Megan Oct 11
I don’t know if I can keep going
My mask is slowly breaking and falling apart.
My soul was left in the darkness
She stayed there for longer than I had intended.
So when I went to collect her, I found her black and blue.
They told me there is nothing you can do
I just don’t know if I can keep going
My scars haven’t been new for a while now.
I wish they were though
I’m only sixteen
Megan Sep 6
Trust willed herself to stand above the ashes of her broken home
And across the clearing she saw a man... with the clearest of blue eyes, hair the colour of coffee. Skin like a dark spilt tea
Together they took a step
Glass and rubble piercing Trust's feet.
But they held each others gaze...meeting once again on the battlefield of life
They reached each other and Trust held out a hand.
Broken looked at her, seeing her beauty through his pain
A shower of golden hair falling softly, her pure grey eyes filled with the word HELP.
Broken took her hand and they faced the now colourless sky.
Together, once again they walked hand in hand.
How amazing it is that Trust has met Broken
And how amazing it is that they work so well together but spend many years apart.
Until someone calls for them
And so Trust has met Broken once again.
And as much as Trust hated it, she just couldn’t stay away from him
Megan Aug 14
What if?
What if?
What if?
What if?
Why must there be so many what if's in life?
Why must I question myself at every turn?
What if
What if...
Megan Jul 26
Slowly the light fades out
And all she has left is the fear
Left behind in this cold damp space
It was never thought that light could die
But guess what?
It did. Lying to herself, numbing the pain
Trying to take her breath away
She believed the light would never come again
And for a while it didn’t
Light is warm and bright, the sunshine on a summers day
The smile of those she loved
But the darkness came
So she ran and ran
Until her lungs burnt out, her legs crumpling like dust
And finally when she stops, silence is the only friend she has, everyone has shunned the girl who ran
So once again the light stops burning and she is the only one left with the aftermath of her mind.
Megan Jun 18
Hold me close when the night is at an end
When waking up to scream is my only trend
In the morning when I just burst into tears without warning
If you want me at my best the why not at my worst?
When my head is about to burst with thousands screams of darkness
And I seem heartless
When the night ends hold into the morning
And I promise to hold you as you would me
Megan Apr 30
when someone says I'm fine
it's just a rehearsed line
they say to tell  lies
when the truth is they just want to die.
Megan Apr 5
my name is trust
and i am truly and utterly
every word spoken in secret
is scattered and spared
and my trust is broken
putting back together will be hard work
pain increases each night and day
it engulfs me
drowns me
but now trust is gone and she has been replaced by broken
Trust meet Broken
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