And my heart breaks as I face
My day
Thoughts come and go
Of  chasing dreams
Of being a thief
And what awaits
Are the ghosts that haunt me
In my bed
At night


Passing the time
At Starbucks
             With my pen
I scribble poems about
my heartache for I know that
The memories will indeed
              kill me
In my bed tonight

I'm here at Starbucks drinking a latte
And eating a ginger bread boy :D

And the heart ache
of life
             is that we
Don't always end
             with the
one we truly love
I will always love
my love
             In life
but love my true
love first
because of that I
Sin forever

Soul mate

in the morning
in the evening
I will hear your
gentle whisper,
I will feel your
warm unique embrace,
I will know that
you are all around me.

ciao ciao for now
bye byes for now
it's only for
a little while.

until our
saddened eyes
do meet again,
and bring us
both back
our infectious smiles.

endure is the word
which comes
to mind.

endure is what
I will have to do.

endure is what
I will need to do.

everyday enduring
your absence....

misty eyed....
phony smiled....


I wrote this while my Dad was dieing of lung cancer and read it to him because I wanted to know if he wanted it on his memorial cards.
He was overwhelmed, he loved it.

Love and miss you Pops.
Your son is still enduring without you....

and the moon broke
in the darkness of my loneliness
it is today a moonless night

a moonless night

insomnia eyes
eyes that write and never sleep
a sleepless poet

something I wrote before :0

...and I talked to the moon
because she was always there

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