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Sep 2020 · 404
Hidden Glace Sep 2020
What happens
when I'm not
worthy of this love
we share?

Does that spell
doom and
disarray for our

Or does it
only mean I've
overlooked all the
obvious things?
Bruh I don't even know anymore.

Don't take this to serious ****.
Jul 2019 · 164
When Did I Grow Up
Hidden Glace Jul 2019
When I threw away my dreams.
Tossed away;
saved for a rainy day

When I came back home.
Found myself;
A new start

The Divorce.
Two houses;
No home.
nothing will change

Glad I'm Almost 20.
Jun 2019 · 553
A letter to the desk of me
Hidden Glace Jun 2019
this is important
I really miss you
Jun 2019 · 179
Hidden Glace Jun 2019
What if...?
What would I...?
How could I...
I'd be so...
How long...?
What next?

Don't worry, it's only sometimes.
May 2019 · 244
Littlg thine callgd lovg
Hidden Glace May 2019
Somgtimgs, thines dont eo thg way wg want thgm to.
but it'll bg okay, bgcausg I'll still be hgrg for you.
I lovg you.
May 2019 · 584
To whom it may concern
Hidden Glace May 2019

I just wanted to say I.
I'm sorry.

I didn't mean for you to ever listen to these.

I didn't mean to let go of the edge.
I didn't think I'd actually go through with it.
But here we are, and that only means one thing.
I finished it.

It's hard to find these words to say,
Without sounding cheesy or stupid.
All I know is that I'm not a burden anymore.

Is Dec 12th. About 12:30 or so.
I could've called you instead.
I could've- I could've-

I could've done it.
Hidden Glace Apr 2019
Burdening weight slung across
a frame

Once-full corpses
now lay empty;
and hungry.

Often they make their way,
their way to the table-
but naught is moved,
other than tired eyes.

the living worry
while the dead thrive on neglect.
pushing their way out of shallow graves
only to balance [carefully] on the edge

when they fell;
the dead;
caught in a spider-s nest
cocooned withering and safe.
Apr 2019 · 124
I don’t even know<3
Hidden Glace Apr 2019
When it’s late like this,
I’ll sit and think about where I’ve gone.

I’ll remember those nights spent in your arms,
comfortable, safe, and loved.
I miss those nights the most.

Then I’m finding myself remembering
Those nights where I woke up,
A memory beside me,
Ever silent, ever distant.

There’s only one night that haunts me.
February 14th, my kisses with death.

I wish I could take it all back.
Come home tonight, and see you.

It’s not much to say I love you in a poem,
But it’ll all I have until the dawn.
Mar 2019 · 251
I hate this
Hidden Glace Mar 2019
Seems to me
that everything just feels the same.

The same mindless wandering,
between friends,
between worlds.

The same feelings.
Tired and sore.
Lonesome and sad.

The same dull ache in my chest,
longing for a lovers touch.
starving for compassion.
Mar 2019 · 135
Hidden Glace Mar 2019
What happens to us
when we forget why we've
become who we are?

I wish I could make up my mind about why I'm here.
Hell, why anyone is here.

Some days;
i'll find myself
and finding myself feeling the same as normal.
Just odd.
Feb 2019 · 119
Hidden Glace Feb 2019
Take a moment, and relax your shoulders.
Now take a slow breath.

You've made it this far.
I don't know what might be happening
with your busy life;
but you made it this far.

That means something, friend.
The past may shape us but the
Present; is exactly that.

Now make sure your shoulders are still relaxed.
Stay relaxed
Hidden Glace Feb 2019
Just sledding.
Nothing 'special'
except the smile on your face;
Honestly my favorite memory of high school (maybe ever) is sledding with my girlfriend. It was an amazing day.
Feb 2019 · 133
1, 2, 3, 4
Hidden Glace Feb 2019
the little
things. The smiles,
the hugs, the love.

1 thing I can't live without is your embrace.
Too far apart; and yet we're closer than anyone I've met.
3 words can't really express my feelings well,
forget what people say, I'm happy with you...

I love you,
I miss you.
I'll be home soon.
I promise.
Jan 2019 · 770
Hidden Glace Jan 2019
When you read this...
Remember you're loved.
You're here for a reason.

Talk to someone you haven't in a month or two.
Take them out to dinner.
Tell them something you never shared with them.
Let them know you care about them.

One day,
when you're feeling down
and broken

they might just be there for you too.
Jan 2019 · 680
Dec. 6, 2017
Hidden Glace Jan 2019

8 that bled
8 that disappointed

Cutting is bad. Self-harm is pain. Bottling is pointless.
Cutting is pain. Self-harm is pointless. Bottling is effective.
Cutting is pointless. Self-harm is effective. Bottling isn't' working.
Cutting is effective. Self-harm isn't working. Bottling was fuel.
Cutting isn't working. Self-harm was fuel.
Cutting was fuel. Self-harm is empty.
Suicide is.

Where am I?
How many lines until the end?
Some stuff  I wrote the night after I first self-harmed.
A rough couple of years later and I'm a changed person.
Glad I never made it to the end of the line.
Hidden Glace Jan 2019
You didn't do anything wrong.
He did. He started everything.
It's his fault...
Please answer me love.
I love you...
Breakup heartbreak love faithful confused scared worried
Hidden Glace Jan 2019
Why the hell am I still alive?
If you had to ask me?
I'd say I'm not suicidal.
I just think most would be better without me
I'm sad.
I just guess that I'm around because I can't leave yet.
I promised you.
I'm clean, haven't cut for months.
I'm sad.
I feel lonely.
I'm sad.
Can't cry
I'm sad, and I miss you.
Can't cry
I've got dreams to chase.
Can't cry
I wish I could hold you;
so my world could slow
because I feel like it's spinning out of control.
Jan 2019 · 477
Th(is) Love.
Hidden Glace Jan 2019
Waking up,
810 miles away from your warmth.
Missing the tired grumbles you always make
saying it's too **** cold
or sometimes
just moving closer to me.

To say I miss you is a gross understatement
to say I love you just isn't enough.

My small bed feels much too large,
The weight behind my eyes feels massive;
The spaces between my fingers are empty love,
Please come fix these problems...
And let me try to fix yours.

I know that I'm not the best boyfriend,
I understand that you disagree.
But I want to say something I knew
I'd say again...
I miss you.
I miss your smile,
brightening my day when you're laughing at or with me.
I miss your hugs,
and how we never want to let go...
I miss singing with you,
especially when we duet.
Just you
and me
and nothing else.

What I'm trying to say,
with far too many works,
with far too many words,
[which I still think isn't enough]

Is that I think I wanna make you
but you'd be making me
the happiest person on Earth?

Cause that's my plan.
Trying to express myself I suppose.
Jan 2019 · 396
Happy New Year
Hidden Glace Jan 2019
2019 started out right.
I talked with you.
Hidden Glace Dec 2018
Here goes nothing.

Hey, backstabbing *****.
How's the guy I wasn't supposed to worry about treating you?
Not like I called that the first time you two hung out.
Oh wait, that was me being jealous about you spending time with someone else.
Heaven forbid I was worried about you cheating on me again.

I was as naive as you seemed.
******* *****.
I wish I could tell it to your face,
but why would I waste my time on you.


see you in hell
L. M. B.
A note written to a VERY special someone, who I caught cheating on me about a year ago.
finally wrote down the beginning of how I feel.
Just a little angry.
Hidden Glace Dec 2018
I could throw words on a page
to show you how much I think of you,
but I'd rather say something cliche like;
I don't want to fill a hundred books.

I could write you a song
a melody to your heart.
but I don't need one,
you gave me your heart long ago.

We've both changed.
I'm bitter, resentful. Hurt. Angry.
worried, frightened, lonely
You seem more silver.
hurt. remorseful.

