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Oct 2018 · 189
Mohamed Nasir Oct 2018
This poem is my way of saying goodbye

After being on this road called hello poetry
Perhaps I need to stop for rest for gas.

Perhaps I bore some people with my poems
Especially the shapely ones.

I humbly apologize. Actually I can't help it.
It forms into its own without my trying to.

Like driving it's enjoyable while you're at it.

Thank you so much for having me.
You guys have been great.

I shall not come by this way again.

There will be other roads to take.
There will be another destination to reach.

Adieu, adios, goodbye.
Oct 2018 · 204
Feeling Good
Mohamed Nasir Oct 2018
After the roar of the wind
had grinded down to die

sullen clouds dispensed
disbursed off their load

mist particles descended
sunlight pierced through

what's left of clouds there
poses a beautiful rainbow

emergence of light on drops
of rain crossing the azure sky

mighty nature stoops like a dog
locked in the element's grasped

growls and struggles to no avail
splashing it's body of curly trees

furs soaked forest dripping wet
spraying water into the breeze

nature needs to be scrubbed
once in a while like clothes

feeling good fresh as air
lay wagging it's tail.
Oct 2018 · 353
Mohamed Nasir Oct 2018
Foreign soil leaves fall
One by one so too we all
Leaves, us, waits God's
Oct 2018 · 410
The Mind
Mohamed Nasir Oct 2018
be mired
by thoughts
of nefarious
thrives in
in pitiful
a diamond
in mud
be eclipsed
in dark
and spirits
be shakened
not broken
would I
Oct 2018 · 469
A Pair Of Green Mambas
Mohamed Nasir Oct 2018
Green coated so rarely you see
Seeking meals of small games.
Absolutely silent flows fluidly
Where their fork tongues aim.

Natives inhibit in leafy shades
In trees of canopies high above.
With scales gleaming like jades
Dances to beating drum of love.

Equally well adapted in suburbs
They come in the vicinity of man.
Here the danger lies colours rubs
Into shrubs and bushes to blend.

Via the tip of each tongue winds
Into a Jacobson's ***** impulses
Of the air they kissed send finds
What ahead can satisfy hungers.

Darkest pair of mouths in Africa
Ajar in sheer delight in weird grin
Of secrets hidden uncovered aha!
Food served without obvious sin.

Slides over a nest and exclaims
Death two birdies in cradle ouch.
Yet another victim Africa claims.
I moan not as I lay on my couch.
Oct 2018 · 90
Chalks For Blackboard
Mohamed Nasir Oct 2018
chalks for blackboard
pencil leads are for papers
teachers for sharing knowledge
schools for keeping the rules

grassy tracks for trackers
grazing field for grazers
lungs for breathing air
the sky for birds to fly

racism for hurt & hate
Jails for lawless society
arms for disarming others
treasure for avarice pleasure

the night for day to repose into
sunsets is for lovers to appreciate
rain is for replenishing dying souls
lips for kissers to enjoy taking sips

religions for compass to heaven
the one tree for devil to entice
the cloths to dress for civility
a leaf for Eve to cover eve
Sep 2018 · 3.3k
Swimming In The Casino
Mohamed Nasir Sep 2018
In an aquarium
I've seen fish sleep. Suspended
as though in space. Yet I've never seen fish
yawn. I guess they funnel enough of tiny bubbles
of oxygen that allows them to frolic among the corals.
And under the giddy lights of the casino the gamblers too
carried away at the tables too wrapped up in placing bets
or plunging down the arms of bandits unaware oxygen
slyly pumped into the hall kept them awake to swim
as fishes in their glass world. Oblivious and
never wiser. Gamblers never gets
richer only poorer.
Sep 2018 · 673
A Short Story Of A Man
Mohamed Nasir Sep 2018
When a man was a boy play was what he knew
papa loved mama toys basket load old
and new

then a man was a youth to find aware of himself
and the search for truth to learn educate or else

and the man was a man working like a
mule the sea salter than salt his world

the man found a woman learned to
handle babies
he grew tired abandoned the family for other ladies

