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Prathi Sekar Apr 2020
Walked under her roof many a times
And stopped at the same spot every time,
Maybe for a second or an hour
But stopped, I have
Pulled by its shapes and colors.
The triangles with skewed angles;
The square that was but for the incline;
The Pentagon with a corner amidst its edge
But mistake it not for a hexagon.
It was all in the spot.
The black and the white
The light and its lack
Or was it the other way?
They bend and curve
And twist and slide
An intricate game they play
You'll be privy if lucky.
It was all in the spot.
Here's a secret,
No spilling it.
Look past the dazing whites
And listen with ears up.
You can hear the muffled howls
Or the percipient giggles,
See the contorted faces
Or the grins short of grimaces.
As the keen pairs of eyes from all the years
Stare deep into you, do not flee.
For it is all in the spot,
The spots on the roof
The spot on the floor.
Prathi Sekar Jan 2019
Years later I will remember your name
And all the sweet things
And wonder what could have changed
Between two strangers
Prathi Sekar Jan 2019
The years gone
You and I
Underneath the rug
With icy cold toes
I look for the
Warmth I know
In a text
In a picture
In myself.
Prathi Sekar Dec 2018
Pants down and legs apart,
I sit in the toilet seat.
My fat white thighs reminding
Yet again of the gym membership.
While I pour out the yellow liquid,
I break into two songs
Loving my voice
Bouncing off the walls.
I ponder the logic behind
Muffled voices of my home and
Resonating voices of the neighbour's
As I wait for that reluctant drop
To accept its fate.
There it comes
Spreading pleasure up my body,
Reeling me from meditative state.
I stroll out the door to life.
Prathi Sekar Dec 2018
Trudging through the seconds
With my shoulders slumped,
I leave footprints behind
For the rampant wind
To consume all traces.

I see faces
Some in despair
Some in exasperation
Faces Like mine
Scrunching into the distant
For something other than sand

Had I closed my eyes
And straightened the frown
I'd have seen shimmering stars
Stretching to infinity,
The glowing moon
And its concave smile,
Fierce orange and serene blue
etching the legacy of hope
Into all the lost souls.

They are waiting.
Maybe I will.
Hope and optimism are with us. We can seize if we make a choice to.
Prathi Sekar Nov 2018
In the darkest and longest nights
When sleep resists with all its might
Gliding gracefully into my thoughts
Are your brown eyes and unfilled dots.

Frantically pushing you away
Into my mind's vortex, I tumble.
In the pits of joy and angst
And guilt and regret, I crumble.

Like a frail boat
Heading to the oceans
Unaware of the storms
I fell for pretty love.

The sunshine and rainbows of
Hidden glances and shy smiles,
Random Hangouts and daft banters
The stolen kisses and tender touches.

But the grey crept in
And the storm broke me
With rains of guilt
And gales of regret.

For all the tears you cried
For all the nights you bled
I cower my head in shame
I cage my heart in blame.

And for the goodbye I never said
I write a thousand words.
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