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I can give
a little bit
of me
and I will give it
but please
don’t ask
much more
of me
The night you drank too much
I stayed up to watch you breathe
To make sure you didn’t stop
You awoke and began to seethe
I was terrified of your touch
You made my heart drop
Mad at me for not getting sleep
There was nothing more I could give
That time was the last
Leaving was a great leap
Finally able to live
I’m healing from the past
 Apr 2022 Ellie Sutton
Nigel Finn
Happy birthday; now you're older,
And (since I am growing bolder)
May I ask you include me,
In your will financially?
Or (if your death is premature)
I'd like to ask that you be sure
To at least spend your money well;
Party hard, and raise some hell!
Now granted– I won't wish you ill,
Regardless of what's in your will,
But if the lord your soul doth take,
Can I still have some birthday cake?
Cuddle the books
Feel the words
Research knowledge,
that interests your verbs
The knowledge inscribed in you,
gives a lifetime view

© 2022 Carol Natasha Diviney
 Feb 2022 Ellie Sutton
"I don't want
to die alone"
I can't help but think
As the world collapses around me

"I don't want
to leave this world
before I leave my mark"
As if the mark would be preserved
In the wake of the oncoming end

"I don't want
my first love
to be my last"
As my heart retreats inward
Further and further
From it all

"I don't want
to forget"
As my life blurs
Into monotony
And dread

"I don't want
to exist"
And yet
Here I remain
You etched me down on paper with black ink, to be remembered for ages.
And I can’t say the same,
Save for the songs dedicated to you in hopes that you’ll hear them someday soon.
I hurt still missing Ronnie
Stroll in the night
Pretty shape of light
Caress you in my imagination
Island in a sea called sky
Let me sleep under beams so tender
I am in love, I surrender.

Shell ✨🐚
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