the man was an elderly wiser than before least
haste and more orderly and no longer
the beast

now a grizzly old fool dozing or
of love lovers mind's full of regrets of lost chances

the man no more a man who depends on the wife
wrought by illness can fold him in
hopeless life.
Sep 2018 · 986
Love Is So Unfair; Sernyu
Mohamed Nasir Sep 2018
Love is so unfair
I gave my heart love snatched it
The fox trot away.
Sep 2018 · 124
The Fat Cat; Haiku
Mohamed Nasir Sep 2018
Fat cat caught a rat
The fat cat sat on the rat
Now the rat is flat.
Sep 2018 · 290
Father and Mother. Haiku
Mohamed Nasir Sep 2018
Father the mountains
Mother the fields and valleys
Below green and true
I see the mountain, it reminds me of my late father. Imposing formidable. I see the field and valley, reminds me of my departed mother. Exuberance, complying and dependable. There they'll always be together in nature. At least here in Malaysia they are always green.
Sep 2018 · 1.2k
Made For Each Other You Said
Mohamed Nasir Sep 2018
you're made for each other
when oft you sing her name

When sleeps awake dreams
When thoughts only for her

when you pray she you love
when sacred vows you said

and like hands are to gloves
you're made for each other

why drown in tears self pity
why hiss spits like a cobra

when sweetness turned sour
when you find love has fled

why break up when you said
you're made for each other
Nowadays I feel marriage and divorce is like horse and carriage. Marriage is no longer taken seriously. Even love marriages don't last.
Sep 2018 · 1.0k
Fearing Depression
Mohamed Nasir Sep 2018
There are days warring clouds raging in my head,
The hurtful scavengers are gathering large.
The wind howls like cats I'm worrying afraid,
Am I losing myself or am I still in charge?
I felt this way when I was in my twenties and suffered for a few years. I overcame by accepting my weaknesses. Read books on psychology. To have faith in God and in myself and to carry on to be brave.
Mohamed Nasir Sep 2018
Don't drink
And write and say
It's alright
It's okay
Do you have to intoxicate yourself with ***** before you could intoxicate yourself with words?
Sep 2018 · 374
Waking Up Late
Mohamed Nasir Sep 2018
Sometimes I hate
It when I woke up late

The first thing I know
Looking out the window

All I can say is wow
It's show time now

Pigeons impatiently
So crooing booing me

High on rooftops wait
I hate waking up late
Every morning pigeons would be crooing on the rooftops for me to come to feed them. If I'm late their crooing sounded like booing.
Mohamed Nasir Sep 2018
This day my words that rhymes I would offer,
No kinder person deserving than you.
When problems come to break us year by year,
With our resolves and love we carry through.
To God we praised through bare necessity;
And persevered with each passing day,
To love we found though tempers flared maybe.
We nurtured brought our children up our way
From saplings growing reaching out the sun.
So blow the anniversary candles;
Let's celebrate till all our time has run,
Who cares to whom would come the dark angels.
Let us enjoy and do not shed a tear,
For I'll be hurt to see you suffer dear.
This sonnet #15 will be the last from me here in Hello Poetry. I'd like to share with you all first before I'll share it with my wife on our next anniversary.
Sep 2018 · 806
The Light House
Mohamed Nasir Sep 2018
how do I steer
a rudderless ship
will I capsize
be dragged down
into the cold hostile
sea not knowing
where to harbour
no island in sight
in the stormy night
wandering along
searching blindly
the coast.
how do I captained
a barren ship lost
if not for the light
the house bring to
weary souls saviour
like the Noor of God
reach out as a beacon
to shine as a warner
over the foggy sinners
guiding through
the crazy madness
a safe passage way
to return home.
Noor in arabic means light.
Sep 2018 · 106
After The Burial
Mohamed Nasir Sep 2018
After earth covered the piece of estate,
After his wife has been there just awhile,
After the last people walked out the gate,
After all that his lips curled a little smile.