But I don't want to lose you.
You're such an amazing person,
and I can't believe that you've let me be your player two.

Hidden Glace Dec 2018
I'm not always the best with keeping my promises.
I'd go as far to say that I'm pretty dumb,
at least when it comes down to handling my feelings.
But I've always been able to put a pen to a page and write them out.
So I guess I'm here to do that again.

I wish I could tell you I'm not scared.
I wish I could tell you I'm not jealous.
I wish that I could hold you every night.
I know that it means nothing.
I'm scared that it could turn into something when I'm away.
I know you Love me.
I Know I Love you.
I just get scared because I'm afra-404
I just get scared because it's happened before,
I look into the mirror and can't understand why I'm like this.

Today I said the words you gave me about 100 times today.
They still haven't worked.
But I'll keep saying them,
because maybe then you'll believe me when I say:
I think you're beautiful.
You look stunning.
I love the sound of your laugh.
I think you're an amazing singer.
Dec 2018 · 254
Hidden Glace Dec 2018
I finally was able to stand by your side
Even as I held you
I knew I’d miss you no matter how far we are
Cause I love you.
Regardless of anything else.
Dec 2018 · 141
Lustful poem #2
Hidden Glace Dec 2018
A whole lot more than nothing
Makes me want you.
Under me, over me
Anything make me happy

I’ll take you in the shower,
And of course I’ll clean you too,
Because that’s just fair.

I think when you told me
About how much you loved
And everything that goes with it

Let’s just say
It keeps my thoughts
On you;
Hidden Glace Dec 2018
Someday when we're together again,
those tears won't stream down your face.
There won't be nights where we both wish
the other was by our side.

I know not easy with 800 miles between you and I.
I never expected it to be this hard.
Each day grows longer and longer
and you feel further and further away.

So send me the night to bring me to you,
in our dreams we're together,
and miles
and days
can't steal that from us.
Dec 2018 · 929
The night brings us closer
Hidden Glace Dec 2018
I know its silly,
to say I'll see you in my dreams
but it's the truth;
I haven't held you in forever,
but my dreams bring me closer.

Nights spent thinking about you
all the wonderful things you make me feel...
Love. Safe. Joy. Hope. Wanted.
I love you.

Soon my love,
we'll share the space between our arms
singing those songs we've shared for so long.

you'll say you can't sing
but when you do I get lost
lost from my problems,
lost from my pain,
lost from my worries.
and then I get lost in you.

So bring on the night
that brings me to you.
***Written listening to "Bring Me the Night" by Sam Tsul feat. Kina Grannis***
Dec 2018 · 450
Hidden Glace Dec 2018
When did I forget who wanted to be?
Maybe it was when I found out that a ring doesn't mean forever;
when closed doors flew open and tore my home apart.
Maybe it was when I found out that mistakes had consequences;
Something I regret to this day and can't ever amend.
Maybe it was when I toured that school 810 miles away.
closing one chapter and opening another, with new characters.

Maybe it was when I thought I had nothing left to live for.
Maybe it was that day when a handful of pills poured out
Maybe it was that day when I hurt her again, saying it was her fault.
Maybe it was the three days I spent regretting not just swallowing those pills.
Maybe it was when I opened my veins while friends and family watched.
Maybe it was when I gathered everything I treasured, including but not limited to:

A black 3DS, which would go to my little brother.
A blue Nintendo Gameboy, which would go to my best friend.
A musical script, flipped to my favorite song, a song of goodbyes.
A foam stick, going to a friend who could use it.
My bow, recently given to me by my father;
(I wish I used it with him more)
A beaten up black hoodie, her favorite. She wouldn't take it, I'm sure, but it's only for her.
A few simple notes, detailing who gets what and why I did so.
Me, in a dress suit I knew I'd never grow out of.
Me, in a tie and belt.
Me, almost hanging there.
and a mess of memories that stopped me.

When did I forget who I wanted to be?
I suppose it was the day when I realized the person I wanted to be
no longer was a person I wanted to be.
I'll be honest, I'm still suicidal.
I make jokes, I can be happy, but at the end of the day, I just feel tired.

\Then my phone rings//
I know why I'm not the person I wanted to be.
I can't say I changed for you, or that I changed to be a "better man"
I don't need someone who's fixed.
I know I'm broken.
I don't need someone fake, wearing makeup and spending hours on looking "pretty"
I don't like that.
I need someone I can cry with
someone I can stay up late with
someone I can hold
someone I can comfort
someone I can be there for
someone I love
someone to wear that black beaten hoodie.
someone like you, Love.
thank you
Every time.
Kind of a poem, more of a poor attempt to express a complicated feeling. Wait a second, I think that's what poetry is for.
This was written very late at night and I am tired.
I love her very much <3
Hidden Glace Nov 2018
I remember the first time you said you were silver.
I didn't understand, even though I thought I did.
It's not that I don't feel good.
It's that I don't feel anything.
Although, tonight is a small touch of blue,
swirled in with this silver construct.
I'm not trying to be distant.
I'm not trying to seem empty.
I'm just...
Feeling a little silver tonight.
Today wasn't anything special,
like the days before it.
They continue their ceaseless march,
whether we find ourselves able to face them.
16 more days.
384 hours.
I wish I could skip all of them and find myself by you.
You reflect all the colors, and I'd love to feel something other than
I don't even know.
Nov 2018 · 114
The Other Half
Hidden Glace Nov 2018
I hid
behind my lines
for a year and a half.
But no longer.

I'm sorry it took me so long,
to become a better man.
I know even with my flaws,
you chose me over anyone else.

I know there will be days
where the world comes crashing down;
When the light we chase seems to slip away.
But we have too many dreams to stop chasing that light.
I know there's at least 2 worth staying for.

I'm happy that I can say You're enough,
Even though you don't agree with me all the time.
I've got something else to tell you by the way.
"When I think of forever, it's you here with me"

and as Always
I miss you love.
The sound of your voice,
the best hugs in the world...
I love you.
Nov 2018 · 242
One Half
Hidden Glace Nov 2018
behind my lines
I've said it before.
I'll say it again.

I̷͖̿'̵̮̈́m̶̫̏ ̷̪̔s̶̛͈ö̵̜́r̵͎̈́r̶̝͑y̴͇̏ ̸͔̎t̴̜̾h̶̭̔a̷̡͐t̸̠̀ ̶͔̍Ï̸͜'̷͒͜m̵̨̛ ̸͖̈ṋ̶̅ő̵͎t̷̪͌ ̵̫̍b̷̹̿e̸̻͘t̶̓͜t̵͓̆e̸̢̿r̴͍̽;̸̧͗
̸̔ͅÚ̴̟n̷̼̄d̶̙̾ė̵̯r̵͇̉s̶̻̓t̸̡̑a̷­̬̍n̸̟͒d̸̻͑ ̶̛̰Î̴̺ ̵̙̀d̷̬͐o̴̬̔n̵̊͜'̸̘͋t̷͈̿ ̷̙͛m̶̩̃e̸̡͛ạ̸͋n̵̓͜ ̶̀͜t̵̜̓o̵̳̎ ̷̱̆w̶̥̽o̴̼̓r̴̥͂r̶͎̓y̴̬͂ ̵̣͌y̷̬̔ŏ̶̮ŭ̷̗.̶̤̂
̶̱̎Ĩ̴̮ ̷̳͝j̵͕́ŭ̶͈s̷̻̑t̴͔̓ ̶̞́f̶̟̿e̴͈̒e̸͋͜l̸̙͘ ̴̣̐l̵̰͌i̷̛̠k̵̻͂e̴̞͑ ̴̛̼e̸̗͊v̸̳̋ě̵͎r̵͎̚y̸̑͜t̷̙̾h̵̳̒ī̸̡ņ̸̛g̵̮̋ ̸̬͊I̴͕̐ ̵̡̆d̴̜̓o̵̯̒ ̶͕̊ì̴̱s̶͓͝n̸̼͝'̵̥̈t̷̩̐ ̸͈̽ẻ̸̟n̵̙͊õ̷̦u̷͇͐g̴̖͗h̵̙̃
̷̲̐ ̸̪̏f̸͔̈́o̸̜͋r̸̰͒ ̸͖̀s̸͙̈́o̵̝͂m̵̺̕ě̷̡o̵̼̿ň̷̥é̵̗ ̸̫̉a̴͕̐ś̵̳ ̸͉͛á̸̝m̶̪̿a̵͇̎z̴̙̕ĩ̷̬n̴̦̈g̴̼̐ ̶̛̜a̸̺͝ś̷̞ ̸̭̏ý̷͍o̴̼̊ṳ̶̌.̸͉̏

