the sun burns the grass and the ferns,
they melt under a bright sky,
roughening, like the tongue of a cat,
the grass with its brown sandpapers.


the flowers pray for me and my
watering can, on a dirt track
the water splashes and the earth
drinks deep, the trees shiver
at the thought of water, their
branches sway, this is to dance -
leaves with patterns scattering -
leafy shade and pools of bright


drawn out of the air a drawbridge
of breeze raising its portcullis and
suddenly the heat is bearable,
shadows and sun like a patchwork


we wait for summer, tender-eyed,
smouldering in the heat, the trees
like colossal statues of bronze
stretching branches beneath the canopy
of a green sea in a dream spun
from ebony.


i kiss you, grazed by this
orient sun, my heart
seeking yours, my
legs longing for your legs,
my limbs threading
with yours
while summer
sings of her forgotten
Sitting around a
table with family , a
little wasp appeared

fluttering it's wings
flying in and out,  making
all of us dodge it

It's black and yellow
incy weeny body seemed
to grow and grow and

grow , it's tiny wings
like crystallised dewdrops shined
bright like midnight stars

I think it's name was
Horace , I quickly jumped up
with burger in hand

and in slow motion
I bent backwards and looked like
a wall bracket , my

karate took over
O I love Jackie Chan , his
moves inspired me

I watched Horace fly
up up and away into
a beautiful tree

The night sky gently
laid down upon each soft leaf
twinkling under

the shiny moon , and
chilled music sweetly echoed
in summers hot air

A big tree like wall
built down bottom of garden
stood ever so high

King Kong may appear
But I shall offer him a
deckchair to join my

family , the grass
so green and solar lights glowed
tenderly gently

whilst peaking gnats
like vampires waiting to
needly attack , buzzzzz

buzzzzz , so I fetched some
garlic and a big silver
cross scaring off the

gnats until there're all
lined up under a porch light
and danced till daylight !

Moths flew by in a
silent flutter just like sweet
angels in disguise

And I marvelled at
this sheer beauty of natures
funky awesome love

Had the most amazing time at my beautiful sisters house watching England play today and of course I still managed to find time with Mother Nature :)
For i know they are never
Coming true still
I do...dream
unto the earth's crust
soaking rains did pour down
quenching its dryness
there's a specific
time frame
in which karma's
will turn
it just awaits
the hour
to exercise
a differing

for karma has a variable
clock round
it never remains
static of ground

movement within its piece
does frequently change
altering the rote's
spinning range

one minute things are
going nicely your way
but an adjusting hand
can transform
the mode of play
I don't know what's
Better to say
It or to show it...
Life is
Sweet and wild
If we are drunk
Life is touching
And emotional
Without the weirdness
But as it fades
Life is cold
And lonely
Why can't it be like
We are on something
We need something
Life hurts
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