After he went back to his empty house,
After whatever they suffered together,
After years in him love hadn't arouse,
After all, he never really loved her.
After seeing someone lost his wife. But he showed no remorse. Sometimes I see him smiling. Perhaps................. I don't know. This is just a thought.
Sep 2018 · 2.5k
Poetry & Poets
Mohamed Nasir Sep 2018
Poetry is the air poets are the breath
poets sparkle like jewels of paradise
flourishes in garden of great poetry

poets matured like pearls in oysters
of vast ocean of their sub conscious

no need to ****** it from jaws of
crocodiles or to combat dragons

don't have to climb Everest
cross the burning Sahara
crawl in the dark belly
of the Pyramids

all they've to do is let the ink flow
let inspired words pass through prism
minds let contrive and conceive aglow.
Mohamed Nasir Sep 2018
A weaver loves weaving silky blankets.
A spider's home a web is stitched by threads
With many rooms; in them are tiny heads.
Their bodies preserved eaten like crumpets.
The weaver weaves it's net from yarns of steel,
So testify the insects, the flies and bees;
It laid like a trap spun from trees to trees;
Whosoever passes suffers you feel.

There lives in darkest dreary room so dour
With hairy legs alert on each it's thread
Awaits; sometimes a windy storm would roar,
When webs like battered sails are torned to shred.
But back it comes to weave within the hour
A place to ply for preys flying ahead.
Sep 2018 · 307
Time To Wait
Mohamed Nasir Sep 2018
Time is a man's enemy
When he can only wait

And begs like a begger
For time and he weeps

His days are almost up
His time come to a still

It's time for him to walk
The longest walk to hell

A coffin will come home
And she waits no longer.
On death row time is a precious commodity. His loved one can only wait for him to come home finally in a coffin. Here the capital punishment is death by hanging.
Sep 2018 · 1.9k
Mohamed Nasir Sep 2018
No wonder I couldn't find her
She was out all night
When I opened the door
My pet cat rushed inside
And looked at me with her
Big round eyes puzzled
As if asking why didn't I
Opened the door sooner?
As if I read her thoughts
As if she understands
I said, "well, you didn't
Tell me you went outside?"
Greysha is a beautiful cat
Doesn't go out with the guys
Obedient passive goes about
Minding her own ways
Wasting time to look prim
Always around the house
And keeps me company
Now purrs lay beside me
Tapping gently her soft paws
On my arm nudging me
To pat her and stroke her
White and geyish fur coat or
I don't know what's going on
In her mind perhaps she's
Just being naughty or maybe
It's her way of saying
"I am sorry."
Aug 2018 · 7.1k
Two Doves On A Branch
Mohamed Nasir Aug 2018
upon a branch a pair of doves sit
and doesn't bend the branch a bit

it doesn't for being light and easy
no cares weighted responsibility

be weighted by gravity pins us tie
to earth for we're not meant to fly

as human wears heavy the crown
of  ******* of  the appointed one

crooing on a branch the lovers sit
the branch they sit don't hurt a bit.
Aug 2018 · 1.8k
The Painter; Sonnet #13
Mohamed Nasir Aug 2018
What does a painter do? A painter paints.
Of paintings inspired by the universe;
Of legends luminous as pious saints.
But people like me work to fill my purse.
Not artisan by trade nor rich merchant,
With rough and stubby fingers callused palms,
I'll starve if I were the master's servant
And soon to take the streets to beg for alms.
I paint for sake of commerce not for art;
I paint all kinds of buildings, houses, schools.
None enters, jobs can't start till I depart;
Scrappers, ladders, paints, brushes are my tools.
Do what I'm commissioned to do. To paint.
But Leonardo or Angelo I ain't.
Aug 2018 · 2.5k
Cup of Coffee (10W)
Mohamed Nasir Aug 2018
Cup of coffee
truly a gift
to those who drives
To those who drives, if you're feeling sleepy, stop awhile for a cup of coffee. It could even save lives.
Aug 2018 · 2.0k
My Morning Walk
Mohamed Nasir Aug 2018
Wakes up to the chiming of the clock
I close the door and turn the lock
And start my morning walk.

