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Caroline Sep 2018
What about we close our eyes for  a lil bit

And for once remember that we exist
Caroline Sep 2018
Don't be a drama queen they say,
Nobody'll want you they say.

Well, my "drama" is


Nobo­dy asked for your opinion,

Lucky you

Happy family
Happy friends
Happy life

You're not there when I cry myself to sleep

You're not there when I cut my wrists

You're not there when I struggle whether to die or to live.

Don't be a drama queen they say,
Nobody'll want you they say,

I'm sorry but there is no other way to pretend I love myself
That's not exactly what's happening in my life but here's to the girls who are said to be attention hoarders, who are said they are shallow
Caroline Jan 2018
There we went with your mixed signals and my overthinking.

Was he flirting, were his eyes brighter when he looked at me,
or was it just a flicker of light, a person behind me, his way to behave with other girls?

I'm excited to go to school just because Im going to see him!
What the hell has happened to me!?

I know he doesn't like me.
I know I'm not allowed to have a boyfriend.
I know I need to focus on studies.
I know he would never look at me the way I do.

So WHY do I CARE!?

I still have the hope he likes me.
I still have the hope he will notice me.
I still have the hope he will realize how I feel.

And that's when I realized: " he is not my crush anymore. I have actually fell in love".
  Dec 2017 Caroline
The Writer
soft brown hair falls down her back as she
swings; back and forth, back and forth.
the metal chain creaks beneath her weight
higher and higher she flies above me,
while i can only watch in amazement.
she laughs, tells me to stop staring and start
swinging too, but I can only see her;
her and the sun that shines bright behind her
illuminating her figure in the sky like a bird:
beautiful and luminescent, gliding on clouds
humming sweetly and soaring freely
and even as i lay here, eyes closed and heart
slow, i can still see her silhouette flying,
pink lips grinning wide, ochre eyes twinkling
and for a little while i let myself grin too
Caroline Dec 2017
Am I really that invisible for you?
I have known you since 5th grade,
We used to talk and laugh together,
Especially last year, when you sat behind me,
Teasing each other in a friendly way.

At first, I only liked you as my friend,
Until this year,
when I had a dream about you,
Hugging me tight,
not letting go.
Since then I have noticed your eyes,
The color of hazel,
Your voice, as sweet as a melody,
And your personality, just like in a dream.

I truly want you to like me,
Trying to get your attention,
Trying to speak to you,
Trying to smile at you.
Am I truly that invisible for you?

Sometimes I stare at you,
And many times you have seen me do so,
I really don't know what you feel for me.
How can you be so blind?

I could not be more obvious,
Always staring at you,
Being kind with you,
Teasing you;
Am I truly that invisible for you?

I was a rainbow, but you were colorblind.
Caroline Dec 2017
We used to be friends.
You remember me, right?
I was the girl sitting next to you in class,
Your friend til you forgot me.

Remember when I used to go to your house?
Remember when I hugged you tight?
Remember when I was your friend!?

I really cared about you,
You were my best friend,
I trusted you with my secrets,
All those years laughing and chattering,
Have you forgotten it all?

Looks like it doesn't matter to you,
Does it?

For once,
we were separated by our classrooms,
That's all it took for you to forget me.

How could you forget me so fast?
You don't even smile at me anymore,
I don't even think you remember my name!

Just ONE year, ONE!
How could you forget me so fast?
Didn't I matter to you?
How could you do this to me!

I thought we were best friends til the end.
Looks like I was wrong...
Caroline Dec 2017
You're the kind of boy I would fall for,
Funny and bright, a twinkle in your eyes,
The color of caramel, and a sweet guy.
At school, I stare at you, not in a bad way;
Not that you notice, of course.
At the end of the day, I try to talk to you,
About homework, about anything.
You're always in my mind, with that beautiful smile, which makes my heart ache, knowing you would never be, with someone like me.

Every time I talk about you I smile, and don't know what to say when you talk to me.
I wish you knew how much I like you. I want to tell you, but I'm afraid of what you would say in return.
You're the perfect guy for me. Like I said before, you are sweet, funny, smart, talented...
I have to admit I fell in love at first sight.
With all my love, C.

— The End —