Aarviel Apr 13
And today I shall
Say truthfully that
I love you
But how do I love you
You may ask?
And I shall tell you
That even though
I dont know you
We have gone places
And yet not heard you
Your voice I find so
My senses have not
Felt you completely
But I have captured
Beautiful images of you
Which remind me of my
Own self
In these i find me too
So that is why i can say
Without lying that i love
For my online friend a special one
  Apr 8 Aarviel
beth stclair
left behind, beside
shadow lands and winter roads,
the lonely heart grieves.
Aarviel Mar 27
I see love
In the skies
I see love in words
In phrases
But loves face
I cannot see
I hope it
Shows up
One day
I want to see love
I know it is contradicting how I see love and I want to see love but it's two different kind of ways to see
Aarviel Mar 24
..I keep telling myself
that one day something inside me ...
The thing that looks after us..
The angel will kill the love I feel...
or at least transform it
into something harmless
to my heart
and I will be able to live.
I will be able to sleep
and not feel so trapped
in this love
That does not love
Me back

*just something I wrote :(
Sorry for making you sad
Aarviel Mar 16
I don't love you
I love you
in a silent
I love you
in the shadows
In deep chaotic sighs
And tears
In longing
Sometimes desperate cries
In ways unknown
I love you
in the deep silence of the night
In the chaos of the day
I love you
in the uncertainty
Of forever
Aarviel Mar 16
Sometimes I wonder if
I was just a passing time
And I was just some one
That filled up a void
In his life
I wonder if I was just
A temporary high
I was always
When no one else
And when he woke up
He found that
It was not love
Aarviel Mar 15
I wanted to escape
Escape from my own mind
Perhaps get lost in
A place of comfort and
Where all my flaws would
Be forgiven
I wanted to escape
So I ran
I traveled far
So far I was unrecognized
So far I found peace
So far it was magic
And still chaotic
I ran till exhausted
Till I could not breath
And so tired
Only I could not run
From you
The air reminded me of you
The sound of it your voice
The smell of roses
The storm and the rain
I ran so far
Just to find you
In everything
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