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Broken in places I've never felt before,
Gone to soon, never again and forever more.
My heart bleeds by the thought of you,
Your memories are buried deep.
Your smile illuminates my every being that still remains.
I live my life following your beauty
Always remembering the love you taught me.
I wish you could come back,
And make this pain go away
Let us love you and never go away.
My tears run hot against my cheek , I cannot breathe
I'm out of breath, for your face I will never see.
In the shower I fall to my knees, I'm calling out your name
Come and save me, hug me, hold me.
You never come, but I hear your voice,
Your sweet laughter kisses me and I know now
My life will never be the same.
You are the beauty I see
You are the mystery of me
Let me hold you to see your soul
Forever my true love of old.
The mystery of you fill my being
Wondering and wishing you were here with me.
Tell me your secrets, tell me no lies
I am yours for now and all times.

— The End —