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T Dec 2019
The door I had a chance of reaching.....the lessons that she was teaching
It has all settled in my makes sense with all that was said
The love that I had and still do is standing is time I show that I do belong...for the silence can be no more .....this is my stand and I am sure...for this love will never fade....forever this is  my will and the last  vows I have made.
#I still believe that one day it will reopen for me
T Dec 2019
The rain it falls but somehow I am dry....thoughts in my head as I wonder why
It was tears from my eyes that made it rain it was not water from the sky
The pain inside is why I do......even when the skies are blue.
# dreaming again
T Dec 2019
The day the sun forgot to shine.....
        But today I can still see the signs
Believe is what I am told....I feel it in my soul And this will happen before we get old
I can read it as it is written in the sand....forever I will reach and one day you will grab my hand.
#you must believe
T Nov 2019
In her eyes is a beautiful her heart the angels spirit flies
For her beauty not only is it on the outside .......but does flourish from deep took my blindness much to long to see.....for in my heart she is the only one who holds the key.
#from the outside in
T Nov 2019
The feel of her skin the sweetness of her lips......the feeling of my hands on her hips.....being without her i just can't come to grips
She was my life and she still is.....always in my heart she still lives
A song played just the other day......and it all came back to me in a big way
The love I have for her there is no compare....and the way I feel is crystal clear
My life and love I will never give up on her have her back it will always be on my mind.....never in my life a greater love will I find.
# in this love i will always believe
T Nov 2019
The more I thought I could care less if she lived or died......I knew in my mind I told one last and worst lie
This woman that I spoke of is the girl of my dream...and if you listen closely late at night you could here her name I still scream
The night she left my whole world disappeared.......and to tell the truth it was the worst I have ever feared
At night I sit outside..... and pray to the moon and stars that her and I could take together just one more ride.
# I still believe
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