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aeri izzy Mar 20
what's to find in this labyrinth
how to move with the flow
too much mist and identical plinths
no Adrian's string glow
no scent of hyacinths
is a pathway ever gonna show!
suddenly represent itself and meet her gaze!
and will it matter if it's spacious or narrow?
perhaps she's enjoying this state of maze
or maybe it's denial and ache for the afterglow..
  Mar 2018 aeri izzy
lost girl
Your presence here is voluntary
But is it really?
You aren't forced to be here
But leaving is a sign of giving up isn't it?
Leaving is a sign of cowardice
                               of weakness
I don't think I can take it
You wouldn't want to disappoint.
You have to make it.
You've made it to this point.
This is what you wanted
What if it isn't?
I don't even know what I want for lunch
It's an opportunity of a lifetime
Yeah, an opportunity to feel stressed out and overwhelmed.
You should be grateful.*
I am grateful, really.
But I just really want to go home.*

  Mar 2018 aeri izzy
lost girl
It's coming again
I can barely hold this pen
My hands are shaking so hard
And I can barely think straight.
What's wrong with me?
I don't know anymore.
It could be my anxiety
Or just my lack of self control.
What's wrong with me?
I should be able to keep my thoughts in check.
Cause those worrisome thoughts
Are what has brought me here.

Blame it on my anxiety.
Blame it on my lack of self control.

Any thoughts?
  Mar 2018 aeri izzy
lost girl
I care about you.
I honestly do.

I didn't plan for it to happen.

I swear I didn't.

I had no intention of falling for you.

I didn't even want to.

But then something changed in the way I saw you.

Your smile became the only thing I could see and I began picking out your voice in a crowd.

I didn't even notice until it was too late.

And now I'm ******* and it's all because of you.

  Dec 2017 aeri izzy
heather jackson
i can feel myself
so crazy
in love
be it for me.
[my heart pounds as i type that.]
i want everything
you are
and i feel like i have always wanted you.
in the very core of who i am
i've always wanted you.

— The End —