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Cade Gray Sep 2018
Life is a torture chamber
and im one of its victims
Cade Gray Aug 2018
I am Sad...
But who cares
Yall are happy
Its not fair
Lifes not fair
Cade Gray Feb 2018
A common way to damage someone
A common way to shut down the voice that someone has
A common way to gain power without gaining anything at all
A way that people are able to feel better about themselves
While making others feel useless
This is not okay
The bullies may believe so
But who are they to talk
They are the real victims
The ones who feel this sad
To have to deprive the thrive from everyone else?
This proves they are the real victims
The victims of not knowing
Just who the real victim is….
Cade Gray Feb 2018
Young kids
bright eyes
True love
Wont be denied
We’re in love yet what is love?
So young
Searches Dictionary
"Love - an intense feeling of deep affection"
Love is unexplainable
Love is something
That people can have if they truly deserve it
Love can’t be explained
But love can be felt
Cade Gray Jan 2018
You know I gotta get this right
I can’t get you out my mind.
I know when we breakup
were gonna go and makeup
But Hopefully we get this magic
Because this could turn out tragic
I know you got that sensor
But with you I know Im a Winner
You make my whole life better
But I know soon I will have to let her
go in the world and explore on her own
Got no connection than my voice and a phone
My life is filled with worries
Gotta slow down because right now Im in a hurry
But wait
I love to see your face
but I know I gotta brace
for the impact thats yet to come
But that impact is gonna leave me numb
You don’t know how fun this has been
but I think its time this comes to an end
Cade Gray Dec 2017
What will you see
When I lose my mind
I start to unwind
Empty Bottles surround me on the floor
I close the curtains and lock the door.
What will you see
When the love has faded
And Im not your world anymore
What will it be when you move on to the next
And I feel the collapse in my chest
The dizziness in my head
My heart drops and my face turns red
For which I know
Our love is dead
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