The sun beams down to clear the fog fresh air no more smog
As I begin my morning walk.

I go slow and easy I don't have to slog
No rush to compete or time to log
I'm enjoying my morning walk.

Corporate world is full of same mock
Up circus, wine, clowns and shock
I go for my morning walk.

Some brisk walking some prefer to jog
One run as if chased by a dog
Me and my morning walk.

People to people on the tracks of rock
Gossipers talk and talk, tick tock
But I've got my morning walk.

Before poor heart gives me the knock
Before old arteries starts to clog
Better take the morning walk.
Nothing like a morning walk to start your day for health reasons.
Mohamed Nasir Aug 2018
As though their roles are irreversible,
As only comforters to bread winners,
And thought as weak oft perceived as sinners,
The men rules, women seems incapable.

Dear fathers why burdened your daughters so?
Of women's jobs but forced the girls to fill
The pails with water, wood from distant hills,
Instead of school to learn what they should know.

Herded at tender age to married life;
Heaven's rewards engraved on simple minds;
To tidy, cook and wash, no cuddly toys,
Be ever present, good, obedient wife.
They need your love, affections so be kind,
They strive in onerous world with men and boys.
The Petrarchan or the Italian sonnet. A different form from the modern shakespearean sonnets that I normally write.
Aug 2018 · 3.9k
The Exchange; Sonnet #11
Mohamed Nasir Aug 2018
O, mosquito for taste of blood you seek,
For miles and miles you fly, within radius,
To earn a warm and idle skin to *****;
By day in cravice dark by night with us.
O, mosquito you small but deadly thief;
On wings of silence came you trespasser,
A drop of blood you've stolen whilst to leave
Me unawares that I'm being the loser.
Alas, you left behind a virus strange,
Of potent evil concoction which spread,
And corrupted my veins by this exchange:
My good liquid for diseases I dread.
Like being bitten by a winged vampire,
My body shaking my soul is on fire!
Mosquitoes can carry a host of deadly diseases.
In 2002, I had contracted dengue fever from an aedies mosquito that landed me in hospital for two weeks. I was ravaged with fever. My blood palates was going lower and lower. My body ached and weakened and my thoughts was I'm going to die. Malaria is another disease, mostly in the tropics, transmitted by mosquitoes.
Aug 2018 · 1.1k
A Cat Died Under A Tree
Mohamed Nasir Aug 2018
a cat died
under a tree
the macho cat
I knew well
of his
fair share
of kids
of fights
of conquest
under a tree
he laid

approachable by
encircling flies

under a tree
laid stiff
feet snarling
jaws and
rapier claws
by death
still poised
to fight for
a last time.
This morning I found this cat opposite of my house. Notorious for raucous fighting in my neighborhood is now dead under a tree. So I had done the necessary. And hope there's peace again. At lease until a new macho cat comes along.
Aug 2018 · 3.2k
The Heron; Villanelle
Mohamed Nasir Aug 2018
It wades, it stands still, it's very clever.
White heron patiently wait, wait and wait,
Till a fish darted by, reflection on the river.

****** its bullet head it's time to deliver.
Beaks sharp as spears strikes accurate,
It wades, it stands still, it's very clever.

None disturbed nature stays as it were,
No news of any fish that the heron ate,
Till a fish darted by, reflection on the river.

They flock in by the thousands I wonder,
No reduction in fish they don't annihilate.
It wades, it stands still, it's very clever;

It takes what flowing water has to offer.
Teeming with migrants to each their fate,
Till a fish darted by, reflection on the river.

To its chicks it'll provide it'll ensure,
By the banks spear fishing till it's late.
It wades, it stands still, it's very clever,
Till a fish darted by, reflection on the river.
Aug 2018 · 1.5k
Lessons In Archery
Mohamed Nasir Aug 2018
With firm steady hands we grip our bows
Principle fingers clipped the restless arrows
We lift our bows high above our shoulders
We pulled our strings till the appointed time
Unleash them see each eagerly goes.

