She's bruised–beaten–battered–and scarred,
With bruises placed all up and down her legs and arms,
She lies here with a broken heart,
As there's no end to her pain–she has no idea where to start,
So she cries, here, alone in the dark,
Where she reminisces of the man that tore her emotions apart,
With only the memories left of a man that took it too far,
As this man, on her heart, will have forever left his mark–
With bruises that he placed leaving her battered and scarred
With smiles and laughter through the night,
I watch as she begins to get tired,
With the sight of her sleepy eyes,
Where I see what was once a live wire
Become tired right before my eyes,
It's here, in a moment of dire,
That she surrenders this night,
With her resting her head on my chest,
As only a moment passes by, and as she fails to reply,
I kiss her on her forehead,
And say "I love you angel, goodnight"
Your beauty is that of my artistic escape,
As I could sculpt, write, and paint my life away,
But your beauty I could never properly replicate,
With your every line, every curve, every shape, and shade that is perfectly placed,
I embrace the elegance of everything within the portrait and the landscapes of your frame,
For I get lost every time, where I gaze and drift far far away into my own little special place,
With your beauty that is that of my artistic escape
Like a butterfly,
I first saw her under the summer skies,
As like a butterfly–
She's beautiful, wondrous, divine,
And sometimes, from time to time (like a butterfly)
The thought of her flutters through my mind,
With it being every time I see her eye to eye,
All I ever feel are butterflies
When my heart breaks I weep as I'll weep for days,
With weeks that'll go by without any sleep, I'll stay wide awake,
Where I'll wait here in the same old tiring place,
With nothing besides this woman on my brain,
I'll pray the nights away as I hope in our next life I find a way,
To make sure she never again goes astray,
As the blinds are closed, I'll lie here and watch another passing day,
With only the lords that knows–for her, I'll wait my whole life away
Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder,
And I've analyzed your beauty over and over,
With your beauty that gets me high, even though I am sober,
All I've been able to do is fall for you like the leaves in October
When she left I wanted to die,
But inside I was already dead,
As I'd run and hide–
With every poem that I'd shred,
I'd get really high every night,
And smoke pack after pack of cigarettes,
As it's been with only her on my mind–
My heart no longer resides in my chest,
For since she has left,
All I've wanted to do is die,
But inside I was already dead
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