,
You remember all the moments we spend,
I remember 'us' every time in them.
Altering your perspective can provide you the luxury of seeing things for what they are and not what you want them to be.....
-Truth Devour
Swiftly and gracefully it all happened,
You just came,
Flourished my world with tenderness,
Caressed my being with all you've got,
And then as just you occurred to me,
You were gone,
Like a meteor you visited my life's imperfect sky.
Love is a meteor shower.
It occurs rarely but the impact remain forever.
 Apr 9 Star Stuff
I would quiver into dust for him
Convert back into the atoms and stars I once was
I would melt between the crack in the warm pavement
turn into nothing but a puddle of water  to be stepped in
I would be burnt into ashes
Become nothing but a rusted gate
I would give up every thing I possibly have
Just to hear him say I love you like he said right now
You are nothing like
these clouds
you would never
steal the sunlight
keep it to yourself
it's the same with me
you would never keep me
to yourself
because you know
my purpose
is to shine on you
The scent of my
favorite perfume
reminds me of you
this is one of the
many things
you ruined
like it was
one of your
Moonlight sparks my heart
but it's not like the fire you start
whenever you
say my name
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