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Stephanie Tretow Nov 2017
Like the trees in autumn breeze
I want to shed my skin
gently how a mandarin is peeled.
Let it all go
leaf per leaf
and see what stays.

For when spring comes
I can rise from the ashes
and bloom with nature.
I like to think about it as self deconstruction instead of self destruction.
Stephanie Tretow Nov 2017
I am the hurricane
I will tear you apart.
Run away.
Before it is too late.
Just leave me here
I will be fine
Just as I always have been.
I am my own peaceful quiet in the storm.
Stephanie Tretow Nov 2017
Maybe one day
I can find the good
in his goodbye
although it was never said.
Stephanie Tretow Nov 2017
Loneliness is like a ghost
creeping me up on a Saturday afternoon
and gone
as if it has never been there
the other day.

— The End —