I̸̥̟̻̿̾̚ͅ ̷͇̪̽̾̈k̴̼͑̊̑n̸̮̭̊̽͝ö̴̳̝̯́ẘ̶̭͉̙̲̺̾͛̓ ̵̨̞͊̈́͌̓Ḯ̶̬̿̕͠ ̵̨͓̯̞̆h̶͎̮͉̿͊a̵̻̺̪͂v̶̫̄̀͜e̴̗̎́͆͂ ̴̺͉̣̝̹́́n̴͕͚͛ͅį̷̡̪͙͛g̶̰̱͐̽͆͝h̴͕͎̘̹̘̎͋̆̚͘t̵̡̧̝̃̌̔m̵͍͓̤̈́͒͗͂a̷̭̻̎̎̓­̘̗̗r̴̨̛̖̠̪e̸̮̦͋̓̋̍s̴̫̭̗̩͗̃͜
̷̥̭͇͍͖͋̇͋́͐a̷͈̯̫̲̋͗̉̕͝b̷͍̰̪͆̉ͅo̴̦͐̏̽̑­̤͓̤̲û̶̫͍̈́̇ẗ̷̞̦́̒̾̕ ̶̩͍͖̥̂ͅy̸͈͑̍͠o̶̙͛̾̍ų̷̞̥͙͓̽̉̐,̸̡̘̪̪̊͋̂ ̷͎̠̞̘̥͊̈̌a̶̲͑̍͘ņ̴̹̃̏̾d̷̡̬̪̳͎̋̏͊̐ ̷̛̭̙͋̄͗ą̸͚̓̂b̸͖̬̟̈́ͅó̶̡̦̹̰̅͂ǘ̷̩̘͆͂̓̓t̶̨̮̱͔̄ ̵͚̥͙́̀̂m̸̡̜̱̏͐̐͌è̸͚̳̦,̵̡̱̮͒̉
̵̟̈́͑ḑ̵̤̄̄͐͠y̶̧̳͂̾̅̾̕į̵̛͖̓̇̈n̸̛͒̓̓­̡͈̩g̵̘̬̎.̶̠̳̱͠͝ ̶̛̹̩̱͗l̸̯̘̝̈́̒͝ẽ̴̪͓̦̔͑̀a̶̐̒͘̚ͅͅv̴̢̊̒̌ȉ̴̢̢̢̻ͅn̸̗̖̣͓̉̐̚ͅg̶͉̅.̷͐̿̾͋­̮̜͙͙̤ ̷̪̞̈́s̴̩̲̿l̴͈̗̭̓ͅi̸̠̲̓p̶͈̰̳̜̘͗p̷̜͈̗̄͋̿͘͜i̷͎̫͆́n̴̗͙̥̻̟̒͘͝g̶̜͍̮͒̈̄͛.­̵̢͉͇̱̓͑͊͛̆ ̶̺̿̌̈́̉̓c̸̣̻̤̲̆ṙ̶̠̠͐̔a̸͍͌s̶̢̢̲̾͋̐h̵̢͚̃i̵̢̟͉̇̑͊͝n̴̟̮̫̈̔̔͘g̴̬̭̠̒.̸͑­̤̊͑͌͜
̵̡̙̞͑t̴̫͙̿̉͑̈́h̷͙̙̩̩̒̌͑͝e̶͉͗ ̶̢̭̺̦̙̽̐l̷̪͗̌́͘a̸̛̞̟̻͝s̶̩͉͚͍̼͑̊ṭ̸͇͉̽̈́̈̿͊ ̸̺͎̘̍̇͗̀͘o̶̟̰͉̩͊ñ̸̞̩̏͐̐͐ͅe̸̢͔͑̌͗̋ ̴̨̼͍́͘͝ͅš̷̮̯͖̱͋͒̿c̶̩͌a̸͖͓͂̃͒́r̸̢̧̲̬̽̊͗̉ȇ̸̙͎͔ş̸̤̲͙̉͐ ̸̭̊̌͌̚ṃ̵̙̎͝͠ę̷͊ ̶̬̘̥̈́͐̋͘ṭ̵̬̦̔̅h̶̰̻̐̐ȅ̷̬ ̴̩̺͍̹͈̈́͗͌̚͝m̸͍̎̑̅́ó̶̠͖̋̓̂̕ṡ̵̟̺̏t̵̡͇̕.̶̙͈̭̞̂͒̔
̶̺̤̬̰͎̈́͋̓I̸̦͑́̚ ̶͖̈́͌t̴̮̪̘̬̄̆̓̈́̚ḧ̸̛̥̗̱̈́̇͝i̸͇͉͉̭̳͗n̷͔͌͠͝k̵̰̙̼̹̑͗ͅ ̴̛̟̮̖̖̬͌̎̅̔I̷̭̲͔̪̙͊͂̂̀'̸̨̱͙̠͂̿m̴̺͉͎̆͊̀͗ ̸̛̫͆̈́̄̌a̸̱̹̯̮͕̋́̑͝t̸̜̜͂̔̾̈́̅ ̷͉̗̀͆̌͘5̴̗̳̖̆̿̈́ ̸͓͋͋̎͜n̸̢͙̹̞͗ô̴̭̟̮͎̓͋̇w̶̨̚.̸͍̹͝
I̶̝̤͍̦͖̰̔͂̄͑̿́͊̕'̴̨͚̼̋­̡̡̼̬͍m̶͕̥̠̰͔̲̳̲̐̊͊͑̒̃͝ ̵̨͓̜̮̰̟̓̽̋̑͜s̶͚̪̯̔̂̐̋̀̌̎͠c̵̮̙͚͔̱̜͊͗͂̏͘͝a̶̦̣̰͍̣̕r̴̡̥͚̳̽͛͋̈́̀͝e̶͛̂̊̕­̢̜̩̫̊̍͛̕ḓ̸̨̃́̎̃͒̋͝͝ ̶̰͍̟͚̙̈͒͒̈́̂͛̍̕͝ͅḬ̵̺͇͇̝̉̒́̍̌'̷̛͔͈͉͙̤͇̟̻̀̃̒̊͋̅͝͝m̵̝̗̝̻̩̘̦̜̮̜̏ ̷̼̮͓̝̼̠̱͆̾͂͠ṅ̴̪̮͚͙̰̤̱̟͚̋̕͝ͅǒ̶͕̘͋͛̽̉͝t̸̡̥̮̤̓̽ ̸͚̻̟̩̂̈̽͗̄͂e̶̮̬̫̺̘̭̝͈͓̜͂͗̉̄̐̌͗̂n̷̨̧̛̻̬̣͍̖͚͊̄̑̆̊̕͜ȏ̵̬̀ư̵̻̥̩̅͗̍̚͠­̠̝̼g̷̼͔̳̯͌͆̍͑͑̾̔̄͠h̸̢̠͙̼̕;̵̡̨̯̱̬͓͙̫̌̃͗̽̾͝͝
̸̱̰͎̩̜̭̎͒̓̍̋̚̚E̷̛̗͝v̷̀­̡̞͉̗̖̖̮̗̂e̵̡̲͖͉̰̣̒͌̈́̅̄̆͑͆̽͝n̶̲̥̊̄͒̅̆͋͜ ̵̡͇̒̋ẗ̵̢͉̗͙̭̳̿̋̿͂͒̑̚͠h̶̨̧͉̮̪̝̙̬͈̗̅o̴̹̭̩̹̩̦̜͛̄̂́̚u̴͙͈̱̦̼͕̱͎͈̿͜g̵͑­̡̩̗͔̟̞̟̙̦̌h̵̢̩̎̒͂́̂ ̵̮͕̞͗͌͒͒͌̎̚͘͜͜͝͝y̶̭̟͌͑̀̑̑̋̕o̶͎͈̓̀͒͂ụ̸̤͓͉̲̘̉̆̀͆'̶̨̩̲̄͐͝ṽ̶̱͙̹̞͇̊̚­͎̱͍̘e̶̥̘͒̇̀̚ ̵̡̛̟̤͍͆̂͒͛͊̆͝t̸̳͇̯͗͂́̈́̾͆̑̈̎̐ơ̶̯̑͊͛͛́͋̍̚ḽ̴̜͉̱̲͙͈̹̗̤̋̿͒̌d̵̛͊͒̌͑̾̋­̦͓͖̝̥̜̥̣̀͊ ̴̧̯͔̲͕̠̠̿͊̆͐̿̀̓̓͠m̴̜̣̪͚͛̓̾̈́ē̸̘͙͚̜͖͇̙̬͋̃̀̄͜ ̴͖̇̓̆͗̀̌̾͆͠c̶̨̫͓̬̺̲͈̉̎͠o̵̪̻͖͊̄ų̴̝̗̻͎̆̏̀͆̔̉̀̇͝͝n̵̛̛̩̱̩̗̘͍̰̲͕̍̏̀͗͘­͕t̸̨̞͚̬̺̬̎̊̏̐̀͛l̶̡̡̬̞̘̬͓̄̃̓͊̎̀̔͛ė̵͕͔̪͙̭̦̘̀͐͒͒̿s̵̨̞̤̰̆͗͜s̸̠̳͕̗̿̆̏­̩̜ ̷̡̢̝̟̱̹̮̼̭̔̈́͂̀̅̽̕͝t̷̡͖̣̣̹̦̫̏͗̾̆͒̈́͘̚i̵̫̤̼̲͚̺̤͗͋̌͠m̵̬͎͎͗͋̒̔́͜e̷͗͑̀̓­̙ș̵̭͇̥͍̻̖͎͈̓̿ ̵̡̢̛͇͔͈͈̼͚͇͗͑t̶̪͓̣̤̙̩̏̋͆̒͠h̴͈̺̜̰̜͓̾̍͋̽̉͑̕͘͜a̶̖̞̘̻̯̲̺̯̭͋̑t̶͔̯̿͑͠͠ͅ­̺̰̯ ̵̖̞̪̰͈̮͉̏͗̃̒̕͘͠ͅI̴̻͇̳͐̀̊͛͂̀̃'̸͈͗́̇m̷̧̃̃ ̴̙̟͚́̚ẅ̷̦́̈́́̈͑͘͘͘ͅớ̵̡̆̓̌̏̅̔̕͝r̷̛͕̣̥̮̪̱͐͊̄̽̑͊͜t̸̢̩̼͇̘̘̺́̂h̶̿́͐̅͒­̖͍̯͖̻͜ ̷̢̧̮̜̻͗̈̓̄̓į̷͙̮̟̺͍͇̺̮͛̒̄t̸̗̉̋͒̆̈́̾̍͠.̷͔̰̩͚̈́̈͝
̴̣͕̟͔̫̖̙̱̀̊̔͜͠I̵̎̍̕­̛͚͓̼̤̘͈͚̐͑́'̷̨͔͔͕̩͈̹͒̿̊͊͑̍́̕͘m̷̡͇̖̝͕̺̼͔̟̐̄̿͋̈ ̸̰̩̩͑͒͋͂̆̿͠s̶̗̊̕č̴̪a̵̡͈͖͂̇͗̃̀̽͌r̶̨͍̎̏͗̿͂͑̚ę̶̢̗̫̦͉͕͔̈̃̎͊̚̚͜d̸̔̅͘­̰̳̬͇͉̑̇͐̆̎ ̵̤̼̘̥̇͗̌͋̔͌̀̐̽I̷̛̮̬̺͐́́̒́̈ ̷̨̞̙̱̩̪̈́̓̑̓̚͝ͅw̵͈̹̮̦̑̐͑̋͋͛̑̎͜͠͝o̸͉̐ͅṅ̴̛͈̱̺̐̒͌́͐̊͜ͅ'̵̡̣͔̖̥̆͊͒͌̈́̎̑­ṯ̸̨͔̞̤̞̼͑̿͐͒̐̇̃͂̆ ̴̹͛b̵̜̖͙̈̽̚e̸̢̢̠̙̘͚̤̯̪̮̾̾̀ ̴̿̾̈́͗͗͒͝ͅt̷̡̡̛̬̥̬̹̉ḧ̶̟͈̗̳̟́͠e̵̢̾r̷͖̘͖̙̗̀̅̏̆̒͛͝͝è̶͇̹̫͔̳͈̘̀̌͒͋̿̂͑͜­̩.̸̘̱̬̺̹́̇͊̂̀͆̉̐͝
̵̼̺̝̬̌͒̏̇͛͜͝b̶̛̗̝̥̭͇͒̀̑͑̋̽͊u̸̞͗̂̾́̑͊̿̈́̃̂ṫ̴͋̑́̓­̨̲̻͉͎̱̩͐ ̸͔͖̻̠̙͖̙̈͗̈́̔̽̏̐͠ä̷̛̦͙̺̈͛ ̷̝̫͇̪͖̝͓̥͓͊̀̽ͅĉ̸̢̡̦͖̮̯̺̗̼̘̌́̅̂̏̾̎o̶͔͍̱͓̻͋͛̀̅̊͆̈̃͊ṅ̵͖͑̍̂͗͘̕c̴͐͠͝­̨̖̞̜͌̕ŕ̴͖̭̦͎͇̝͑͗͊̎͋ë̵̪͍́̋̇t̶̰̻̺̫̄̊͂̄́̏͘̕͝e̷̜̟̣̲͉̍͛̊ ̴̟͕̾͋b̸̛̤̞̏͋̋̍͝ȧ̶̠r̶͙̤̝̪̗͒r̷̮̳͇̗͎̬͛̇͊͜i̵̧͊͗e̶̪̊̿͛̏͋͐̂̽r̴̞̩̝̈́̈́̊͘͜­̡̦̗̫ͅ ̴̨̡̧̖̠͍̗̟̏̀͌̍̃̏̇͘͠͝ŵ̵̡̙̜͋́͆̇̈́͊͝ͅī̵̳̖͆͌̀̎́̍͝ļ̶̻̹̻͓͕̗̔́̋l̸̛̎̔̍̊̃­̻̭̫̥͓̩͚͊͑̂̂ ̷̻̥̟͔̺͂̌͋̂͗̐́̎̅͠ͅͅb̵̡͖̌̍̑̊͝͝e̴̛͈͍͓̿́̉̾͋̉.̵̧͙̖̰̹̎̈̾͑̃̓̕͝
Ą̷̛̖̭͎͙̬͙̘̭͎͉̦̲̻̤̥̦̩́̉̄́͗̆̚̚n̸͈͙̄̉ͅḍ̷̡̌̂̍̓̅̏̓̎͒̄̾́͘͘̚͝­̢̧̯̪̦̬̭͙͈̞̤̜̼̫͎ ̶̧̨̡̡̘̩̬͇͎͎̩̮̫̞̥̀̓̕ͅş̷̧͍̞͉͕̗̗͙̮̻͕̝͕͖̣̜̮̗̯͛̑͜͜ͅͅȍ̸͋̈͒͗͒̂̈̋̒͘̚̕̕͝­̜̹̼̑͌ḿ̶̨̤͕̲͓͙̲͓̼͒̄̂͒e̷̦̪̘̪͓̋͐̅̉͊̊̉͛̍̉̊͝t̶̛͕̬͇͓̱̬͍̱͒͆̈́̽̂̂̇̊͌̑̈́̂ͅͅ­͕̪̼͓̲̺͜i̷̢̧̨̨̛͔͎̖̹̪̬̼̯͙̘͕͈͇̦͕̮̻̼̯̮͈̳̰͉̊͂͊͐͋̈̌͐̆̓̊̍̊̚̕̕͝͠m̶̛̃̈́́̄̚̚­̧̖̘͇͎̗̟̮̺̻͕͖̈́͆̓͆̿̕ͅé̵̮̯͙̹̝̬̥̱͍͋̉͋̈́̎̂̒̍͊̽̕͠s̸̛̱̆̓̀͐̓̆̑͂̿͒̍̅̍́̒͠͝͠­̢͎̼̳͔̝̤͚̝͍͈͎̲͖̼͙̪̝̝̱̻̞͍̝͙̺̯.̵̨̢̛̦̫̤͎̖̥̺̺̰̥̫͎̫̟̞̮̲͎̂͛̿͐̎̎̾́͗̊͗̆͝.̸­̰͇͖̈́̓̏̀̀̏̃͑͂̇͠͝.̸̢̻̠̼̹̘̟̻̯̣̝̹̲̣͇̟̘̖́̒̀͂̃́͆
