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 Mar 2018 L Perry
Sometimes Starr
One after another,
One over the other,
The people are jazz music.

Black and white,
Gin and tonic
Diatonic to the key of today

It's all been whizzing by me
And the **** legal system
Has been keeping me down

But I can't even have a drink,
It might show up on a drug test.

But I digress (don't we all)
In and out of life,
Far away and by my side,
You people are jazz music.

You're beautiful in black and white
You complicate fretboards
You provide
The room tension that makes it
So difficult to sing

And then you resolve and melt
Like warm honey
Only to pick up another frantic run
It takes a while to make up its panicking mind

They know no bounds
They only learn the rules
To mess around
Giving rhythm to emotion
And loving in black and white,
The people are jazz music.
 Mar 2018 L Perry
P caldwell
I'm scared to write,
Well not to write but to share.
The idea of people reading my work, knowing my thoughts, understanding my feelings.  
It's terrifying.
Your eyes picking at every mistake,
Your brain trying to make connections.
With every piece of "Constructive criticism" makes me never want to write again.
So, this is for you.
You can pick at this all you want but please, just stay quiet this time.
 Feb 2018 L Perry
A complete stranger
Through these rows
In the dimming light of terror
Cat Walks all way and sits with me
I gave her my popcorn and Pepsi
As she crunches my heart pops
As she slurps my brain slumps  
At the end she left wearing a smile
A smile that pens up a love story
The cinema sits down to watch me
I am in the screen no one could touch me
As I Sit in Disney world and lost in dreamland
Until a little girl shouted in her top voice
The end Mr. Bean
I can't stop thinking about that little girl call out...the End Mr.Bean or the smile she left is the only way I could recognize her...she left in the dark
i have played
on stage

it was hard
not to laugh.
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