David 8h
I don't know who I expect to fill
this vacant chair opposite me

should be i be cowering in fear
salivating with joy

only this bowl of apples, separates
wishful thinking from my
obvious reality

I can conjure any guest to join me,
morph them into any of my moods desires

Some will have plenty to say
others might have stitched lips

only this bowl of apples separates
the topics of conversation

I can switch the guests within a simple blink
no guilt felt in the gender change

The broadness of shoulders is my choice
I can throw a wanton kiss if so desired

We don't have to talk
i can simply extend my arm

cup my fingers with yours

silly, but i avoid the bowl of apples.
David 10h
The fat Galah is back
Pink and Grey
Waddled walker
David 19h
Open the window on the
coldest of nights
then wrap yourself around me

Let us taste the ugliness of love
then shiver in our duty

as slowly as the condensation dries,
we rise
like migratory birds
to fly back to our nests
bringing trinkets of deceptions
David 1d
his head
a roundness at the junction
of his neck
it's here where he becomes,
a living entity
where he becomes 'real'
a gentle mound,
it defines his character,
its where he becomes whole.

His creased ears rise from this point
full of shadows
transparent windows
such study in lazy fooling

I kiss this sloping heartbeat
his soul generates life at this union

My broad hand covers
and his eyes gather the attraction of rest

This drumlin is his name
its his temperament
and its my companion
Drumlin- small hill or oval mound
David 1d
Ever plugged your guitar in
and just stared at the strings

Ever lifted the piano lid
and just stared at the keys

Ever pulled up the blind
and just stared at the grass

Ever wiped the fogged mirror
and just stared at yourself

Ever sat in you car
and just stared at the wipers

Ever picked up a menu
and just stared at the first word

Ever stayed awake
and just stared at the above

Ever blown a kiss
and just stared at its flight

Ever peeled an apple
and just stared at the peel

Ever held a brush
and just stared at the bristles

Ever been in love
and just stared at the future

Ever lost a friend
and just stared....
David 2d
Squeeze me !
Squeeze me now !

Squeeze me hard
and watch paint flow

Go on!

Squeeze me !
Squeeze me ( sigh) !

Squeeze me till
my tubes run dry
David 2d
There is a greater love than love,
a love that transcends the boundaries of
what we believe love to be.
It is the incomprehensible love  
the undeniable love
It is more than our own passing love
more than our daily dosage of
prescribed love

It is unjustifiable
It is both despairing pain
and unfathomable joy.

This greater love must move constantly
it doesn't slow,
is never seen, only felt

It has no colour
no scent
yet it has the weight of a million suns
the volume of all the earths oceans

It is airborne
Inhaled on crisis days
Exhaled in naked passions

This greater love is more than love
It is in the glue of my heart
and in the misery of my sadness

It is the hand that hides my face
and the smile upon yours

It is a tyrant
a poison drank unknowingly

It is all things
A greater love than love
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