̸͎̱̹͇͍̞̙͇̻̭͉͍̣͔̖̹̟̑̈́ͅͅ­̡̙̻̥̮̭̜͖̺Į̴̛͚̲̫̤̬̮̲͇̮̰̮͉͓̲͈͉͉̤͔̟̳̱̆̄͆̿̈́̂̄̾͌̽̉̀̓̒̊̀̃̓̀̍̽̕̕ ̴̧̛̲̞͉̞̲̥̞̪̓͑̔̐̌̅̓̅͑̏͊͗͒̈́̚͝͠͠͠m̷̤͓̥͈̱̭͛̽̈́͛̀̒̏͐̆̓̂̑͐̏̈́͆̈́̌̄̿̍͒͐̋̍̓͜­̠̻͕̲͍̮i̷͚̣̰͓͌̈͒̈̾͗͊͗̒́͊̀s̶̗͔̤͓͍̯̰̱̻͕̆̈͒̇̈s̵͓̫͓̩̣͍͈̣͍̒̈́̇͂͌͂̂̀̀͆̀̕͜­͍͎̻ ̷̡̜̹͖͙̣̦̫̩̘͓̘̠̳̫̻̦͚̬͔̗͖͇̍̓̇̒̾͒̓̂̐̾̇̈́͛̈́̌̋͜͠ͅṯ̵̛̛͓̩̻̱̗̝͊͛̄̆h̵͗̿͆̕͝­̧̡̗̭̰͖̯͇̬̲̮̥̩͍͚͚̝̤̦̱̰̣̖̮̝̾͌̃̏́̓̏́͑̃͘ͅè̴̥͇̆̔͆̂̃̆̐̕͠ ̷̢͕̩̪͌͌́̽̓͌͂̾͒͑̇̀͘̚͠͝k̴̥̺̫̙͕̼̜̘̫̣̬̠̲̟̭̘̬̣͊̒̈́̏͑͆̑̓͌͗̆̐̓͛̾͐͑̈́̚͘ͅĩ̷­̡̧̨̭̣͈̬̹̗̞̠̳̞̱͔̪̠̪̝̺͓̦̜̓͝s̴̨̧̪̺̼̰̗͍͔̞͖͈͔̼͖̯͉̯̜̟̳̞̦̮̀̍̿ŝ̶̛͗̿̅͛͠͝͠­̨̧̨̖̗̜̻͍͙͈̻̹̲̩͚̮̖̗̇̆̆̈́͛͂̂̽͘ ̷̛̟̳̩̫͐̇̈̊̉͒́̉̈́͑̐̆̕ǫ̷̤̯̱̲͈͔̘̫̳͙̀̆ͅf̴̢̡̙͚̟̼͙̬͚̪̞̖̣͚͍̓͛̌̾̓̈̾̌́͊͛͘ͅ­̱̪̟̘̬ ̷̨͕̘̭̙͓̇͊̌͗à̵̧̹̳̭̰̻͈̤͕͓̭̻͍̱̯̭̮͍̝̭̣̲͎̫̣͙͕͕̓̓̋̎̓̀̆͝ ̸̡̡̝̙̼͍̹̯͔͍̩͈̫̼͎͖̙͚̾̓͛̓̏̐̀̈́̕̕s̴̗̖̩̤̟̞̬̺̠̩͎̟̭̺͔͚͇̊͊͑̋͛̑͌h̸̛̽̿̅̾͛̈̂­̹͇̞̙̻̽̈̄̈́̀̿͛͌̈̓̈́̐̈́̃̈́̽͘̕å̵̛̯̰͕̮̝̱̱̩̞͍̪̭̮̀̈̏́̃͑͐̅͗̀͛̂͆͑͒́̊̆͑̕̚̕͝r̶­̰̥̩̜̜͆̇̿͗̔̂̈́̃̚p̸͇̣̘͙̫̤̹̫͖͇̫͌̔̋̔́̈͋̇͑̓̈́̂̈́̈́̾̏́̇̈́̿͐͘͝͝ ̷̭̗͔̥͙̊͒͗ḇ̵̧̡̢̗̰̗̗͍̙̣̫̭̩͈͎̻̭̈̈͑̀̔͌̀̿̿͘͜͜͝͠l̵̛͓͈̻̯̣͔̯̩̓̈́͊̉̿̏̅̇a̴̿­̨̯̝̥̦͎̬͇̪̂̆͗͋͑̈͊͒͜͝ͅd̶͖̲̫̹̺͕͇̫̠̦̬̐͒̏̿̓ȩ̷̨̣̙͖̦̯͙̩͎̘͍̙͚̼̱͉̣̝̱͍͈̝̖͗­̣.̸͎͍̲͔̼̱̓̈́͂͆̉͑̏͋͋͜
̴̖̝͇̬͌̀͆̇̈́̒̊͂̉͌̌͝͝Ţ̶̹̠̟̖͚͈͕͓̆̏͋̓͆́͒̋͆̕͘͝h̵͒̒­̢̨̹͇̼̱̣̤̗͚̰̙̣̤͖̪̥̜̼́ą̴̛̛̙̺̗͇͕̥͇͙̥̖̗̘̰͊̋̌̿̀̾̊̂́͋̒̓͛̎͛̔͘̚͝t̸̍̐̄͋̎̕­̡̤̹͖̣̮̳͇̲̈́̅͜͝͝ ̸̢̙͖͇̣͓̲̥̪̪̪̮͉͇͋̒̐̀͛͆̚͘͠͠s̴̨̧̺̣̯͉̫̟̙̼̭̲̦̘͓͎̗̼͇̔͜ẗ̷͗̓̇̈̐͂̀͒̈͘̕͘͝͝­̨̛̝͍̩̩̗̻̙̘͓̝͕̩̩̼͚̋̓̽͐̄̔͊̈́͒į̷̧̛̤̳̪̙͓̫̪̫̼̦͔͈͔͚̺͗̎̈́̋̒̽̌̌̒͗̾̿̑́̅̚͜͝͝­͔̟͎̘͓̺͚ň̵̻̣͔͔̗̦̩͈̗̼͕̜̻̰͉̳̇͋̀͒̇̅̃͗͂̚͘͝͝g̶̛̛̱̘͕͑̒͒̃̉͗̀̓͗͒̽͆̓̌͛̇̑͘̚­̧̦͍̣̼̭͍͍̬̻̱̪̝̘̱͕̹ ̶̧͉̖͈̹̙̻̟̦̹͙̫̔̎͑͊́̄̀͑͗͜͝õ̵̡̨̩̠͇̩̫̤̲͙̤̑͗f̸̛̺͐̽͋̎̃̍̿́̌̊̈́̀̇͐̋͛̌̇͘͝͝­̡̭͖͈̰ ̶̢̨̨̨͓̳̙̜̲͈͈̬̱͇̟̬̩̳͖̱̙̰̌͋̀̅̂͐̾͌̎̋̈̃̈̓͊̾̀̿͘̕͜͝ͅm̷̢͇̙̠̱̝̟͔̓̀̂̒̀̈́̈́̄e­̵̗͖̭̝̳̻̯̝͍͖̩̟̼̪̦̘͆̇̒͊̑̈́̄̈́̅͌͐̓͆̊͑̉̆̉̓̇͝͠͝t̵͛͛͋̈͂̈́̒̔͑͆̄̉̾̇̂̿̽̀̊̑͋̚͠­͎̙̮̣̦̯͇͔a̶̙̰̔́́́͘l̴̨̧̢̧̮͇̺̹̳̟̖͈̣̙͙̞̬̬̲͇̯͖̇̽̓̐̚͜͜ ̴̡̨͓̠̝̥̠̯̭̞͙̻͍͖̼͙̮̗̰̯̙͇̓́͗̐̌͑̀̀͂͑͑̅͂̏̀̈̓̄͆̊͐̚͜͝͠c̷̈́́̄̑̉͛̑͌̑̓̓͗̉͘͝­̢̺̯̭͒̆͂̓r̶̢̰̳͚̣̽͒́̄̕̕͝a̶̖͓͇̋̐̐̑̓́͌̅̑́̈́͒̀͌̿͑̊͛́̚͝͝w̵̧͇͙͔̣̼̠͍͒͗̐̇̓̃­̞͚̩͈̲͍͕̜͎̳̘̞̲̱̥̱̙l̴̺̟̈́͐̏̂̀͒̓̏͠i̶͔̥͚̹̠͙̟͓͈͖̭͐̃̉͆̇̃̔̓́̈̃̀͆͛̈́̓̀̕̚͜͠͝­̮̩̦̩͙ͅn̴͕͉͉͖͕͚̙̤̻̐̄̈́̂̀̾̊̏̏̾̐̌̈́̉̉̋̾͜͠ͅģ̸̧͓̥̜̻͇͓͉̲̾̈́͐͊̈̋̇͂̋́̆́̑̈́̓́­̢̢̬̯̗̗̣͖͙ ̶̝͍͉̯̦̻͚̬̪̪͓̥̘̓͆̾͛̾̐̀̏̍̏́̽̚͜͝å̴̧͕̪̫̻̻͓̈́̾̈́͊̇̏̅̔̐͑̇͠͝c̴̐̈́͂̐̏̒̅̈́̑̊̍­̧̡̨͔̬̻͉̻̮̹͍͙̐̂̔̓̌́̕r̸̢̢̧̟͔̰͚͚̜͖̙͍̬̥̠̞̬͙̯̅͒̀̊̽̎̿̂o̵͍̯̦̾͒̉̀̿̒͌̾͛͌̎̏­̡̢̡̮͎s̷̮͕͌̃̃̊̋ͅs̴͖͗͗̾͆̈́͐͘̕͘͠͠͝ ̶̛̘̖̦͙̳̩̌̅͜͠͝ḿ̶̧̱̦̲̤̖̰͙̝͙̩̞̪̗͉͚̹̱̻͎̞̞̂͛͆̀̂͌̄̊̂́̐͒̎̋̀͂̈́̈́̚̕͠ͅỷ̴̅́­̬̜̬̲͈͓̠̫͓͙̼̭́̀͜ ̷͕̞͉͍̙̲͐̊̀͗͊͘͝s̴̢̨̱̲̮̩̠̺̫̟͕̱͔̦̻̯̟̬̲͍͕̀́̃̓͛̒͗̒̌̉́̓͜͝͝ḱ̴̛̊̐̍̈́̈́̋̈́͝͠­̧̡͔̬͇̱̖̹̪̯̝̲͎͇̼̦̰̟̗̠̤̤̭̜̪̫̄̆̈́͊̿̅̈́͑̆̿́͌̄̿̚͜ͅi̴̛͒͂̈͂̇̽͆̎͂͆̇̓̓̊̕̕͠͠͝­̧̠̮̱̻͇̮̱͖̻̝̤̝̮̬͍̩͉̹͚̠̫̥͎͓̮͎̾͒̒ņ̸̨̘̳̤͓̗̼̪̠͉̤̝̳̠͎̻̗̳͊̈̆̈́̇͗͋̂̈͂̎͜͜͠­̟̠̮̣̺̗̖.̸̨̙̠̰͕̫̥̪͔̗͔͉̯̖̫͎̦͔̰͖͓̩͇̯͈̥́̑̊̓͛͂̊̿̏̑̑̽̃̑̎̒̇̍̀̕̚̚͘͘̕͝͠ͅͅ
­̶̧̡̡̧̝͎̦̮̜̫̤͎̻̺̳̬̣͉̈̀͋̽̈́̅̈̂̊͑͆̈́́͆̃̒̀̔̅̔̿͜Ţ̷̡̼̱̪͓̳̭̦̗̺̺̠̮͉̈́̾͑̇̊̕ͅ­̡̘̮̳͈̫̟h̴̦̩̀̊̽̍̿̔̓̾͑͘͝͠͝͝ȩ̵̧̛̠̭̝̺̮͍͐̿̿̋̒̎͌͋̄͂͗̾̃̊͋̚͝͝͝͝ ̵̼͙̼̗̥̗̹̹̫͈̦̉̽̌̓̐̉͗̀̚͜ş̸̢͎̱̪̮̺̠̰̠̰͇̘̥̀̐̈́̿̈́͜m̵̛̅̓̔͂̏͋̾̑̐̓͂͆̔̌͋͐͘͠­̢̢͍̫̼͓̰̠̖̝̦̺͎̺͈͍̱̹̟̊̿̀͠a̴̧̨̧̧̛̺͖͎̣̭̘̙̝̖͙̺̪̙͓̥̣̥͐̇̈́̎̿̓̉̍̇̀͋̏̎͑́͐̕ͅ­̤̣̖̭l̸̼͙͓̤̜̪͈̦͚̜̇̒̂̍̋͂̈́̓́́͐̌̓̿̓̉̓͜ļ̵̹͓͙̱̻͖̥̹̮̞͂̈́͆̎̈́̔̓͌̕ ̴̛̼̫̹̟͇̬͇̰͎̰͉̠̤̮̒̀͗́̔̀̌̄̍̑̀̅͊̇̏͋͜͠b̷̛̲̘͕̆̈́́̐̊̈́͂̉͂͗̒̓̀̆̋́̆̋̈́̊̏̉̋͘͝­e̵̡͊̀̈͑̋͊̃́̊͒͋̿̽̈́͋́̽͆͋̂̚͝͠͠ą̸̧̡͉̭̗̙͖̣͈̩̳̳̥͈͎̀͑̿̔̏̊̌͌̅̽͆̇̊̿̋̕͘͘͝d­̸̢͓̙̟̇͝ ̴̡̢̢̛̭̖̜̻͔͇̥͎̪̹̭̤͔͇͕̦͎̰͚̪͊̅̑͛̈̄͋̍̍́͘̕͘͜͝͠ͅͅo̷̿̎̿͂͆̔̃̈̈́͋͛̅̈̿͑͒̚̚͝͠­̢̗̙̎̅͋̐̅͜͜͝ͅͅf̶̧̛̼͓̫͍̒͐̐̔͝ͅ ̸̧̨̝̰̩̻̠̩̳̗̣̩̹̯͚̰̻͔̖̩̯̻̺̍͒̊ͅͅr̴̢̼͚͍̖̝͇͙̬̦̣͚̗̯̓̒̏͒̓̈̔͑̀́̌̆͊̊̃́̅̚͜e­̷̢̧̡̢͎͓͉̲̲͔͔̗͇̯̟̫̻̣̳̳̹͕̱̳̀͋̽͐̃͆͊͋̄͝ͅͅḏ̴̛͓̘̹̫̇͐́̽̂͆́͛̄̆̀̎̾̃̈́̀̔̚͘͝­̦͉̮̝̪̮̜̰͚̫̪͙̣̫̟̬ͅ ̸̢͓̘̥̺̭̟̣͚̻͖̱̼̮̹͈̯̩͙͔͙̌̋͗̂̈́͑͒̒́̃̔̔̽̚ẗ̸̛̛̼̺̟̪̤̘͉̾̿͌͒̈́͐͑̃͝h̵̛̏̋́͂̔­̦̟̪̐͝͝͝ą̶̡̢̧̣̪͚̯͍͈̪̤͍̩͉̼̟͇̲̲̭̮͈̱̦͗̓̈̾͠t̴̡̮̖͙̫̗̻̣̥̰͍͎̪͋̒̇͊ͅ ̴̡͙̲̮͎̞̆͒͋̄̽͊̒̅̊͑̓̐̈́́͊̔̃̍̊͗̏̈̕̕̕ŕ̵̢̛̲̼̭̻̪̓͋͒̍̑̆̈͠͝ͅu̷͑͛̿̿̉̄͒̒̋͠͝­̨̧̤̤͔͚̳̱̯͎̘̲͕̭̣̰̞̙̩̖̞͇̻̙̭͌̈́̂̔̅̓̄͋́͗̀̈̏̈̚͜ͅń̶̨̧̢̨̨̢̨̝͖̹̜̥̻̩̤̞s̶̊͛­̨̨̨̥̤̟̭̤͍͇̫̼̻̙̦͇̝̣͈͙̙̜͚̘͒̍̈̈̐̑̌̒̈́͐̚͠͠ ̵̨̧̳̤̗͍̯̬̤̂̊̏̊̊̉͜͝͝d̸̨̢̛̥͈͉̗̣͙̟̱͈͇̜͕̎͑̂̊͒̾͒͛̃̈́̔͂̇̉̊̂́̀̚͝͝o̴͌̆̊̃̊̕­͚͕̻̘̩̰̺̹͉̖̝͓͔̗̦̠̠̮̤͕̹͎̬̣͙̫̒̑̈́̊̔̉̎̌̑̆̒̆͜ͅw̵̡̡̬͓̻̣͍̯̳̤̘͍̼̞̹͉̃̐͌̽̀͋ͅ­̬n̵̡̡̙͉͙̮̖̲̘̞̮͙͇͕̿̌̄̋̇͑̆̌̄͂͋͛͂̈̈́͋̎͗̿̃̽̍͘͘͜͝ ̵̛̲̆̈́̋̈́̋̇͒̈́̑̈͑̈̓͊̊̌̆͗̈́͛̑̿͊̚͝m̵̡̡̧̧̛͍͕͉̗̰̜̱̙̖͍̫̦̲̻͔͍͐͒̎̏͑̇̉̓́̉̓̽ͅy­̶̧͎̖̼͈͕̻́͊̾̒̎̐̍̈̿̎̌͋̈́͋̾͛̌̿͐̀̚͝͠ ̵̺̯̬̪͖͊̑̄̾́̕͠a̴̛̛͍͚̜̤̼̯͒̀̓̈́͋͂̍̔̓̽̈̽̍͛̓͌̃̅̚͘̚͘͝͝r̷̛̩͒͑̐̑̋͊̈́̈͒̕͜m̸̅­̧̧̗͕͙͇̦̙̭̙͇̪̬̱̩͖̦̺̠̫̥͂͋̉̈́͂͘͝͠ͅ.̶̠̠̥̣̦̯͉͖̙̼̝̥̦̌̇̇͗́̌̏̾͒̿̔̀̒̆̆́̕̕͝͠­͉
̵̨̢̟͎͚̩͚̟̻͚̺̠̜̩̼̱̩̩̙̜͇̖͈͊̌́̎̍̎̄S̸̢͙̜̣͍͓̬̳̱̿͌̋͒̄̌͑̈́̓͜͜ő̴̃̏̑̌͋͑͑­̢͓̤͓͍̑̆̚͠m̷̛̺̻̙̠͈̞͉̈́͒̓̑̂̉́͂̊̍̌͒̉̀̂̍̇̓̆̀͑̄͗̏͋ͅe̴͆͂̅͋̏̑͆̍̿̉́͌́̽͛̌͌́­̭̯̩̩͙̫͚̀̏̂͛͛̕͝ț̴̨̲̩͕̗̠̩̦͍̯̭̘̜̫̫̘̳͖̎̾̄̎͗̅̂̂̀͠i̴̡̦̬̺̊m̷̧̭̂̽͐͒͗̂̀̇̚­̳̠̹ę̴̜̱̬̠̗̬̖̲͔̞͎̭̪͌̾́̾́͘͠ͅͅş̷̖͖̺͊̑̑̓̓͋͂͗̃́̀̌͛͆́̐́̀̀͋͘͝͝,̵̋́͂̿͘͝­̗͖̮̝́̀́̐̋̋̈́̍̈͑̕ ̸̢̙̩̣̼̼̀́̀͋̓̄͐̆͒̑́͌̌̎͐Ĭ̴̯͇̼̪̬̯̈̈̓͐̈̇̾̃̐͐̄͑͌̽̚͜͠ͅ ̴̨̧͈̦̘̻̥̠̜̥̞̮̬̺̻͖̬̪̩̣͇̭̺̙̭͉̺̌̋́̍̓̅̽̑͂͐̽̊̎̇̀̄̅̅͛̋̕̚̕͜͝m̷͉̤̆̾͂̾̿̕͘͘­͚͎̠̰͖̼i̵̡͚̟͔͚͓͌̀̀̈́͆̓̄̅̃̉̅͛̎̋̌̓͘͘̕͝͠s̸̨͉̘͔͓̾̈̏̑̾̃͌̿͛̉̓̓̿̓̆̈͑͠͠s̵̎̍­̨̢͎̮̼̬̮̱̰͙̞͙̫̤̙͖̟̥̘̜ͅ ̵̩͕̽͌͛̂̂̈́͑̅̽̄͝i̶̧̡͚̳̲̫̯̼͇̯̞̮̻̬͓̻̩͈̼͇̮̺̼͒̃̈́̋̒̆͒̂̀͛̓̈́̋̓̂̒̄̀̈́̚͘͜͜͝͝­t̶̖̘͆̓͂̽́̈́̈̈́̐̅̕͝͝.̷̗͈̻̦̝̙͚̃̃̃̋̉͋̕͝͠͝
̵̀͊͐̄̈̔̉̒̏̀͐̊̿̀͑͋͋̒̾̈́̏̉̓̽͊̚͝­̨̢̖̮͙̮͖̱͇̫̗̭͈̤̭̫̳̙̫͙̬͙̻͗ͅT̴̢̢̡̞̻̲͇̙̣͈͖̻̐̋̏̓̇̊͂̉̌͛̈́̀̑̽̊̒̐̈͛̈́͋̚͠͝h­̵̢̨̯̩̭̦̮̞̳͓͙̩̪̺̗͉̳̓͒̃͂̈̉͊̿̑̓̊̑̂̾̀͒̈́͒̈́͊̑̈̑̀̾o̷̡̪͍͇̣̺̎̈͊̔͂̈̄̚̕̕ͅͅs̴­̢̨̨̡̢̨̤͚̩͖̟̗̻͎̖͔̦̖̲̯̗̋͑͆͛͛́̎́̎̈́͆̌̾̓̓͗̀̒̕̚͝ę̴̼͇̗̦̜͆ͅ ̷͉̱͖̦̱̝̗̠̞̫͉́͊̒̾̂͛͜l̶̛̤̜̞̠͓̠͕̦̬̖͔̩͇͖̖̱͋̎͒̓̆̋͊̀̇̌̑̇͐̍̎̓͑̉̍̔̐̈́̂̌̕͠͝­̫͕͙͕̟̪i̶̡̧̛̼̫̪̭̣̳̩͕̼̫̫͚͇͒̂̒̆̇̒̈͆̑̈́̔́͒́̑̔̀͋̒͗̉́͜͜͝͝ņ̶̧̢̢̛̙̝͔̪͓̈́̔̏­̬̥͕̮̳̬ę̵̡̧̛̥̫̹̹͙͇̖͚̝̪̟͖̜͇̞̥̼̬͕̂̈́͆̈́̉̃̽̃̍̿̎̄̍̇̓̈́͆̅͒̀̇̚͜s̴̾͐͑͌́̒̽͊­̨̧̧̢̫̮̤͖̻̞̖̱̹͉̥͍̹͈̬̍͒͆̑͜ͅ.̶̡̛͚͈͔͈̲̲̪̦̟͖̀͗̓̂̎̒͐͌̈́͑̽̈́͑́̓͌̔͛̔͒̊̆͂͝͝͝­̫̗̣
Hidden Glace Nov 2018
I give you my heart,
in all its broken-ish glory.
Do with it what you will
(please be gentle)
but know it's yours for as long
as I can give it to somebody.

