At which moment did I love you?
Was it the time your
Tender heart got hurt
And I consoled you?
Or was it the time I was in
Pain and couldn't sleep
And you wrote me your
First poem?
I still remember the
"The silent guardian."
Or was it the time
I first said,
" I love you."
I don't know exactly
The moment.
There was no time
My eyes met you,
Or my hand touched
In the night is where
I loved you
For you were just a

My heart is
Like a garden of
There are Seraphims
Guarding my hearts gate
To keep the non
Deserving away
Guarding my heart from
The pain

I think so angels are guarding my
Heart all day

And when I dreamed what
No one else dared to dream
That in my room he will be
And me
Lost in the darkness
of his mind
He dreamdt of
Annabelle Lee

elsa angelica Dec 2017

sometimes you have to be
an idiot
sometimes you have to just
make mistakes
and do the wrong things
sometimes you just
have to not try to
be perfect
sometimes you just have to let
it be
whatever it is
to find true

just writing
elsa angelica Dec 2017

It's OK to
carve my
name on your
with ketchup
It is actually
Very cute

<3 just a fun write.
  Dec 2017 elsa angelica
beth stclair


drunken in my pockets,
the day whispers to the trees that
pin to you, albatross
of a wind-swept sea loosening
feathers and heart-beats in
short, death-caught seconds.


gorgeous girl of height,
your caves are bright mysteries
your light an elephant's graveyard
of grey.


bitter note of earth,
you anchor birth
to our eye sockets, unwrap
mint and honey from the hills.


uneasy mistress,
dark daughter of sight,
sunk into all the corners of the world
you break like string,
you break and i break with you.


vignette of ivy-coloured dreams,
sunny trail, you break my heart and
glue it back, sigh and sigh like a viking raider
conjured out of porcelain
and rose-water.


warrior of distant planes,
dense harbour of a lonely city,
landscape of water, unravelled
in an instant, a velvet
ribbon tied into a bow.

elsa angelica Dec 2017

In the process of blocking
The things that hurt me
I may block many other things
But I don't forget you ever
I'm sorry I am just in
Mourning of the loss of
My love
And I'll be sitting here
At home
Maybe locked in these
4 walls blocking the light
In darkness to match my
One day I promise I will be
Back and we will laugh
And maybe even dance
We will be
Be so happy

Just blocking negative emotions...just something I am going through now
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