Elastic bows where the arrows learn to ride
Tough at the core but supple outside
Bending to comply as far as it's stiffness could go
Quickly flex to it's customery shape again
Bow and arrow one unmoving one must stride.

A swoosh and arrows found their freedom
Swiftly carried with our prayers with some
Trepidation by whims of their progress
On target or strayed by rebellious wind
On course with promises or to their doom.

Children grew from our shadows took flight
Taught what little we knew now flew out of sight
Can't replicate us make their own learning curves
Not forbidding their future endeavours
Love and devotion can't hold them come what might.

One by one we launched them into fresh air
Like shooting stars arching through the stratosphere
Some had scored some missed but none came back
To and fro amble down the grassy track
We'll walk to them they're waiting for us there.
As parents we nursed our children from toddlers up to the times they go to school. See that they're taught with a good primary and secondary education. Then came the part to let them go on their own to colleges and universities. And often misses them, we would travel and meet them at their campuses. Ferried them back and forth. Until they finished their studies and graduated.
Jul 2018 · 5.0k
A Baby Born; Sonnet #10
Mohamed Nasir Jul 2018
A baby born but not a grudge he bares;
Whose blood so clean and pure like mountain spring,
Yet unblemished by scandals, love affairs,
And not a pinch of what sorrow could bring.
And deep in sleep too young to know of love
And lust, of crime was done because of shame.
Of shame of ****** moments that drove
To dump him cold naked without a name.
He knows not now of being called outcast.
But hate would come and callous jibes would tear
His heart as he grows and knew his past.
Their wage of sin for decades he'll bear.
What Devine assignment on him seeing,
Like blissful saint in quiet contemplating.
Jul 2018 · 3.7k
The Teacher; Sonnet #9
Mohamed Nasir Jul 2018
The teacher's eyes gathered colours about
The cultured garden scene she knew so well;
She likes the section flowers nicely sprout
Her hidden world where varying colours jell.
Achievers pride she takes with all her heart;
Like outstanding pupils she proudly groomed.
But scrappy lazy ones, never seems to start,
She wished them luck and left alone to bloom.
The sun regardless shines on all juniors.
The bright ones, the brats she pitied a lot.
Through years and wise by age she remembers,
Oft visiting her those she had forgot,
Those she loved and cared have whittled away.
But strugglers now trees they weathered to stay.
Jul 2018 · 106
Refugee In A Blanket
Mohamed Nasir Jul 2018
Being fished
Pulled out of a storm
None will be more welcome
More important that would eased
Than a piece of blanket to keep warm
A piece of blanket thick insulating him in
Wrapping this bony body wrinkled shivering
Blanket breathing his every breath from within
A consolation for the toils and voices lamenting
For freedom exodus from butchery and hunger
The nation bleeds of men women and children
Soldiers maim and **** to serve their dictator
He tugged his blanket tight his only mate
Sipping coffee stares the frigid water
Politics will determine his fate
For now free and warm
To live another
This is to the human catastrophe called Syria
Jul 2018 · 3.0k
Mohamed Nasir Jul 2018
meet the storm
brush off sunlight u rob
raindrops wet ideas u abhor
ever since arms fold waits 4 me
l l
l l
    a a
Sitting here writing this poem looking at an umbrella leaning in a corner.
Jul 2018 · 260
There Are Times
Mohamed Nasir Jul 2018

      L    O    V    E

        Most of times

       L    O    V    E
This is called the malady of love. Experienced by young and old all over the world.
Jul 2018 · 1.4k
A Crescent Moon
Mohamed Nasir Jul 2018
                         a mystic
            side of
Everytime I see a crescent moon, it reminded me of my mother when she was young smiling at me. And with the mystery of her carrying my little sister inside her.
Jul 2018 · 3.9k
Life Is Short
Mohamed Nasir Jul 2018
Life is short, we all know
Whether we like it or not
Maybe good, bad or holy
One day we all have to go

Our children may query
Look upon a starry night
Of the trillions there's us
So why fret & why worry