But I know that I'll say stupid stuff.
All too often.
And I know that love is work.
And that I didn't.
But I need you to know,
I have a broken heart too, love.
And maybe that's what we need.

Just two broken hearts and some time together.
Hidden Glace Nov 2018
Fall gave way to winter,
snow blankets the ground.
New love gave way to old,
a change we welcomed
but neither of us expected.

You caught me off my guard
when you asked if I still thought about you
about... Us.
Of course I did.
I think about you even more now.

I think about the nights we spent
huddled under a blanket,
exploring so many things;
Finding who we were and even better
how much we both needed the other.
I think about that time
I almost wasn't there to catch you
and how much it hurt to leave your side
and how relieved I was that
I still had my soulmate...
I'll think about the song we share,
you know the one, love.
We sang it together once,
after you had to leave for much, much too long.
I'm so glad we shared that again.
I've thought about the future even,
and how forever is a promise,
just like I love you is a promise.
One day soon, I'll hold you in my arms again.
Until then, all I have
is the snow on the ground.
Hidden Glace Nov 2018
I'm restless.
There's only 25 days until I see you again.
That's 600 hours I'll spend thinking about you,
and ~250 hours you'll be in my dreams
but it'll still feel like an eternity.

I found it hard to eat today,
I'm not sure why, time just...
Slipped away;
like it does when I'm in your arms.
Hidden Glace Nov 2018
We're both broken.
But you know what people don't understand?
We're broken together,
and honestly?
I'd rather be broken with you,
then alright without you.

Because if you're down,
or scared,
or broken,
or tired,
or broken...

I'll be there with a roll of tape and some hot glue,
If that means I get to stay with you.
Hidden Glace Nov 2018
It's not hard to say you miss someone;
I find myself saying I miss you almost every hour.

The thing I struggle with is telling you when I miss you,
even though I'm holding you in my arms.

It's not that I'm not enjoying the time we have,
believe me, you're the very best thing in my life.

It's just that, for the next couple years, I know;
Each reunion only begins another parting,

and parting with you Love?
Breaks my heart every time.
Hidden Glace Nov 2018
Every night, when I lay down in my bed,
I curl up with a blanket that faintly smells of your embrace
and wish I could trade it for you.

It's weird though, because even as I hold you in my arms,
I miss you like you've been gone for weeks.
I blame the fragile connection
between our phones.

Our hearts however...
A mere 810 miles
isn't nearly enough to take me away from you.
Even the bounds of time itself couldn't tear you away
and I know when you tell me you'll stay...

I know that you'll be by my side,
even when our world comes crashing down
Hidden Glace Nov 2018
My life is a quest.

At least..

It was.

Until I found you again.
Hidden Glace Nov 2018
Sometimes, you'll flinch away from me,
and I understand, because sometimes,
I can be a little intense..

But the thing is love,
I don't need for you to be happy,
I wish I could help you to be alright.

Because I don't believe in
making someone

I believe in loving someone with my entire heart,
regardless of how broken they may be.

And while I don't know what the future holds,
I know that I love you, with everything I have and more.
Nov 2018 · 241
Only you
Hidden Glace Nov 2018
Some people believe we are alone in this universe.
I can't agree with that,
because every time I hold you in my arms,
I don't feel alone anymore.

I'm not going for someone
shiny, new and perfect.
I'm not into the fake people,
coated in makeup and covered in false-identities.
I've looked around, and the only things I want are:

1. You
2. See number one
Hidden Glace Nov 2018
Never take her away from me,
my heart couldn't take losing her
after holding her close once more.

I know it's a lot to ask,
and it's so selfish of me,
but if something happened to her now...
I don't know what I'd be able to do.

She knows I've flirted with death before,
she understands the call of the void
we've both slid down that thorny *****
emerging with cuts and bruises...
She knows that I'm better now.

I ask for nothing but time with her.
I want the time to memorize her face,
I want time to hold her
even when she doesn't want to hold herself.
I want time to tell her that no matter what happens,
That I love her
That I spend every day thinking about her

And that those things won't change.
Hold her when I'm far away,
comfort her when I'm held up,
keep her safe from all the things I can't,
and most of all...

Don't take her away.
Sleepless by The Strive was my inspiration for this poem, written to a very special someone.
Nov 2018 · 343
Hidden Glace Nov 2018
We sat together,
"holding back" tears,
and we sang.
Oct 2018 · 119
Hidden Glace Oct 2018
I told myself  I should take some time to figure myself out

What I don’t really understand is that I thought that meant without you
Oct 2018 · 152
Twin Needs
Hidden Glace Oct 2018
All I remember is that it’s dark outside, and she’s laying next to me saying she loves me.
And that’s all I need.

Light pours though a filtering curtain
All I remember is waking up by her side,
And that’s all I need.
Oct 2018 · 112
Hidden Glace Oct 2018
I’ll be there for you,

Even while I’m breaking down;
I’ll be there, for you

God could rain wrath upon your home yet
I’ll be there for, you.

Miles can split us apart but know that
I’ll be there, for you.

And I know, that no matter what happens
You’ll be there for me too.
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