David 2d
hey so listen,
i'm gonna shufty off
do some stuff
some other stuff,
write a book
paint some more
do some stuff
some other stuff

Maybe i won't,
but maybe i will

I'm gonna shufty off
do some stuff
So thank-you for reading
being patient
leaving comments
its important all that.

A lone voice, a thought, a feeling
an expression, an emotion


I never thought that i could write poetry
but we must never say never
Find your true self
not what you think you should be
but who you are
I never thought that i could paint on canvas
but we must never say never
Find your happiness
in a line of words
or the stroke of a colour
in the planting of a seed
or the picking of a fruit.
Leave behind the legacy of who you really were
Grab the future
Be aware
If nothing else matters, matter to yourself
Write that poem
Paint that scene
Be who you are

Thank you x
David 2d
We slept most of May
Fed off each others eyebrows
David 3d
To walk 'tween fresh scented pine
neath a sponged pink sky
When rain but moments just softly
summer evening fell
Within these very thoughts of you
i break abandoned step,
to sob as heard upon the moon
David 3d
Black clothes I wear
Ravens feathers I spit
Oil in puddles ,
curdles and screams
Twice shy,
..... I was once bit
David 3d
Garden moves with hue
Feather waving in deep red
Humble watching,  i
David 4d
If Lenny is my Wilde
Then Toby was my Freud
thinking about the personalities my dogs are/were
and how they affect my own
David 4d
Emma and Sean
found a stick
and scraped their names into
the setting concrete
Emma + Sean
Maybe it was just Emma
Maybe it was just Sean
Or maybe it was neither
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