For what else can you do
But to take it on the chin
The straights, hooks, jabs
 Life throws swing at you
Jul 2018 · 5.1k
Save The Boys; Sonnet #8
Mohamed Nasir Jul 2018
O rescue help the boys in dreadful cave.
Those adventurers could meet their demise
Unless in hour of crisis comes the brave;
But one by one emerge and none yet dies,
Unscathed though bruised from historic ordeals,
Escaped the jaws of death. Those left behind,
Our prayers they overcome their perils.
The tears flowing freely cruel minutes grind.
A strange surging water locking them in,
The force push them up to higher chambers.
Upon a mount waited; with anxious kin,
With families, monks believe still embers.
We salute rescuers' courage to save,
And one to God his precious life he gave.
This poem is to the boys and the coach of a football team trapped in a cave in Thailand. But thanks to the rescuers' most had been rescued and one of the rescuers died in this attempts to save the boys. Except a few left behind. Our hope they would be saved and hope all will go well.
Jul 2018 · 250
Waiting For Rain
Mohamed Nasir Jul 2018
the swirling
heat like         temper
the land                     have
seen                        it before
it rises                       with the
salty                           sweat
oozing                 rivers
from tiny pores

rice fields dry
tasted                  gains
wells                     taps cry
in pain                    farmers
asking                         why
throats              cursed
once             again
thirst for rain
Jul 2018 · 689
Power Of Love
Mohamed Nasir Jul 2018
Love means I have the power

From within

I have never known or seen or felt I had

Love means sacrificing, learning to let go

To accept and to give in

To share with her because I love her so

And to win

Through the years as we begin

To spread

More rounder and curve

So will be our love.
Love gives me power from within. When you truly love someone you're willing to share the power.
When you're married nearly 27 years you'll learn to give and take, to sacrifice to live together. Realized the reality to give way and still have your way.
Jul 2018 · 9.8k
Diabetes; Sonnet #7
Mohamed Nasir Jul 2018
To ill is scourge hazard of modern man;
The way of life which tricked you leaves you weak.
Before it pounced, prevent you must! You can,
Your visions blur, your limbs cut, your times bleak.
Avoid refined sweetness pure, you should know,
The more you love to eat the more you crave;
Your sweet tongue urged pleasures deals a cruel blow,
The more you indulge, closer be your grave.
This sickness gradual erosion of health,
Like shrinking pools merciless sun would drain.
A diabetic's woe: no amount of wealth,
Could stop the vines that binds and break the chain.
Without remedy and won't heal for good,
So sweat, please monitor intake of food.
Mohamed Nasir Jun 2018
Alone away from you she gave a smile
At me. Of joys she offered not with guilt;
To freshen rest my aching limbs awhile,
I meekly followed thought I couldn't wilt.
She stood beside me, I lay on the bed,
And faced the floor fearing. But what surprise!
Her hands wandered, softly groans must I've made;
Unashamedly felt so good, I felt nice.
Her strokes softened sinews, muscles less strained;
With oil she eased my rolling hills and fields.
She rubbed, heightened senses, her fingers trained
To massage, how to make the body yeilds.
For life is sweet without secrets to keep;
When hearts afar our love be rooted deep.
This was my one time experience of having a body massage. Once in my neighbouring country Thailand. Although the masseur  was a woman but there was no question of ever wanting to cheat on my wife.
Mohamed Nasir Jun 2018
I love watching swallows
Gyrating and playfully swirls;
Mingle above over the river
Forming in a malee a ball.
Swiftly riding the thermals
Scooping the swelling water.
They shriek wheeling freely
Like boisterous little girls.

I came to see the lively acrobatics
In graceful motion of symmetry.
See enormous body of water flow
Pour itself into it's wide open mouth.
Slowly eroding shaping contours
And lives living along it's banks.
Constantly foreboding danger
And yet beauty and the mighty
Together in harmonious chemistry.

There I was many hours
In thought. What do I ever get?
At the jetty by the imperious
River where until dark I will be.
Time spent the opportunities
Passing by I have no regrets.
I'm like a ship from harbour
To harbour of a predestined life
With cargoes of worthless experience
Till I rot at the bottom of the sea.

Laboriously river meander and flow
Agile wings twist and turn in the air
With invisible brush of arcs and lines
With a vast sky as an open canvas.
The two characters, elements
Of nature, demonstrate their part;
In the theater of strength and grace.
While I am but a nameless intruder
Grateful of the kindness forever last.
This is an old poem written a long time ago when I was a young lad. Rewritten certain parts as I had grown older better as a writer.
Jun 2018 · 2.2k
The Owl; Sonnet #5
Mohamed Nasir Jun 2018
Its silvery eyes full of blazing moon,
Its stare as cold as death in brilliant glow,
With sense sharply horned of familiar tune
Of scared preys hushly scurrying below.
With stealthy talons perched on silver bough,
Rotating head do help view all round;
Then by mysterious commands to strike now
A rat in mouth dangle without a sound.
This night is there to stalk and terminate;
Its mission to **** get the ruffians off.
As though allowed on terms to live to mate
Under rooftops, barns, it soldiered aloof.
You hear it hoot, hooting shadows at night,
O'er fields beyond the moon's silvery light.
Jun 2018 · 1.1k
Mohamed Nasir Jun 2018
Upon warm weather instinctively through metamorphosis
it's time to start flutter testing newly minted wings
then the orange covered trees coming alive
waiting to leave their transient homes
billions of orange wings drumming
they decend in sheer abundance
rocky mountains are aflame
orange on streams forest
over desolate houses
man-made dams
rivers and lakes
and swamped
to feast before
to onward journey
a valley of milkweeds
the horde of marauders
entwined confusion
reign on blurry
battle rages
each frenzier
than the other
trying to satisfy
to each a flower
then each a leaf
find to lay eggs
to being them
again be able
to rampage
again leave behind continue
no need to stare looking back nothing last in motion of unison
wings may drop to dust a new generation emerges to carry on.
This is a tiny weeny portion of the migration of the monarch butterflies. Over four thousands miles of epic journey from Canada only to lay their wings to die in the mountain of Mexico. There they began again flying up North. And it would take another two to three generations to succeed in reaching their intended destination.
Jun 2018 · 6.6k
To My Brother; Sonnet # 4
Mohamed Nasir Jun 2018
My brother, you quietly succumbed to death.
Why do you defeat yourself I implore?
For cruel injustice had done by poor health
To rob of good of life you may explore.
Despite our vigil you went just the same.
In times of great wonders still suffered,
With scientific breakthroughs, and what a shame.
What possible way death can be differed?
Sleep in peace in tranquility brother;
Oh, leave this world to us, to concern, to think.
Some lives toiled for many, some no other,
Some only lives on merriment and drink.
Here laid he in soil of red burial earth,
And free of cares and rest for all it's worth.
My brother passed away about a month ago. May Allah be pleased with him for his duration stay on this Earth. May his prayers and good deeds be rewarded in the hereafter.
Jun 2018 · 113
Heaven's Clay
Mohamed Nasir Jun 2018
Adam and Eve made
Of Heaven's clay  lasting peace
On Earth things decay.
Everything stay as they are in Heaven. On Earth nothing last forever.
Adam and Eve made of clay in Heaven. But once sent to Earth they will die and decay.
May 2018 · 104
Teacher Teach Me
Mohamed Nasir May 2018
Teacher teach me how to write
a poem I so dream of beauty
so sublime that would never fade
by age, by time, evergreen
Teacher teach me the craft
that is so captivating, spellbound
so truthful to those who reads it
be inspired find the meaning
of life, learned to cry or laugh
their appetite whet
Teacher teach me the ways
that many craved of luscious
food of love to lovers of this art
and sits me by the laps of Gods
Goddesses and high priest
of poetry so as I will taste
Teacher teach me.
May 2018 · 79
Mohamed Nasir May 2018
You say crows are crass
What good comes from colour black
Oil and coal I guess.
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